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Gerry To Be Trusted 2

Gerry To Be Trusted?  - 2

"But what remains clear is that we have not the slightest doubt in and fully trust our friends."

Gerry McCann

EVERY MEMBER of the McCann holiday group in their Police Witness Statements gave evidence that they NEVER at ANY TIME, ON ANY NIGHT entered the McCann apartment to check on the McCann children.

They each told Police in Portugal and the UK that there was NO arrangements made for them to do so, that they each checked on their own children and no one else's!

But Yet again, we have Gerry McCann telling Police a tall tale and in so doing
HINDERING THE POLICE investigating the disappearance of his daughter Madeleine.

McCann told police the following (the day he is speaking of is 2nd May 2007, the day before Madeleine was reported as missing)

'On this day, the deponent (Gerry McCann) and KATE had already left the back door (patio) closed but, not locked, to ALLOW ENTRANCE BY THEIR GROUP OF COLLEAGUES, to check on the children.'

So Gerry McCann was at it again, telling blatant lies to police!

He might have left that door unlocked on the 2nd May 2007 - but it sure in hell wasn't for any of his colleagues to go in and check on his children - at LEAST not according to them - they say they never made any such arrangement with McCann to check his kids.

But let's just say IF he had left the patio door unlocked on the Wednesday night, the 2nd May 2007 for a "colleague" to check on his children...Who might that colleague have been?

I ask as ALL of his COLLEAGUES in the holiday group - say they NEVER WENT NEAR THAT APARTMENT ON ANY NIGHT to check his kids for him, up to and including the night of 2nd May 2007!

Is Gerry McCann to be trusted to tell the truth?   Well put it this way, he has gone above and beyond in earning the nickname - Pinnochio!
23rd May 2014

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