Lying in the Sun

Gerry To be Trusted?

Gerry To Be Trusted?

"But what remains clear is that we have not the slightest doubt in and fully trust our friends."

Gerry McCann

Well let's see...not a difficult one to answer if you read his police witness statement, or listen to his many interviews most available on the internet.

Now we know he has supplied the Police with two entirely different versions of his check of his children on the night Madeleine was reported as missing and as we have seen thus far in our 'Gerry Trusts' Series of blogs - his holiday buddies who he has put his trust in and fully... would you know, they have lied!

And would you know too  - Gerry and Kate McCann never sought to rectify this. Explain to the public why they all had lied when questioned by police investigating the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.  Never asked Clarence Mitchell, who they pay a small fortune, their press agent, spokesperson, spinner of stories, never asked him to put to rights the matter of the lies told by their "trusted" friends.

  • Russell O'Brien saying he went into the McCann apartment on the Sunday night was a LIE
  • Fiona Payne saying Kate McCann told her she left the door unlocked for Madeleine to be able to get out - was that a LIE? - according to Kate McCanns version, it was!  Or was Kate McCann lying?
  • Russell O'Brien saying he checked the Oldfield child on the Sunday night - it was a LIE

All of these LIES hindered the Portuguese Police investigation.  

Why would this group of people lie when little Madeleine McCann was a missing child waiting to be found and as they tell us, remains the case to this day, a child waiting to be found.

We know Fiona Payne and her husband David Payne didn't ever check on their children, that is they never left the dinner table in the evenings to check on their kids, or anyone else's.  They used a child monitor to listen out for their kids crying or whatever.

Yet Gerry 'can we trust him' McCann had this tale to tell Police:

'On Wednesday night, 2nd May 2007, apart from the deponent and his wife, he thinks that David Payne also went to his apartment to check that his children were well, not having reported to him any abnormal situation with the children.'

Now Gerry McCann KNEW when he gave this statement to Police that David and Fiona Payne used a monitor and did not on any evening leave the table to check on their own children, not on any children and not on the McCann children.

Payne told Police that:

'During ALL the meals he NEVER went to his apartment or to ANY of the group's apartments, because he has an 'intercom' and the signal carries from the apartment to the restaurant.'

Why did Gerry McCann tell the police such a whopping great lie in the case of his missing daughter.  A LIE which would hinder their investigation?
23rd August 2014

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