Lying in the Sun

Gerry Trusts Jane?

Gerry Trusts Jane?

"But what remains clear is that we have not the slightest doubt in and fully trust our friends."

Gerry McCann

Yeah sure you do old boy!

The lady who has told so many lies in this case, that she makes Gerry 'Pinnochio'  McCann look like an honest fellow!

Poor old Jane either flunked her lines got all confused which story she was to tell police, or McCann later discovered that the story she did tell police re having  passed McCann and Jez Wilkins, another holidaymaker - on the same side of the street as the McCann apartment was located - did not help HIS STORY.

In the McCanns tale of abduction - the story has changed so many times.  Always after police discover that a particular event could not possibly have happened - like the window and shutter which McCanns claim was jemmied.   There never was any jemmied window or shutter.  Didn't happen (See Blog above 'Kate and the Missing Jemmy')    When they are caught out, the McCanns make a change to their 'accounts of the truth'   Their versions are re-told., and generally by their £70,000 per year mouthpiece, Clarence Mitchell.

Kate McCanns 'Madeleine' is another perfect example of ever changing versions, packed with changes to the original stories told, misinformation aimed at misleading the public. and of course, these changes are specifically aimed at their THREE children who Kate claims the book was written for, so that they will have 'an account' of the truth.

Such a great pity that it is but one 'account of the truth' - as, if Kate McCann had been honest, even if only to include all of her 'accounts' at least the children would have been able to decide, when adults, which of their parents various accounts could possibly be the truthful one. 

But back to poor old Jane.

Seems Gerry ONLY fully trusts in this member of his holiday group - WHEN IT SUITS HIM.

He trusts that she seen a man carrying a child.  These past seven years he has claimed this was the abductor carrying off Madeleine, going so far as to  say in several interviews that JANE ALMOST CAUGHT HIM.

But he doesn't trust Jane, not fully, not even a little bit, when she said that she passed him, Gerry McCann and Jez Wilkins on the side of the street just outside his holiday apartment?

This lady Jane Tanner, her story is that she passed McCann and Wilkins, on the street, outside the McCann apartment, and as she did so, she saw the man carrying the child.

Now her story whether true or not - and it is doubtful there is any truth to it.  But that aside - even if not the truth, what are the chances that she messed up with the 'fake' story, messed up as to where she saw McCann standing talking to Wilkins?

Not much chance of that whether her story is the truth or a lie!

It would be impossible for her to NOT know whether she passed McCann on same side of the road.

McCann, this guy who FULLY TRUSTS his friends - why was he only prepared to TRUST IN PART Jane Tanner's story?

McCann cherry picked - which bits suited him.

It suited him for Tanner to have seen a man carrying a child, which he could then, for seven years plug as being an abductor carrying off Madeleine.

Didn't suit him to be PLACED right outside that apartment in a position where it brought into question how HE could have failed to notice Tanner, and FAILED to notice the alleged abductor.

McCann is as sly as a snake.

He fully trusts his friends?  

More, he fully hopes they will all keep quiet as to the truth of events surrounding Madeleine's disappearance.
24th August 2014
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