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Gerry Trusts Oldfield's?

Gerry Trusts Oldfield's?

"But what remains clear is that we have not the slightest doubt in and fully trust our friends."

Gerry McCann

Just had a quick scan over Rachael Oldfield's rogatory interview - Leicestershire Police, UK.

Seems Kate and Gerry McCann didn't join the others in the group at the Payne's apartment for lunch, as they usually took their kids to the beach for picnics!

Leicestershire Police officer asking Rachael Oldfield about the children, their lunch times:

Officer 1578:

What time would that lunch period be?

Rachael Oldfield Replies:

It, erm about one really, by the time those kids were actually eating, it was probably about one-ish, so between one and two, erm Gerry and Kate didn't come up and have lunch there, erm because the twins didn't sleep in the afternoon, so they'd often you know, take a picnic and go down to the beach erm.


Would that be as often as this group told the truth?

So well, well, well - Who'd have thought Gerry McCann and Kate McCann were partial to preparing a picnic basket for their three kids?

In your dreams, Rachael honey!

Praia da Luz was not some picnic party paradise for McCann kids. Kate McCann said the twins hated the beach, and the only day they went there, it rained, they bought an ice-cream and headed straight back, as Madeleine wanted to return to the kids club/creche!  Oh and Gerry bought some sun specs at a market place.

Don't know whose story is more far fetched, Rachael's of Kate's (from her book Madeleine)

And just an aside - If the McCann twins didn't sleep in the afternoons would that not be a reason for them to HAVE lunch, rather than the other way around.  Unless things have changed since my day, it was preferable if your kids were awake when feeding them a meal - makes life a whole lot easier!

But let's move on to Matthew Oldfield, he too had some fantastic tales to tell regarding Madeleine McCann, apartment 5A of the Ocean Club.

A quick reminder.

One of the few things that we do KNOW regarding the checking of the children in this holiday group,  is that NONE of the ADULTS checked on any children but their own during that week.  

  • We know also that Matthew Oldfield before this holiday, had seen Madeleine McCann once as a very young baby, and he had not set eyes on the twin two year McCann children until arriving in Portugal.
  • We know the children played for 20 minutes or so each evening close to the tennis courts where the parents would be taking part in tournaments.
  • We know that Matthew Oldfield was unwell and did not go to the play area on one of the nights
  • And we know that the McCann children did not go there on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.

  • We know the McCann children did not breakfast with the other families.
  • We know the McCann children did not lunch with the other families.
  • We know the McCann children did not go to the beach *3rd May with the other families.

So, of the five nights - Sunday to Thursday, only on three nights would Matthew Oldfield have seen the McCann children and for a very short period of time, as some of that time he would be playing tennis?

Let's say he saw Madeleine, Sean and Amelie, for 1 hour tops in total over three nights, and that is being more than generous, and in that time he took a few minutes to chase them around the play area as we are led to believe the 'daddies' did, chased the kids pretending to be monsters, the monster game always instigated by Madeleine we are told.

Could hardly consider this, getting to know Madeleine, Amelie or Sean!

No one has EVER checked McCann kids AT ALL, the entire week.

But guess who offered to check these kids on the night Madeleine vanished - THE ONE GUY OUT OF THE GROUP WHO DIDN'T KNOW THEM FROM ADAM!

Now Madeleine had been pale tired, out of sorts, needing carried home from kids club tea area that evening.  She'd been crying the night before, left alone in the scary apartment, both her and her baby brother.

Her parents not only decide it would be a good idea to leave their THREE kids alone again,  but to leave the patio door unlocked, and THEN in their wisdom they thought it would be a good idea to allow MATTHEW OLDFIELD to go into their apartment and check on their little ones, rather than Kate McCann checking on the poorly Madeleine!

These kids who had been awake and crying the previous night when on their own DID NOT KNOW OLDFIELD.

The guy admits himself this - that he would not have felt comfortable at the beginning of the week checking the McCann kids for this very reason.   Nothing had changed by the Thursday the night Madeleine was removed from apartment 5A.

He didn't know them at the beginning of the week and he sure as hell did not know them on the Thursday night.

Now if it had been Fiona or David Payne saying they would check on the McCann kids, a different story, the McCann kids knew the Payne's very well, they are close friends of their parents.

The Oldfield's Rachael and Matthew, did know the McCann kids at all. But more importantly the kids didn't know the OLDFIELD'S!

You leave your THREE tots in an unlocked holiday apartment.   You allow a man who THE KIDS don't know, to go to your apartment, give him permission to enter through an unlocked patio door, knowing there is EVERY chance your  kids, like the previous night, could be awake and crying, he returns tells you all is well, but it transpires he hadn't bothered to look see if one of your three kids was there - NEXT THING - you discover one of your kids has disappeared.

Who is the FIRST person you want to question?  The FIRST person you become suspicious of?

Remember, McCanns and Oldfield's are far from being close friends. Matthew Oldfield at one time, years previously, a colleague of McCann for a short time.

And Gerry McCann trusts this guy Matthew Oldfield FULLY?

Story STINKS from the McCann SIDE, and from the Oldfield SIDE.

IF McCann FULLY TRUSTS Oldfield, it can only be for ONE reason only...he's up to his neck in it too...
24th August 2014
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