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Gerry's Change

Gerry’s Change

Why did Gerry change his police witness statement?

Did Gerry McCann wake up, seven days after Madeleine vanished and suddenly realise he had told the Portuguese Police the wrong story?

Did Gerry McCann at some point during the seven days between giving his first police witness statement and his second police witness statement suddenly realise he had told the Portuguese Police the wrong story?   But chose not to immediately inform them of this, but to keep it to himself until DAY 7?

How does that happen?

His daughter has vanished without trace there is a massive police investigation and search going on around him including members of the public who gave up work for weeks to search for Madeleine. Media from around the globe camped out in Praia da Luz, and he and his wife Kate McCann, according to Kate McCann on televised interview, were too busy to help search for their missing child.

Were they so busy they couldn’t find the time to tell the Portuguese Police until SEVEN DAYS had passed that Gerry had got it WRONG?

That Gerry needed to CHANGE HIS STORY?

Let us call a spade a spade.   Your child is missing.  Every little detail counts.  Every little detail the police require to assist them in their investigation.

McCann was the last person (that we know of) to have seen Madeleine (alive?) and the guy WAITS SEVEN DAYS BEFORE TELLING POLICE HE GOT IT WRONG, THAT HE NEEDED TO CHANGE HIS STORY?

Did something happen during this time, during this seven day period, something which caused him to have to change his story, something, which if his story remained the same, was going to “upset” the story told by another, by his wife Kate McCann for example, or that of Jane Tanner, Matthew Oldfield, Russell O'Brien…

I rather think so…

And I am sure Andy Redwood/the Metropolitan Police ‘know so!’

Impossible for him/them not to.

Just as the Portuguese Police 'know so!'

So what happened in those seven days?

For one the McCanns and their companions got together, colluded..!
26th August 2013

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