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Gerry McCann

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By Daily Star reporter / Published 21st July 2013

While witnessing Kate train for the London Marathon on behalf of the charity Missing People, I decided maybe I could set myself a challenge and help in some way too. It didn't take Kate long to organise my entry for the Virgin London Triathlon!!

Although a pretty onerous event, it's a challenge which I know will be far less than that of being a parent of a missing child. The charity, Missing People, works incredibly hard to help missing children and adults and to support their families - a lifeline for many in this nightmarish situation.

By participating in the London Triathlon I hope to play a part in helping the charity and the valuable work it does. I am very grateful for your sponsorship which will make a big difference to those who are missing and their families living this painful limbo.

Thank you very much for your support.



Gerry McCann

My Other Story


While witnessing my three beautiful children lying asleep in their respective beds, Madeleine in the bed placed closest to the bedroom door, pushed up against the wall, the twins Sean and Amelie each in their own travel cot, placed in the centre of the room, me standing in the doorway thinking what a lucky man I am, I decided then and there maybe I could set myself a challenge and help in some way, become a ‘giver’ to those less lucky than I am.   But what to give, and who to help?

It didn’t take Kate long to decide we would leave our children in a very vulnerable position, they had been awake and crying most nights while we dined out, but she thought – a good challenge would be to see if whether Madeleine would next time she woke, leave the apartment if we left the patio door unlocked. 

Just knowing that this research would help others/parents plan their baby sitting routine when on holiday, help them understand at what age it is safe to leave young children on their own, age 2, 3 or 4, and how long the period they should be left alone before a parent should return to check on them, and if best to leave their holiday apartment locked or unlocked, allowing anyone at all who wishes to enter when the children were alone.  It was something we just had to do it was a challenge far less than that of being a responsible parent staying at home to look after our children.  But a challenge never the less, and a challenge we were prepared to undertake, and if Madeleine, Sean or Amelie came to harm in our absence, we agreed too that we would not blame ourselves it would not be our fault…

And although a pretty nasty way to treat little children full of risks, a risky strategy, but I figured as long as we had a contingency plan, something long term - If one of our children came to me in a flash, by golly I got it -  we could set up a Fund, not a charity like that of Missing People, who help families in the nightmarish position - having a family member missing - No, we would feel more comfortable with our own private Fund, where we don’t help anyone but ourselves!  Our family and friends, we could all run it together.

It must be awful for Madeleine if alive to be living such a painful limbo, never knowing if we her parents will ever come take her home, not knowing if her mummy and daddy did all that they could to help police find her…helping might have made the difference…

I guess life is full of challenges….Madeleine's to hang on in there!

Our biggest, to keep our Fund topped up - 
'Me Me Me' - 'Me Me Me' - 'Me Me Me'- 'Me Me Me'  - the sound of our gravy train as it trundles the tracks - Do give generously folks, I need your support.



They just never seem to learn do they? 

Gerry speaking of his intended jog about town:-

“It’s a challenge which I know will be far less than that of being a parent of a missing child.”

What in heaven’s name does that mean?   Being the parent of a missing child must be many things, devastating, tragic, sad beyond belief, emotions and feelings that if you have not experienced such a loss one could only try to begin to imagine…but  it could never be considered as some sort of challenge he had been set!

Always playing the sympathy card - but what of poor Madeleine?
22nd July 2013

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