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Gerryman and Crecheman

Gerryman and Crecheman

We know Team McCann are partial to sending a team member out to interview witnesses in the case of their missing daughter.

They did try through the Courts to get access to the Leicestershire police files, so cannot see them not wanting to get in touch with crechedad.

What are the chances that they did so with Crecheman/dad?

When Crecheman was discovered, Gerryman must have been desperate to know who this man was, where he lives, and perhaps he was desperate too, to speak with him.

You see, if there is NO longer, Tannerman, but instead someone who could be accessible, someone who was walking the streets that night, right close to the McCann apartment, up and down the streets, as this guy had to have been, if he had come from the night creche - someone who not only absolutely MUST have seen Gerryman, Tanner, and Wilkins, but someone who might actually hold some OTHER vital information, someone who surely, Gerryman would want to speak with himself perhaps, to find out EXACTLY who or what this guy may have seen on his travels through Praia da Luz on that night?

Redwood discovering Crechedad isn't simply a case of hey ho, we found a guy, it rules out Tannerman, so let's move on.

Discovering Crechedad, if he exists means a whole lot more!

The McCanns would absolutely want to know what this guy knows, what he seen, heard, what route he took from when he left the restaurant where he and his wife dined that night, heading to the night creche and then on to his accommodation.

I would imagine Crechedad too would have wanted to meet with the McCanns.

Or will it be the case, that the Met Investigation will come to an abrupt halt quite soon, and the truth as to the existence of Crechedad will be left as big a mystery, as to what became of Madeleine?


And as an aside, the discovery of Crechedad, and the hundreds and thousands and thousands and hundreds of leads and suspects discovered by Redwood, proves that Dr Amaral's book did not hinder any investigations private or police led.

Funny that!
17th March 2015
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