Lying in the Sun

Give an Inch...

Give an Inch...

Gerry and Kate McCann lost their daughter, most probably the child is dead the evidence gathered in the initial police investigation points to this, the child having lost her life in the holiday apartment where here parents left her alone together with her two young siblings, alone and so very vulnerable night after night.

The McCanns stories we know have over time changed.

They have paid Clarence Mitchell £hundreds thousands for reputation management, to portray them as completely innocent in the disappearance of this child.  But how can they be, they left these kids in an unlocked holiday apartment, claiming they never gave ANY thought whatsoever to ANY danger?

How can that be, the parents of three under 4 year old children, two doctors, that they could not have considered any danger?

These two doctors said they wanted children more than anything in the world.  They have used this to bolster their statements that they would not harm their children.  But it is that very fact, that they waited so long for this much wanted child (ren) that has many wondering - WHY then would they leave them alone night after night in an unlocked holiday apartment and NOT give any thought to their safety?

That does not compute.

Children are precious no matter how long we wait for their arrival, but for anyone who has waited a long time, thinking it may never happen, the joy when it does, perhaps more special to them.

Such parents do not leave their kids alone night after night to go for a beer with buddies.

Mitchell has quite disgracefully manipulated stories which would appear in the press, organised interviews for the McCanns, documentaries, all in a bid to paint that which is black - white.

Interviews by the usual persons who it is guaranteed, will never in a month of Sunday's pose this couple any pertinent questions in relation to their daughter's disappearance.

No, this couple who abandoned their children in a holiday apartment night after night, who have told the most outrageous stories, they must never be questioned, they may feel offended.

What IS offensive is that a little girl lost her life, the life she once had, whilst in the care of her parents Gerry and Kate McCann, two doctors, and no one but no one has to dare question this!  No one is to question the inconsistencies and lies.

What IS offensive is that they have accepted £m's from the public by way of donations.  There is a £multi million Investigation underway by the Metropolitan Police, paid for by UK taxpayers, but the public have NOT to question all that is not right in this case.  The case of a child who disappeared in the most suspicious of circumstances while in the care of her parents.

  • Parents who have not fully co-operated with police authorities.  
  • Parents, whose holiday buddies have not fully co-operated with police authorities.  People who have not been truthful.

No one has to say anything which might cause them offense.

Truly astonishing!

The McCanns appear on TV screens, spouting utter nonsense, clearly they feel it is THEIR RIGHT to do so, never being entirely truthful in what they say, but the public have to accept this, they have to suck it up in silence.

They do not wish to afford others the same right to express their thoughts on this case, the right to question. 

Their part in the most recent and tragic case of the death of Brenda Leyland demonstrates this.

If you 'offend' the McCanns by doubting their story, you must be silenced it seems.  Your right to freedom of expression has to be stamped out! Your right to offend, stamped out!

Be it McCanns or anyone else, any other body, on any level, if such people are allowed by society to 'feel offended' the more they will grasp, seize with both hands the chance to do so. The more they will attempt to silence others by threats, by making them feel fear, the fear, pain and misery which in the Madeleine case, Kate McCann has wished on some of those who have spoken out against their lies, those who have sought justice for Madeleine - Dr Goncalo Amaral and Brenda Leyland two such persons!

Give them an inch, and these people will take a mile...

Madeleine must not be silenced.  We must listen, hear her voice!
11th January 2015

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