Lying in the Sun

Go Gerrie, Go Gerrie

Go Gerrie, Go Gerrie

Another one bites the dust!  

Dr Vorster tying herself up in knots -

Gerrie Nel is questioning her assessment of the mental state of health of Pistorius, referring her to a particular section of the Mental Health Act - pointing out, that if the Dr is saying the condition which she has diagnosed Pistorius as suffering from comes under this Section,of the Mental Health Act then under SA Law the Court must 'refer' him under this Act for observation and assessment.

Pistorius must be sitting there shitting himself.  He wasn't expecting this!

He might be getting taken away in a straight jacket by the men in little white coats before this day is out!

Good old Dr was only to make a case about his anxiety!

She's dodging answering directly too - as all the Defence witness have. She is saying that it will be a matter for the Court to decide whether Pistorius should be referred.

But it is on HER evidence which she is now playing dodge ball with, that will allow the Court to decide. She needs to be pinned down on this one and Nel will do just that!

Good Dr is gonna have to be as good at dodging bullets as she is questions, as Ozzie didn't look a happy bunny!

Sure she'll she understand though when she's being rushed to hospital to have emergency surgery that Ozzie was just having an anxiety attack when he pulled the trigger on her FOUR times!

Gerrie Nel has requested a break of one hour to peruse the report by Dr Vorster,  it was only given to him, and the Court when Dr Vorster took the Stand so the Prosecution had no time to read it over.  Nel said they will pass on the lunch break if he takes this hour to read the report.
12th May 2014

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