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Gr8 Work Gamble

Gr8 Work Gamble?

Below is the Twit Message sent by the malicious halfwit, and ex cop, Jim Gamble after Martin Brunt's assault on Brenda Leyland, a lady innocent of any crime.

Gamble's malicious twit message leaves us in no doubt as to this guy's character, and to the threat behind it - that should anyone dare question the McCann tale of abduction, they will be hounded as Brenda Leyland was by Martin Brunt/Sky.

And who are the victims he speaks of, the McCanns?  

Brenda Leyland never at any time harassed the McCanns!

Posting her opinions, strongly or otherwise, in whatever language, or tone she chose was her right, her right to voice her opinion on the case of their missing daughter and the very suspect circumstances which surround their story, the child's disappearance.  

That she hoped they would suffer for the rest of their miserable lives I am sure thousands if not millions agree with.

People who harm children in any way, neglect, leaving toddlers alone in holiday apartments, or any other form of abuse, decent people don't condone!

Parents who did what the McCanns did to Madeleine her brother and sister, costing Madeleine her life, and who then refused to fully co-operate with police, to assist them in discovering what happened to her? 

McCanns are not victims.  Their missing child is!  

Madeleine a victim of their neglect (according to their police witness statements, they just prefer to call it 'RESPONSIBLE PARENTING) and a victim of their refusal to fully assist police investigating her disappearance.

Would things have been different for Madeleine if her parents had fully co-operated with police?

Different outcome if they had not lied, not changed their stories?

Different if they had published those E. Fits of the now, MAIN suspect (according to the Met Police) which the McCanns kept under wraps, kept from the public for YEARS!

Knowing what they did to Madeleine, I would be surprised if there is any responsible adult out there who would not agree with Brenda Leyland that parents who treat children as they did, do not deserve tonot be miserable for the rest of their lives.

There will be few who do not agree with Brenda Leyland that this was abhorrent behaviour from the parents.

It was the right of Brenda Leyland, to voice this.   To make her opinion known.  It is was her right to post anonymously also, as it is the right of the millions around the world who post in this way, using a tag name if they so wish.  Most do for many and varied reasons.

One being, I am sure, and as we have seen from this tragic case of an innocent woman being wrongly and cruelly hounded to her death by the nuts that support the McCanns -  That there are a  lot of nuts out there!

Some may believe Kate McCann is one of them, a nut, after putting in print what she did:

Hell, Kate McCann wishes death misery, and for the now retired police officer Dr Amaral - who did all and more in his power to find their missing child - to feel fear!

The only victim Mr Gamble in this appalling hounding of Brenda Leyland, of which you played a huge part, is Brenda Leyland.

Dr Amaral (though he himself does not speak of being a victim) is surely by Gamble's thinking, a victim of Kate and Gerry McCanns malice, their threats, their hounding of an innocent person?

Gamble and all involved in this heinous attack on Brenda Leyland, they and they alone are the guilty!

No innocent decent person posts the following, gloats at the disgraceful conduct of Martin Brunt what he did to this lady.

But scum as I said, neither have a conscience or a moral compass.

Takes a real low life to behave as Gamble has.

His involvement with the McCanns is one to ponder!
21st March 2015
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