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GuestBook Reply

Guestbook Reply

Thank you for your feedback.  

I think you will find though that what I said was ALL who suffer mental illness have my utmost sympathy. I stated also that I did not know what illness Hutton suffers from, that it was not my business (to find out) Quite different I think you will agree from what you said.

Harsh as it may sound some persons with mental illness are not the only ones to suffer due to their condition often those around them family, friends do not have an easy ride and their own health can suffer as a result.

If Ms Hutton is suffering an
episode as you suspect she may be, and is not able to control her outbursts and actions, as you further suspect, then as I suggested in my earlier blog, it may be kinder of the forum where she is a member to start recognising this possibility. Stop providing the platform for her outbursts, or at least moderate the comments as I further suggested.  It  is cruel not to, cruel to allow her to make 'a fool of herself.'

And if we are honest that is what is happening.

But it cannot be ignored the offense she is causing others.  As it stands she is still firing away with the nasty comments, still offending most on that forum.  This in response to a fellow member who gently and politely attempted to point out to her that he now has had enough of the nonsense.

"You like making videos don't you Thomas, perhaps you would have liked to have done the interview? The thing is Thomas, you are fairly new to the case, yet you claim I would be hard pushed to name 5 facts. Seriously? I have been discussing this case for SEVEN+ YEARS and explored every nook, cranny and passing remark. If you want to continue discussing every aspect of this case as if it were a game of Cluedo, fine, but I'm bored with it and prefer to look at the bigger picture. 

I have never based what I do and say on the opinions of others. You say I was 'told' and took no notice. I'm not a fecking 12 year old! Neither you, or anyone involved in this case gets to put words in my mouth, especially when those words are coming via a ranting, raving lunatic. If you care about the child, get back to that Thomas, because I really don't care about you." 

What stands out most is that she is BORED WITH DISCUSSING THE CASE, WANTS TO LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE.   But what to Hutton, is the bigger picture - Mr Nice Guy?  Was he lure to what she though might lead her from her boredom, a way out of forum world?

The moderators are not dealing with her rudeness, ignorance, they are allowing her to abuse other members.  Whether her abuse of others is due to an episode or not, her conduct is completely unacceptable.  Whatever is the cause, that cause has to be addressed.

Sticking heads in the sand and ignoring whatever is the problem at present helps no one.

Do not forget, the conduct displayed over the last few days is no different from any other time.  If anyone challenges her on any topic she reacts badly.     There are blogs upon blogs of offensive material written by her, likewise some truly offensive twit messages which she has sent to others.

These people are supposed to accept it suffer in silence?

She cannot treat people as she does then claim she is being bullied when they respond.  

She cannot tar all with the same 'T' brush as she has been doing simply because they questioned her actions. 

If she continues to dish it out, she has to expect that not all will let her tramp on them.

It is a sorry affair altogether.  The fact that she said she suffers mental illness, does not excuse her treatment of others as I also said earlier does not give her a free pass to abuse others.  Quite simply if this is to be the excuse it absolutely has to be addressed.

The moderators, seem hell bent on turning what could have been a very successful forum, with 'justice for Madeleine, being at the core' into a playground with a big bully running the show.  And she is a bully make no mistake about that.

One look over there tonight and anyone who wants justice for Madeleine, their heart will sink at the utter madness and nonsense that is being allowed to prevail.

Instead of nipping it in the bud they are whipping it up!

I hate to see injustice, and I hate people who lie, who are malicious simply because they can be. 

Mental illness can be a sensitive subject, but it is wrong to sweep it under the carpet, wrong to allow sufferers to treat people as they choose, just as it is wrong for non sufferers to treat people as they choose, and not expect it to have consequences.

Mental illness also has its funny side, like everything in life, it brings mixed emotions. Sometimes your heart will break for their suffering, sometimes they will break your heart, sometimes you will become angry at them, sometimes they will be angry at you, sometimes you will belly laugh at some bizarre thing they have said or done during a in a period of illness, and that is okay to do.  Sometimes you will laugh together about the silliest of things.

Mental illness though is not an excuse to be used by the sufferer when it suits, as that shows insight!

Many thanks again for your contribution I am always pleased to hear from those who happen across this forum and take the time to drop a few lines.

Tomorrow I am off for a short vacation.

Perhaps when I return common sense will have kicked in 

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