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Angelique Wrote:

Re: A Load of Who Shot John

But we must realise why Brenda Leyland took her own life.  Hounded, as you say, by Brunt/Murdoch. Singled out almost as a suitable target - she feared CR.  To set an example perhaps to all of us who don't accept "abduction" IMO.  The fact that even the Met do their bidding and invent Crecheman shows us they can and will persue anyone who not not "believe".  This latest turn of events is surely just another example of what their motives are - I doubt that TM will ever give up persuing the "doubters".

Evening Angelique.

It is the
latest turn of events that prompted me to write the blog 'A Load of Who Shot John'  written as a warning if you like, to others, to not go down the route being offered, and giving the stark reasons as to why they should not.  

That a TV company supposedly wants to speak to someone regarding the Madeleine case, set alarm bells ringing for two reasons:

  • What happened to Brenda Leyland 
  • The story as told by the individual has no ring of truth to it. 
To take the word of this person as per his/account of how this offer came about, we MUST then recognise that this person according to his/her account, had given the OK for the buddie to pass his/her contact details to said TV company.   No one does that without first having asked some very probing questions, and not without being satisfied that all was above board, not without feeling comfortable with the situation.  This person would have to have thought s/he had something to offer, had something in mind that they wanted to discuss with said TV company regarding the Maddie case.  Why else would s/he have agreed to make contact, agreed for his/her contact details to be given.    So to then post on a forum an SOS along the lines of - 'oh help me, what will I do, would any of you like to deal with this, any of you out there who would like to speak with this TV company, pose your questions, say your piece'

What a shed load, to put it mildly!

You say you doubt TM will ever stop in their pursuit of those who doubt their abduction tale.

I think you are spot on there!

The aggressive way they have pursued good people over the past eight years (and will as you say, most likely continue to) is a clear indication that they have a lot to hide, a lot needing covered up, and to cover it up they need also to ensure that they shut up some (doubters) those who in their mind pose them the greatest risk of hidden truths being discovered.

It is my understanding that Brenda Leyland was intelligent, articulate, well educated, easily able to express her thoughts, strong views, and apply her sharp mind to this case.  Leader material. Online her strong voice was being heard it seems.  People were listening to what she had to say, listening to her opinions on this case, and they were hearing what she was saying.  They were opening their eyes to the many lies.  She was getting her message across.  She had a captive audience I gather.   But she was also an easy target.   Guaranteed that this quiet spoken, polite, courteous woman, would not shout and scream, use profanities, or sling a right hook, when the cowardly creep that is Brunt attacked her, he went in for the kill.  Brunt knew he was perfectly safe would come to no physical harm, not be subjected to verbal abuse.  Not for a minute would he have approached a burly male, not for a minute would he have been happy to carry out such an attack on anyone other than this genteel lady.  Guaranteed was he, that she would cause him not a problem.   And that is such a sickening thought, how they planned this. How Brunt executed those plans having picked carefully their target, a soft target.

My blog was hopefully a warning to anyone who was contemplating taking up this so called offer by the TV company, to steer clear.  Not because we should shy away from our beliefs (which are based on the police files and evidence) but because the climate is not quite right, shall we say, to go diving in...and survive the dip!

Anyone getting caught up in one of these scams by reporters or TV channels will pay a high price.

As for TM if their life is to be the continuance of their pursuit of disbelievers of their outrageous abduction story, then that tells us also, that Madeleine, finding this 'findable little girl' as they refer to her, is certainly not top of their agenda.  She never has been it would seem!

Whether McCanns are party to this latest, either way, it cannot possibly have a happy ending for anyone drawn in by this.  And these TV companies, reporters, never do we hear of them asking for a supporter of McCann to appear, and voice their opinion, or at least not openly.

We must not forget - Brunt offered protection/anonymity to those who support McCanns their abduction theory, those who took part in his sick stunt against Brenda Leyland (Clarence Mitchell said Madeleine being abducted was but a theory of the McCanns.  I guess he knows too there is no evidence of abduction but still he accepts money from Madeleine's Fund ? )  

Whilst he attacked a woman, an innocent woman in the way that he did, based on wrong information/collaboration from/with those he protected/kept anonymous in his mission to cause Brenda Leyland suffering, he also by doing so, deemed these very same people as innocent parties, people who feared for their lives, and nothing could have been further from the truth.   But that is the picture Brunt painted for the viewing public.

That, together with the attack on Brenda Leyland was the purpose of his mission.  Believers -  good!   Non believers - bad!

And nothing has changed since then.   The recent reporting on the McCann V Amaral case, the one sided reporting in favour of McCanns, omitting crucial details regarding the verdict such as the Judge not believing the stories/claims Kate and Gerry McCann made in Court, and how she ruled against them on particular counts, and very much more, tells us this, that still nothing has changed on this front.

The day will come I am sure, when the truth of what became of Madeleine will be out there on every news channel, every newspaper headline across the world, but now is not that time.

Every dog has its day as they say Angelique, even cadaver dogs!  But it is all in the timing!

Many thanks for taking the time to leave message.
28th September 2015

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