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Perhaps it would have been best before making your donation to have spoken with those who organised the fund raising, regarding the reservations you have.


Many thanks.  And yes it would be wonderful if a person of means would show support for Dr Amaral.  There surely must be at least one out there who has not only the means but the moral values and courage to stand up for justice for Madeleine and Dr Amaral.


Indeed, not a penny more to this couple.   Support Dr Amaral.

I see Kate McCann, the mother who never physically searched for her own missing child   
mind blowing that any parent would not have searched on the very night their child was discovered as missing.   It is inconceivable, unimaginable that a parent would not do so.   Her little girl could have left that apartment through that unlocked door, been lying perhaps injured, and somewhere close by, terrified just wanting mummy and daddy.  But mummy and daddy, didn't go out to search.  They slept.  That is not normal, not by a long shot.   Parents, even one or the other would have walked those streets all night long, calling their child's name, in the hope that they would find her, in the hope that the child would hear a familiar voice and re
spond.  And I mean ALL night long.  To say that it was too dark to search is even more incredulous.   For that VERY REASON, the cold, the dark, a child alone, absolutely you would be out there.  I cannot stress enough how NOT NORMAL that is for a parent to have thought to themselves, oh too dark, I'm off to bed. It's staggering!   To know that your child was out there, so scared, needing you, not a thing in this world would prevent a loving parent searching.   But then, Kate and Gerry McCann decided there and then, that Madeleine had been abducted, taken by a paedophile so weren't going to spare the energy.  Strange that, because no matter, all that must run through a parents mind at such a situation, still it would not keep them from going out there to search to call their child's name.  What if paedophile had taken her, and dumped her close by?  Why were they so sure this alleged paedophile/intruder MUST HAVE been long gone, had left the village?    That does not add up at all.  And further what does not add up, is that they made lots of noise about closing border (hmm) as this alleged intruder they say would have escaped with the child.   Why in hell then does Kate McCann say she feels closer to Madeleine in Portugal if she does not believe that is where she is?  And why was the Met digging in Portugal, close to the holiday apartment if that is not where THEY think she was dumped?  Their entire story, their every action, does not add up.   And there are people out there protecting them, people who know this child is not alive -  Will be cycling to raise money for Missing People (have Missing People ever found any missing people?) and as ever it is the timing of this announcement which confirms that all this couple do is highly organised, always planned to coincide with an anniversary or trial.  Or of course - with playing the victims, and asking the public for more money.  

Seems too she is now saying she is more determined than ever to find Madeleine?  And of course she will use the money in the Madeleine Fund to do that.   And further she wants the public to continue the search.

Well, one hell of a lot of Madeleine's money has gone on Mitchell, their lying spokesperson.  Around £half million to that horrible moralless little man.

If the Met and the Portuguese Police have not found this child - with all the money and manpower already thrown at it, then the public, 8 years later, giving of their cash once more, is NOT going to find her.

What will help any investigation is IF the McCanns their buddies co-operate.

Which we have to ask.  They did not co-operate with the Portuguese Investigation.

The now investigation in Portugal, have they sought to question the McCanns and their buddies?

And is there really anyone still out there, knowing how the McCanns have used the money in Madeleine's Fund, prepared to part with their cash for more of their shenanigans?

I cannot stress enough to anyone tempted to donate to this McCann Fund - NOT TO!   It does nothing to help discover what happened to Madeleine.   When the answer to that is already known, how can it?

£m's spent on legal battles, paid liars (Mitchell) and the rest.  All money which could have if used correctly been used in a search.

And we must remember, four years since the Met began their investigation, and soon after it commenced, McCanns stopped searching, put their investigation on hold, their reason, along the lines they didn't want clashing of information.

It is an absolute joke, a disgrace that Kate McCann now comes out four years into this Metropolitan Police Investigation and tells us she is MORE determined than ever to find Madeleine, and ask the public again for assistance!

Clearly no confidence in the Met Investigation then?   Or just plain and simple, they know Madeleine will not be found, and I don't doubt they know too the very reason why that is. 

Playing the public for fools again.

How many more years will they keep this nonsense up.  Dreaming up new stories for anniversaries, playing the victim?

They truly are a shocking pair.

It has been good to see this past week that people, more and more, are questioning this case, not accepting all the SHIT in the PRESS which is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.   Not a single thing in print regarding this couple has not been manipulated and manufactured to suit their agenda.

When you think a little girl lost her life while in their care, and they have turned her name, the short life she had into something horrendously grotesque.   No child deserves that.  No child deserves to be treated as the McCann children were and still are. 

And the twin children, one cannot help but feel for them, they do not deserve this never ending nonsense by their parents.

The took a legal action against Dr Amaral.  Said his book prevented them searching in the way that they would wish.  Said his book (NOT ON SALE IN UK, AND NOT IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE) had damaged their twin children.

The Court rejected these claims.  Yet here we are again with the McCanns making sure they are splattered over newspapers, in TV news.

What was it they were saying about the twins being damaged?

Well it certainly wasn't by Dr Goncalo Amaral's book.   Court in Lisbon kicked that nonsense into touch.

The twin children are not protected by them in any way.   It is a disgrace, an abuse in my book, to do this to these kids.   I said way back, someone within child protection absolutely has to look out for these kids because what the McCanns are doing cannot possibly be good for their well being.  Surprised their psychologist hasn't advised these parents.  They did say in Court that they consulted a psychologist on how to handle matters!

Not a penny more Nena!


Yes the award is astonishing, and as you say, for the Judge not to have believed/accepted the many claims made by Kate and Gerry McCann makes it all more incredulous.   It would appear though that this award relates to another issue within the case, that is the release date of the book/the date the case being shelved.  Whether that is an acceptable judgement in this case where this issue was not really part of their claims?   I suspect Dr Amaral his legal team will be looking into this and much more, not least that they were not informed of the verdict at a time when McCanns were having it splashed across the press?

Very underhand tactics going on it seems.  But no one would find that unusual from Team McCann.

And of course the reporting of the verdict in the UK press as always deliberately inaccurate shall we say.  And realistically what were the chances Anita that the verdict from Lisbon, the news from the Leicestershire Police that, not trolls (silly description) persons online, had not committed any crimes against the McCanns, should have been announced, together with the 'Kate getting her bum on her bike story' all in the same week, the lead up to the 8th anniversary of them reporting Madeleine as missing?

Not a doubt in my mind the whole caboodle was manipulated.  And as for the nonsense from Brunt re Leicestershire Police?

McCanns are not astonished.  It gets them out of the hole they were in regarding the dossier which they knew of, Brunt's Special Report which they knew of, and absolutely had to have been party to. Possibly their family members also.  It was not in the McCann interest to have the police prosecute anyone, after the death of Brenda Leyland, as I said in an earlier blog.  All of their identities being made known.

Oh Gerry McCann would love to have seen a few being prosecuted, but Brenda's death was not part of the original plan.  And make no mistake that was their original plan, starting with Brenda Leyland, a PLAN between, McCanns, Summers and Swann, Gamble, Sky and Brunt.

After her death the McCanns needed to distance themselves from the nasty stuff, and that is what this latest is all about, trying to make them seem squeaky clean.

Wheeled out Robyn Swann a woman who knows not a thing about this case, other than she, and her other half, saw it, and Madeleine as a moneymaker.

That pair accepted the Murdoch buck.  Summers & Swan, and McCann & McCann meant to be together, a perfect match.

Swann, one of the dismayed?  Not a chance!

The most interesting thing Swann has ever said is when she told the world the dossier was compiled by TEN persons!

That's quite a gang of vigilantes who were put together to hound Ms Leyland and others.

Can you imagine if Leicestershire Police decided to prosecute, oh the whole gang would then be involved, not to mention McCanns, Gamble, Brunt, Sky.

None of these people are dismayed, the bastards are all darn well relieved.  This news from Leicestershire police was their get out of jail card from having to answer in a Court of Law for their appalling actions.  Brunt protected the identity of the dossier compilers.   Had there been prosecutions, then in a Court situation, that would have all changed.

And does anyone believe that these dossier compilers had not made contact with McCanns, or that within that TEN there was not a member of Team McCann?

No they are not dismayed, they relieved.

Brunt and Swann were spinning yesterday to protect them all.

Brunt for sure has lost his way!

But the McCann case seems to have that effect on people.  Bad things happen to good people when they associate with McCann.  Brunt was once a good man.  But he has sold his soul to the devil that is McCann.   He has traded-in truth, honesty and justice, what is right and fair, for a piece of the McCann cake!   

In the case of Dr Amaral, he didn't, unlike Brunt and others, choose to be associated with McCann, he was assigned to their case.  He was doing his job, in a career that spanned over 25 years, and unblemished.

The McCanns have done their darn level best to destroy this man in every way, and that is an outrage.

An outrage when those who did not protect their own children, one losing her life, and they then lied to police, and behaved in the most appalling of ways these past 8 years.  It is a tragic affair.  So many people harmed by the McCanns, and still to this date they accept NO responsibility whatsoever for what happened to Madeleine.  And still their little twin kids are exposed to their continued crap.   These kids don't deserve that.

Dr Amaral, he doesn't deserve their abuse either.

No matter who had headed the first investigation, the McCanns would have treated that person no differently than they have Dr Amaral.  From the very first, right after they reported Madeleine as missing they began their onslaught on the Portuguese.  The first two officers on the scene, Kate McCann ridiculed.

That in itself is not normal, absolutely not.

What mother of a child supposedly snatched from her bed by a paedophile and carried out through an open window, into the night makes fun of the first officers on the scene who had come to help?

She also shouted at an elderly lady in the apartment above for asking if she could help, then wrote a silly and derogatory comment in her book about baked beans in reference to this lady.

All of that fine, but not when at the heart of it all was a little girl missing.   Kate McCanns behaviour is more than not normal.  The lies, the acting.  It should be of concern to everyone who cares about children, their protection, and who care about what became of Madeleine.

Far as I am concerned Kate McCann is stark raving mad & BAD!

It's always darkest before the dawn.  Dr Amaral's dawn will be the brightest!

Keep the faith Anita.  

Thank you all for comments.
2nd May 2015
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