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Thomas, morning,

I think perhaps you have misunderstood the comment posted by Anne Guedes.   It was in reference to the things that Kate McCann has
'thrown into the mix' which are not necessarily true, but what she would like that we believe.  

The jemmied shutters being one of the stories they told which was not true as Anne mentioned.  The strange story of the stained pyjamas as I had mentioned in my blog.

My understanding of what Anne is saying in reference to
sedation of the children (and if I am wrong Anne may return and correct this) is that it was another of Kate's ploys.  Her 'anxiety'  that her children may have been sedated.   Anne is not saying, if I am understanding her correctly that the children were sedated (though they may well have been, and if so I would say by McCanns, not any alleged abductor) simply Kate McCann up to her tricks again.

McCanns as we know through time have added bits to their tale.  If a particular point was made by someone on a forum, not favourable to the McCanns, sure as eggs are eggs, Mitchell popped up with a story to counteract it.  The man is paid liar and mouthpiece.

He did this with the McCann lie about the shutter being jemmied. Police proved that it had NOT BEEN been jemmied open.   Mitchell then was
 forced to release a statement retracting what Kate and Gerry McCann had said about the shutter, that it had been JEMMIED OPEN FROM OUTSIDE.

But that left them with a huge problem.   Kate McCann had said the WINDOW AND SHUTTER WERE OPEN.   So how did it come to be open if not jemmied from the OUTSIDE BY THIS ALLEGED ABDUCTOR?

For Kate McCanns story of an open shutter to be true, it then had to have been opened by someone on the INSIDE.  (I wonder who that might have been?  Only one person's prints found on that window area - Kate McCanns! )

Mitchell had to come up with something FAST to account for the window/shutter being open, to cover for Kate McCanns LIE?

(Kate herself came up with the 'red herring' story which she posted on the McCann website)

Mitchell in true Mitchell style, did what he was PAID big bucks for (from Madeleine's Fund)  HE LIED!  He INVENTED another little tale for the public to swallow.  He added to his retraction of the shutter and window being FORCED OPEN, the following statement:

"Kate and Gerry are FIRMLY of the view that someone got into the apartment, and took Madeleine out of the window as their means of escape"

He continued:

"There was no evidence of a break-in, but I am not going to go into the detail, I can tell you off camera, but I'm not going to go into the detail on camera."

"It's essential to say that Kate and Gerry are FIRMLY of the belief that someone got into the apartment and took Madeleine out through the window as their means of escape, and to do that they did not necessarily need to tamper with anything, they got out fairly easily."

You really gotta question the gall of these people, Thomas.

They have lied, cheated, put out false information.  When they are caught out, they simply change their story, and they expect everyone to just accept it, to say 'okay Kate and Gerry, if you say so.'

And many have done exactly that - danced to the McCanns tune.  

The Metropolitan Police, by what we have witnessed thus far, appear to have taken to the dance more than anyone else!

But what Mitchell DID NOT DO, was tell us how he or Kate and Gerry FIRMLY BELIEVE the alleged abductor gained access to the apartment?

If there is one thing in this entire tale as told by Kate and Gerry McCann that has been missing is exactly that - IF the alleged abductor did not gain access through the window - HOW DID HE GAIN ACCESS?

Not one of the McCann private detectives, not even Dave Edgar (who seems to have vanished off the face of the earth) NOT the McCanns, or Mitchell, or for that matter the METROPOLITAN POLICE have come up with any theory whatsoever as to how the alleged abductor gained access.

I have always thought that strange.   Once that jemmied window lie by the McCanns, went out the window (pardon pun) NO THEORY as to how the alleged abductor gained access.

Yes of course, they threw in AN UNLOCKED PATIO DOOR, but NEVER has anyone connected with the McCanns come out and stated that they believe the alleged abductor got in through that unlocked door (not that I am aware of ) the idea of the unlocked patio door was left hanging, McCanns did not elaborate on it, left that way so that the public would then jump to the conclusion that this is how it was done. If not in through the window, then in through the unlocked patio door.

Sometimes it is enough, more beneficial, to say as little as possible and let the people reach their own conclusions.  And that is what McCanns did.  Planted patio door seed and watched it grow!

Perhaps one reason they didn't suggest outright that the alleged abductor got in this way, could be that Gerry McCann, was at the time the McCanns claimed Madeleine was abducted, either in the apartment or standing immediately outside the patio door entrance.

But that did not matter to them.  You see they only had to plant the seed that there was an unlocked patio door, for the public, most of whom have not followed the case closely, and who would not tie in this unlocked patio door, with Gerry McCann standing outside the patio door entrance.  JOB DONE.

But now there is a different situation.   Redwood sent Tannerman packing!   Changed the time of the abduction.     Redwood claimed the alleged abduction took place just before Kate McCanns check at 10 PM.

So whole different ball game.

Does this allow for any alleged intruder to have gained access through an unlocked patio door, as, at just before 10 pm, there was no Gerry McCann standing outside the patio door entrance?

It has to be said Thomas, DCI Redwood did NOT provide any evidence whatsoever in the Crimewatch production as to how he reached the conclusion that the alleged abductor struck at just before 10 PM?

Giving Tannerman his marching orders so to speak, does not mean that the time any intruder may have struck, moves to just before 10 PM.

Why would that be?

Even ruling out Tannerman, doesn't mean IF there was an abduction that it didn't happen a few minutes after Tannerman had been in the area, and before Oldfield and O'Brien set off on their 9.30 pm checks, now does it?

What reason did DCI Redwood have for stating that the alleged abduction took place just before 10 pm?

Yes, it ties in with the Smith sighting, but that is not good enough reason and it certainly isn't proof!

But DCI Redwood presented this as FACT on Crimewatch!

And if the Smith sighting was NOT Madeleine being carried off?

DCI Redwood has pulled a fast one methinks!  And at the moment, it doesn't look as though it was on the McCanns, but rather the public!

But back to the comment left by Anne Guedes.  As I said my understanding of it, is that she is agreeing, that Kate McCann has thrown into the mix, statements which she (Kate McCann) thought were necessary to pre-empt something in particular, perhaps a lie she had told,  which might rear its ugly head, come back to bite her on the ass.  I had mentioned the stained pyjamas.  Anne Guedes as is my understanding, though I may be wrong, is simply, adding, Kates's story of sedation.   She was not saying there is proof of such.

That said Thomas.   There was a video of Gerry McCann stating also that they wondered if the kids had been sedated by the intruder.   I thought it could be found on the link I supplied on the blog Bolt out of The Blue,  above, almost certain it was, but when I looked at this, this morning, it is not on that one.  Perhaps it has been edited in some way at this time as so many have been.   When I have some time I will try and track it down.

But yes, the McCanns very much later after the fact, when the public were questioning if THEY had sedated their children, then decided to throw into the mix, their stories of an alleged abductor perhaps having sedated their children.   That is how they roll Thomas!

Interestingly, Fiona Payne said on the night Madeleine vanished, Kate McCann kept checking the twins, their breathing.   Both Kate McCann and Fiona Payne are qualified anaesthetists, so surely between them they would recognise the signs of a child who had been sedated?

Surely if Kate McCann had a real fear that they had been, that she and Gerry McCann would have gotten these kids checked out at hospital that very night?

It makes no sense that if this was their concern, a party of what, six medics?   And none of them, if they believed some stranger had been in that apartment, and were thinking to themselves, as Kate McCann said she was, that they had possibly been sedated, WHY did none of them ACT on this, get these kids checked out immediately?

It is things like this that are more than suspicious.   Kate McCann also, on finding Madeleine missing, and instantly knowing she had been abducted, so she said, but then running out of the apartment and leaving the two little kids in their cots?

That is not the instinct of a mother.  A mother's instinct is to protect their kids.  No mother I know would have left those kids alone.

Gerry McCann in an interview with Sandra Felgueiras (I did a blog on this) defended Kate McCanns actions by saying that as doctors they are told to FIRSTLY seek help in any emergency situation!


A mother who has just, as Kate McCann said, discovered that her daughter had been abducted, DOES NOT, then leave the scene of the crime, leaving her other two babies alone!   Don't care how highly qualified a doctor she is - she would NOT leave her kids.

A mother needs NO training.  A mother has instinct.  The instinct to protect their young!

So  why would Gerry McCann think that the instinct of Kate McCann as a doctor was greater than a mothers love, the instinct of Kate McCann as a mother to protect her own?

If that is his argument.   Then we must ask.  Kate McCann claimed (many months after Madeleine vanished) that on that night, she was concerned that the twin children had been sedated by this alleged intruder.

WHY then did she not insist that these kids were taken to hospital to be checked out to see if they were sedated, or had been harmed in any other way by this alleged intruder.  This intruder was a paedophile she claimed.   On those grounds, any parent would want those kids checked out, and not simply for sedation.  So why did her medical training not kick in at this point?

Gerry McCann said FIRSTLY as a medic they seek help?

WHY DID NONE OF THESE SIX MEDICS, seek help for the twins, if they were SO concerned about sedation?

As I said Thomas, it was very much later, months in fact before Kate McCann began making a lot of noise about her belief that the alleged abductor had sedated the twins and possibly Madeleine too.  She was quoted in the papers at the time.  It may also be in her book.

The 'sedation' story by Kate McCann, was as Anne Guedes is pointing out, another in a long list of stories the McCanns invented as they went along, as, and when they felt it was necessary.

The following is from the Police Files (I have added 'bolding):

"...strangely, Kate also made several requests, three months after the disappearance of Madeleine, that the police should take blood, hair and nail tests of Madeleine's twin siblings, because, as she said, she remembered that on the day of Madeleine's disappearance, in spite of all the commotion and noise made by the authorities and other persons who were looking for Madeleine in apartment 5a of the Ocean Club, the twins never woke up, having been transported to another apartment, they remained asleep, due to which she now presumes that they were under the effect of some sedative drug that a presumed abductor had administered to the three children in order to be able to abduct Madeleine, a situation which Kate McCann refers to being possible according to what she
 read in a criminal investigation manual given to her by the British authorities that would have been the procedure of the abductor in the real case involving abduction, rape and murder of the girl..."

Full reading at, and with thanks to McCannfiles:

As you can see Thomas in the above letter from Police Officer Ricardo Paiva to Dr Goncalo Amaral, and dated September 2007, it is clear that Kate McCann, only decided months after the disappearance of Madeleine, that she would like her twin children to be tested.  WHY would she have waited THREE months if she was concerned ON THE NIGHT of Madeleine's disappearance that the twins had been sedated?

And note also, she had in her possession a criminal investigation manual given to her by British authorities.   That manual is one which absolutely should not have been in the possession of the McCanns, no member of the public should have access to this.

Note also that she wishes the children to be tested for sedation as that is what the manual 'tells' her is what would have happened in a real situation.   It also told her that sedation would have been the
lead up to rape and murder of the girl.

Yet the McCanns whilst plugging this sedation angle, months after the fact, because it suited their agenda to do so, did not want that last part, the rape and murder to be included.  (that might affect their Fund?)

As Mitchell said, Kate and Gerry are of the belief Madeleine was ALIVE when she was removed from the apartment?

They have nothing to support this belief.  And if we now take account of DCI Redwood, his statement about burglars - kinda rules that out - he's going with murder, if he is thinking a burglar removed Madeleine.

(But we all know Redwood doesn't believe a burglar took the child.  He might say it.  But believing it is quite another matter)

When promoting her book 'Madeleine' Kate McCann spoke of sedation.  I take it she wrote of this in the book too perhaps?

Asked if the twins had been drugged, she said on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour:

"On the night I just remember the twins lying in the cot and not moving - with lights going on and people moving around."

"There was a lot of noise and they just didn't move and I remember several times checking for chest movements.  I did feel it was a bit strange that they were NOT moving let alone waking up."

"I did consider with Madeleine perhaps she had been given something too."    

What makes little sense here, to me at least, IS, if Kate McCann on the night felt that the twins had been sedated, not only, why did she not seek hospital attention, but why did she not discuss this with Fiona Payne, who was with her at all times?  Payne who herself is a qualified anaesthetist, and who made a statement to the police, saying that Kate McCann checked the children, and that she, Payne thought this odd.

SHE DID NOT say that she and Kate checked the children.

SHE DID NOT say that Kate voiced her concerns that they may have been sedated.

SHE DID Not say that Kate McCann asked for her help, her opinion as to whether the kids had been sedated.

PAYNE simply said that she thought it odd that Kate McCann checked the children for breathing!

Kate McCanns daughter had just been abducted (according to her) one would assume she was distraught.  Yet Fiona Payne did not think to ask her WHY she was checking the kids for breathing?  Payne just though it odd?

But more than that.   Like the story of the unlocked patio door, Kate McCann LEFT A BIG CHUNK OUT!

IF she was so concerned about these kids having perhaps been sedated that she checked them several times as she has stated.


You see, saying that she checked them out is one thing - BUT WHAT WAS HER CONCLUSION?

The only conclusion one can reach, taking account of the fact she NEVER spoke about this to ANY OF THE OTHER 5 MEDICS IN HER GROUP, AND NOT FIONA PAYNE WHO WAS BY HER SIDE, and that her MEDICAL TRAINING TO FIRSTLY SEEK HELP DIDN'T KICK IN EITHER, and that she did not seek help at a hospital, is that she was SATISFIED that the kids had not been sedated, or indeed harmed in any other way by the paedophile who had snatched Madeleine from her bed, as is Kate McCanns claim!

Why else would she not have spoken to the others, arranged for her kids to be checked out at hospital, other than, that as a doctor, she was SATISFIED that all was well with the twin children?

It makes no sense IF AT THE TIME she was concerned, to not have taken action then, but only do so, raise the subject, months down the line.

There is little in the McCann tale of abduction Thomas that is truthful, or makes sense.  And that is a fact!

Of the two, an alleged abductor having sedated the McCann children or their parents having sedated them, if they were ever in fact sedated.   I'd have to go with the latter!

If nothing else it would explain why Kate McCann (if the story told by Payne is true) repeatedly checked these kids for breathing, and DIDN'T speak to Payne who was by her side about her reason for doing so.  Though surely that was obvious, especially to a fellow qualified anaesthetist/doctor.

If Payne didn't know the McCanns had done so.  Then Kate McCann was not about to tell Payne that they had.  If the McCanns had sedated these kids, to allow them some undisturbed ME TIME out with buddies, or to allow them to be able to remove Madeleine from the apartment without the twins waking and perhaps witnessing something which they could later tell of, then Kate McCann would perhaps be worried that someone might notice that the twins didn't wake when all hell broke loose, and might draw attention to this,  It Drawing attention to them!  She may have been checking to make sure if they themselves had sedated the kids, that they had not given them an overdose.

I have read some theories that this is perhaps what happened to Madeleine.  Given an overdose, an overdose administered to Madeleine, the child who was prone to waking up, which clearly wasn't good if the McCanns wanted out every evening?

No, Kate McCann, her medical training didn't kick in when it came to the issue of sedation?  She did not firstly seek assistance!

In the case of the jemmied window, Mitchell's retraction of this particular McCann LIE, and his statement that the McCanns FIRMLY believe the alleged intruder left through the bedroom window?

Just because Mitchell or the McCanns said it, DOESN'T MAKE IT TRUE.

In fact, we have come to learn that if Mitchell or the McCanns say it more chance of it being a LIE!

Have a good one Thomas!


I must add also Thomas, several times I have queried that Kate McCann and Gerry McCann on separate occasions spoke of the twins in their COT, not COTS.

Again Kate McCann is quoted (in above article) as having said 'THE COT and not cots?

What difference does it make to the cost of cheese one might ask? For one it throws up in the air Matthew Oldfield's story of seeing the cots, a twin in each!

And would a mother, doctor or not, concerned about whether her kids had been sedated by a paedophile who had gained access to their home only feel that their NOT WAKING UP, or NOT MOVING was ONLY, a bit strange? 

That is Kate McCanns words.  She thought the twins not MOVING or waking up to be a bit strange?

If she truly was thinking of a paedophile having been in that apartment and sedated them, a 'bit strange' that they did not move or wake up, really doesn't come close to how she should have felt!

If her kids were not ONLY not waking up, but NOT MOVING.  Wow!

And she did nothing about it?

I think we can take from that, that NO alleged abductor sedated these kids, else she would have rushing them to be checked out!

How in hell the Metropolitan Police don't suspect these people is biggest mystery of all time.
23rd March 2015
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