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Guestbook - Thanks

Guestbook - Thanks

To all who have dropped by, and to those who may drop by to read the blog, many thanks it is very much appreciated.

To Anita, Angelique, Hydinthetruth, Marleen, Caroleanne, Anne Guedes, Thomas, Liz, Tricia, FeeX, Mo, Patricia May, Desmond, Dave, Alison, Gwen Little, Lynne, Izzie, Linda, Su, Annie, John, Carla, Barbara, Doug Stewart, Lesley, Victoria - who have taken the time to leave a message a comment, please know that your feedback and views on this case  - of which I am in total agreement - are most welcome.  

It is always good to hear what others think and feel about the case of little Madeleine, her disappearance, and the conduct of her parents and their buddies in this regard.

To those too who leave messages but ask that I do not publish them. Many thanks also.

And thanks to those who 'keep me right' those who know far more about this case than I , who alert me to any errors made,  which I have understood to be correct at the time of publishing a blog, and who also very often offer me further information, and detail which is always extremely helpful.

When I was reading the Guestbook this morning, taking a look back, and gathering too, the names of those who had very kindly taken the time to leave a message (so that I may include them in this blog) I came across one by a
Brenda Leyland, dated 14th October 2013 (was this not the date of Crimewatch UK, Andy Redwood's 'revelation moment?)

Brenda's message:

'You are our hope that the truth about this self serving couple comes out...why won't the Police listen to the concerns of the majority?'

I had not heard of Brenda Leyland, until Martin Brunt, Jim Gamble, the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, Murdoch, Duck Lady did what they, each and every one, should be thoroughly ashamed of - their assault on this lady!

The next I heard of Brenda Leyland was when news of her death reached us, this lady having died in the most tragic and saddest of circumstances.  

At least, that is what I thought, that I had not heard of her, seems I was wrong - Brenda had left a message for L-azzeri!

I echo her sentiments, as I am sure all who posted on the Guestbook do - WHY WON'T THE POLICE LISTEN TO THE CONCERNS OF THE MAJORITY? 

One last thing, before I go off, to have as miserable a New Year as I was informed I had a Christmas - Doug D, that's a date!  

I'll get the beers in - 

Or perhaps not, as if we are all still around this time next year it would mean most probably that whatever happened to this precious child still would not have reached conclusion that all of the perpetrators of all crimes committed against her had not seen the inside of a Court of Law, had not been found guilty as charged!

But please, if there is ever a 'next time'
don't be so bashful buddy, feel free to use the Guestbook, better I receive one of your special invitations first hand than hear of it from a little birdie!  

Alas, I know you won't be reading this Doug D as you will be way far too busy over festive period - doing whatever it is a busy guy like you doeskickin' your height, and other exciting stuff to go online..!  

But hell you never know I might kick off my 2015 by just moseying on over anyways!

Let us not forget, Madeleine is 'missing' every day of the year, she gets no time off from the paedophiles whom her parents tell us hold her captive - the paedophiles, who Kate McCann expressed hope, in one of her Christmas Messages, were showing Madeleine the love and respect she deserves!    There are no happy holidays at Christmastime for this little girl.   Therefore not a chore or hardship for me to spare a thought for her at Christmastime or continue to post regarding this poor child no matter the time of year, no matter whether the little one is dead or alive.  Until the perpetrators are caught and punished, no day is a holiday from keeping this case the conduct of the McCanns and their buddies in the public eye.

Thank you one and all for contributing.

I wish you a happy healthy 2015 and beyond.
2nd January 2015

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