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Guestbook 2016

Guestbook 2016

Thomas -  

Agree completely.  There will be no new genuine private investigation by McCanns, like all previous so called private investigations it will be a nonsense a sham, if it ever even reaches that stage.

There will of course, as is to be expected, the usual fanfare leading up to the 9th anniversary of this little girls disappearance, and of course the closure of Operation Grange will (if reports of a closure are to believed) no doubt coincide.   Well what else?   Always some other McCann story is arranged to coincide with an anniversary.  A book, a begging bowl!  That's how it works.   That's how callous the McCann Machine is!  

Madeleine would have become a teenager this year, that too will be included in whatever else will be this years anniversary press campaign.  Nothing is out of bounds in the world of McCann if it gets them attention.

These people, these so called investigators, employed by the McCanns never investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  One only has to look at Metodo 3, and Dave Edgar the ex cop who with Clarence Mitchell sat at a press conference and declared that Madeleine may have been taken by a female, when the McCann story, was/is that a  a foreign looking male (foreign looking to who, them?) had snatched Madeleine, and FROM HER BED, we must never forget, it was FROM her BED - according to Kate McCann!

Never must it be said, that Madeleine might have
gotten out of bed, no, no, no, Madeleine has to have been taken FROM her bed.
Madeleine having gotten out of her bed, opens up other possibilities, such as an accident having occurred, so, no, no, no, Madeleine absolutely has to have been taken from her bed.  And, she has to have been SLEEPING when this happened, as an awake Madeleine they know would have screamed the building down had anyone tried to carry her off, and an a wide awake Madeleine (screaming her head off, or wriggling around) just would not fit with Jane Tanner's sighting.  So that wouldn't do at all would it?

I find it interesting, that a kid who usually got out of bed at night,
because she was not a good sleeper, and who also was often wakened by the crying of her baby brother and sister, and who would get out of bed to go find, and tell her parents that the little ones were crying, that the idea, that she quite probably did so on this night also, would be dismissed absolutely by McCanns.    

McCanns in one statement said that Madeleine had come through to wake them to tell them about the little ones crying -
though not referring to the night the child vanished.  

Added to which, Kate McCann, according to her best buddy Fiona Payne, and the other female buddies, at the dinner table that night, gave police statements to the effect that Kate McCann told them that she had left that patio door unlocked/slightly open so that if Madeleine woke up and GOT OUT OF BED, she would be able to exit the apartment.

Gerry McCann on his check of the kids, seeing the bedroom door, more widely open, said his first thought was that Madeleine had gotten out of bed.

Kate McCann on her check, thought likewise when she discovered Madeleine not to be in her own bed.

These parents made various statements about the little girl who got out of bed in the night, at various time during that vacation, yet on the night they reported her as missing, they will NOT consider, not entertain, that that could even be a possibility. 

Kate and Gerry McCann on many occasions have plugged the crying incident of the night prior to Madeleine's disappearance, where the child, and one of her baby siblings they said were crying.  

If that little sibling was crying, Madeleine for sure was OUT OF BED to look for her parents to tell them.   That is what Madeleine did.  That was her role. To let the parents know when the little kids cried. Sometimes, if they were around, they attended to the kids, sometimes not (as is their statement)   She was the little mother to her twin siblings as Kate McCann described her.

With Madeleine's track record of not remaining in bed, and that whilst on this vacation she shared a room with two little kids who, one or other or both cried in the night, and which would wake Madeleine, it seems to me that the chances of Madeleine having gotten out of bed, on the night she vanished, highly likely.

To say Madeleine was TAKEN FROM her BED, a sleeping Madeleine, makes it all sound so very much more dramatic and cruel, that a child was torn from her bed by this alleged big bad abductor. 

And when Kate McCann stresses any point, like she did with the stained pyjamas, or of how she and Gerry had never had a cross word or been pissed off with each other, since the day they met, and up until the NIGHT BEFORE they reported Madeleine as missing, then we know there is something that this female is covering for sure.

As their police witness statements are, that NEITHER of them were with Madeleine 'at that moment' (the moment she was taken) and are completely innocent of all involvement in the child's disappearance, then they cannot state categorically that this child was removed/taken from her bed.  Yet they do!  

They cannot state with any certainty that she was
sleeping at that moment.  Yet they do!

And they cannot state as they do that she was
alive, as is also their statement, that they believe she was alive when she was taken from the apartment.

Quite simply.  Madeleine could have been out of bed.  Madeleine could have been alive when first leaving the apartment, if the child had opened that patio door and walked out, then become injured, and fatally so.  But Madeleine more likely than any other possibility, based on information in those police files, was dead when removed from that apartment!

But never, will you hear them say, 'oh no, what if Madeleine had gotten out of bed as she usually did, and was trying to get out of that patio door that we'd left open for her, and did so, just as the baddie arrived, and he took her.'     

No siree, they won't even consider that Madeleine could have been out of bed when the big bad abductor arrived.  To do so, would put more emphasis on them having been negligent parents.  Looks bad, that their child was wandering around a dark apartment, distressed, crying, looking for her parents, and had an accident whilst trying to slip out through that unlocked patio door, while they the parents wined and dined with their buddies - Doesn't look good!   

++ To be noted, the female buddies of Kate McCann, gave police witness statements, that Kate McCann told them she had left the patio door unsecured in a way that Madeleine could exit the apartment if she got out of bed. Fiona Payne gave police a quite detailed statement in this regard.   But, Kate McCann told quite a different tale when on the TV Tubridy Show, claiming that Madeleine could not even draw the heavy curtains open that hung at the patio door.+++

McCanns story is a mix of: 

they claim to have seen.
What they claim were their movements,

But, it also contains that which they
cannot possibly know if they were not there AT THAT MOMENT - that which they WANT us to believe happened, and they want us to believe, without question or doubt, their story, that an alive and sleeping Madeleine was TAKEN from HER BED by an abductor!  They want us to believe all of their claims without evidence of truth, and despite their story being full of holes!

They state, that which they cannot possibly know if they were not present, and are completely innocent of all involvement, as though FACT!

Just as in that eerie video clip where a flippant, and somewhat disconnected  Kate McCann gave a chilling performance, sitting enjoying the sunshine of Portugal (if one didn't know, you'd never have guessed she was a mother whose first born child had only recently been taken from her bed by a big bad abductor), talking to Jon Corner, tells us about her little tiny tears husband, speaking of Gerry in a more loving, and concerned way than I have yet to hear her speak of Madeleine, and where she tells us, that the alleged abductor - MUST have been watching them.  That he MUST have seen Gerry leaving the apartment, and chose this as his moment to strike.  Gerry McCann having left the apartment but standing outside it, talking to an acquaintance, as the alleged abductor
took an alive and sleeping Madeleine from her bed.

She further claimed that the abductor only had a tiny window of opportunity, what Gerry McCann described as a
high risk strategy by the abductor.

If a little girl hadn't lost her life, the antics of the double act that is the McCanns would be hilarious!

Why, MUST that have been what happened?  She, Kate McCann, was not there
at that moment.  But that is what she said happened.  And so it brings us back to crechedad!  

You see, IF as the McCanns are attempting to imply by their keeping Tannerman on their website, that Tannerman and Crechedad are TWO quite different individuals (unlike Redwood who tells us that he is almost certain this is one guy, and not an abductor but an innocent British dad) and even IF for talks sake, we accept that they are TWO and not one, where does that leave the timing of this alleged abduction which the McCanns want us to believe happened?  

Where does that leave Kate McCanns little story in that video clip of the alleged abductor having been there, watching them, having seen Gerry leave the apartment as she claimed,  and then slipped in to the apartment, and removed Madeleine FROM HER BED while Gerry stood outside the patio door?  It certainly rules out the patio door as abductors point of entry/exit.   And the bedroom window was not jemmied open.  
And if the guy SAW Gerry standing outside, why in hell would he then walk straight out carrying an alive Madeleine knowing Gerry and Jez were standing their talking?  Crock of crap!

IF she maintains this story and at the time which Gerry was on the street, that this guy took Madeleine just then, and IF British dad/crechedad and Redwood still insist that Crechedad was the one on the street at that very moment, then Jane Tanner would have to have seen BOTH guys, and if she thought it odd, and neglectful that a parent (as she believed the person she saw to be, she wasn't thinking abductor at the point she saw the guy, she was thinking negligent parent -yeah I know, the irony) would wander through the streets with a child, barefoot and dressed only in pyjamas, then Tanner must have been astonished to see two such guys, dressed the very same, carrying little kids, dressed the very same, and the biggie  - both guys carrying the child they carried, in the very same way, at the very same location!

And, as I have said previously.  IF for talks sake we go along with Redwood's crechedad - then crechedad HAS TO HAVE SEEN AND HEARD those on the street, Tanner, Gerry, Jez.  

Crechedad is this innocent British dad we are told.   Unlike an abductor, he was not in any hurry, not trying to escape from anything, or anyone, not trying to remain unseen (not that Tannerman tried to remain unseen) no need for him to go rushing around, and not look around him as he walked through streets with his child.  He had nothing to hide. And he has to have been able to supply Operation Grange with all manner of information regarding what he saw and heard.

Crechedad and Tannerman must have been tripping over each other in the street. Can you imagine these two guys spotting each other - like looking in the mirror, would have scared the life out of each other!

The McCanns, did they get to speak with crechedad?  Did Jane Tanner?  

Did Tanner ID him?

Of course they didn't.  Of course she didn't!  Crechedad a creation of Redwood/Metropolitan Police.

And with this creation, Redwood changed an entire timeline of events of the night Madeleine McCann vanished, and with absolutely no justification for doing so.

I've said it in several blogs, back then and now - doesn't matter if Tannerman existed, or Crechedad, or both, it changed, NOTHING in the timeline of events/movements of McCanns and their buddies, as per their witness statements.

His ridiculous statement that it allowed for the clock to move forward is truly unbelievable.  Doing so, as I have also said many times, allowed for the McCanns and their buddies, their tale, their movements, during the period of time from 9.15 to 10.00 pm, which did not add up, to be IGNORED, particularly so Gerry McCanns AND Matthew Oldfield's story of an open bedroom door.

If Redwood wanted everyone to believe the abductor struck 45 minutes after Tanner's 9.15 sighting at 10.00 pm just before Kate McCanns check, then that leaves a huge big question mark OVER how Gerry McCann and Oldfield could possibly, and at separate times, have seen an open bedroom door (which is their statement to police) if abductor did not arrive until almost an hour AFTER Gerry McCann, and 30 minutes AFTER Matthew Oldfield were each in that apartment?

Whether Tannerman, Crechedad or the man in the moon was seen (or not as the case may be) it does not justify Redwood/Metropolitan Police allowing the 'clock to run forward' as Redwood said. 

And her parents the simple fact that they withheld E.Fits of the sighting by the Smith family, which are the centre focus (according to the tales of Andy Redwood) of what remains of the Met Investigation, tells us also that they didn't give a flying fig either whether Madeleine remained lost or found.  It's a dirty case, corrupt!  

Terribly sad that a little girl with her whole life ahead of her, a no doubt wonderful life, lost that life due to whatever went on with her parents the McCanns, and their buddies on that vacation. 

Most all that has happened since has not been about Madeleine, her parents have seen to it that it is about them.  Truly shocking.

Their other kids, what a life they have ahead of them, filled with lies and deceit, which can only bring them great sadness, troubles, when old enough to understand completely, and that time is now not too far off.  And not just the McCann kids.   The kids of these other parents, they too have to live with what their parents have done, or rather, live with what they didn't do - HELP MADELEINE!

Each of these children will put themselves in Madeleine's place and wonder, what if.  What if it had been one of them who had met their fate on that vacation, would they too have been further let down by all of the parents as Madeleine has been?  That is a hell of a thing for any young person to have to consider, let alone come to terms with.

This year, Madeleine would have become a teenager.

Soon it will be  nine years since she vanished, and these people are still acting as abhorrently now as they did from first they reported her missing.  Blaming everyone for the child's disappearance, accepting no responsibility themselves.   Each in their own way, a piece of work!

The stories still appearing in the press become ever more bizarre as time passes.  And today  no different, the G4S story - its always about the MONEY and BLAME, never about Madeleine.  

So many people have gotten away with murder in this case.  So many have made so much money out of this child.

I have to say though, Thomas, that the thought of Gerry McCann handing over £750K has rather amused me. In fact had me laughing out loud, visions of Gerry Tiny Tears McCann, an angry red, tear stained face, hands gripped tightly round a huge wad of cash, not wanting to part with it, the new private investigator trying to wrench it from McCanns greedy grasp...

money cartoon: Two 3d people were battling for the dollar Stock Photo
McCann, closing the $750K deal with the new
private investigator

As for a newly laundered suit for Clarrie?  That and a new crisp pink shirt!  

I'm sure most though would prefer to see him in an orange jumpsuit, more his colour!
5th January 2016
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