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Guestbook Replies

Guestbook Replies


You do not monopolise, I am always more than pleased to hear from you and those who happen by, read and further take the time to post a comment.   More often than not points are raised which I would not have thought of.   Always good to hear what others think of this case.

I don't believe the McCanns planned for whatever happened to Madeleine to happen.  When it did, I fully believe they did in fact then take measures to cover it up, the many lies, inconsistencies, changes of stories, perhaps can be accounted for as the job of concealing had to be of a hurried nature, not enough time to think it all through carefully enough to pull it off.

For the twin children to have slept through all the goings on in that apartment that night, as they appear to have done, as witnessed by both police and OC staff, then I would say that they were indeed given something to keep them asleep, and it would not take much with such young kids.  Those kids had to remain asleep I believe for the events to take place without them seeing and hearing what was going on.   There is no other conceivable explanation why two kids where one or other of them woke on most other evenings, would then sleep through their parents screaming, howling, banging furniture, opening  and shutting window and shutters, shouting at neighbours in the apartments above,  people coming and going in and out of the apartment, the cold air through the open window, the wind that blew through the apartment, alleged intruder/s opening shutters and windows, Madeleine being removed, Kate McCann checking their breathing,   Not to mention Oldfield having been in creeping around.  As to DCI Wall, I doubt she is planning anything very much, just plodding on from where DCI Redwood left off.  

Wouldn't it be great though if she could tell us what exactly CRECHEMAN saw and heard that evening?  

We have all to believe this guy existed, that this is who Tanner saw, but other than that we have to believe he was all three wise monkeys rolled into one, he saw nothing, heard nothing, and said nothing...well not until DCI Redwood appeared over six years after the disappearance and would you believe the guy started singing like a bird, a magpie, a magpie that hoards not shiny objects, but clothing that is, old pyjamas, trousers, jackets...yeah right!

As to 'Why a Whitewash?'

I think to answer that we must look to the McCanns and their buddies, the tapas group, and to whomever else they may have had contact with in Portugal.   We must ask WHY the group have not been truthful with police in their witness statements.  Why Clarence Mitchell was sent out there and many other such like questions.   When we know the truthful answers to all of these Anita, we will know for sure, why 'a whitewash!'

Its Just Not Cricket

An interesting question -  Did Martin Smith co-operate in the making of Crimewatch?

We are led to believe by DCI Redwood that he, Martin Smith together with family members provided the descriptions which allowed for the creation of the two E.Fits which the McCanns hid from the public for years upon years.  The two E.Fits Redwood used in the Crimewatch Production.

One would assume that Martin Smith was indeed consulted in some way before this program aired but whether he was or not?


Agree absolutely we cannot stop asking questions as to why the necessity for this case to be covered up.  And perhaps now more so than ever after the recent news from Lisbon, the trial, we must not lose sight of the fact the stories told by the McCanns and their buddies simply do not add up.   So easy to get wrapped up in other matters and let this slip. 

The outcome in Lisbon, in no way absolves the McCanns in any way whatsoever in the events of the night they reported their daughter as missing.

Two separate issues!


Thank you for your comments.  I have not published as requested.  I have to be honest, I hit 'approve' then realised what I had done and immediately deleted.   Interesting thoughts.   Thank you.


I have not published your comment not because you requested this, but for obvious reasons.   Should you care for it to be published, happy to oblige, and only then would I reply.

Lesly Finn

Many thanks for your kind comment.

I must apologise to you, Brown Bear and another reader, Mistry (?) I think was the name.   When I was attempting to delete the comments I approved in error from Caroleann, in my haste to correct this, I accidentally deleted your comment, Brown Bears, and as I say, I think the other one was from Mistry.

Sincere apologies to you all for having done so after you having taken time to post.


A bit belated but thank you for pointing out the 'objects' regarding the terms of the McCann Fund, that are quoted in one of my blogs, which require updating.  Appreciated.

And to the person who posts but who much prefers to stay anonymous, as always, many thanks for taking the time to post and for keeping me right when I get it wrong.   

All comments are much appreciated.
29th April 2015
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