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Guestbook Replies

George Hutchinson said:   
For a long, long, time I have wondered and pondered about the Tapas 7. How do they sleep at night? How could they do it, lie and lie about the lies? How can it be that not one of them has said " I've had enough of this, I'm forever being mentioned in Lying in the Sun and Mccannfiles and I'm not able to reply. All this for people I didn't even know and didn't/don't particularly care for. **** the McCanns ! I must come clean, I can't take it anymore." Not even " Look, I don't know what went on, but something did. I was asked/told to join in a cover up and lie, and I did, but I don't know what happened. I said what they told me to say. I'm so sorry." Then today, it came to me (I know, I know, slow old bugger, must be the dementure kicking in) they can never voluntarily TELL the truth, it must be dragged from them in court. Because they've had the money! they've had the MSM money! And MSM will want it back with loads of interest if they are shown to have lied. Reportedly the money was given to the Fund to help find Madeleine (no giggling at the back please I'm an old trusting man), and Kate and Gerry won't step forward to pay even if they have it. So, Tapas 7 are stuck with their secrets for ever. Madeleine, Madeleine who?

Hi George,

LIE is the operative word concerning all things McCann it would seem.

It is a fact no mistake about that, that this group of people, have lied, and lied, and don't seem to know when to stop doing exactly that.

Lies assisted by Clarence Mitchell, which cost the 'trusting' members of the public like yourself their pensions, the kids their pocket money, monies then used by Fund to line the pockets of the likes of Mitchell and others involved in this case. For sure many have benefited financially through the Madeleine Fund.   A Fund set up originally as Gerry McCann said due to the public OFFERING money to help find the child.  A Fund where Gerry McCann said in interview with Sandra Felgueiras that EVERY PENNY would be spent on finding Madeleine.   That in itself is a lie, as that absolutely has not happened.  Nothing could be further from the truth than that statement by Gerry McCann.

McCanns since reporting their daughter as missing, have rammed it down the throats of others that they were holier than thou, were devout Roman Catholics whose faith in the Lord kept them going.   Again nothing could have been further from the truth - devout Roman Catholics Pfff!    

That revelation came as a HUGE surprise to Kate McCanns mother, who said the pair were nothing of the sort!

In all things, actions speak louder than words - and the actions of the McCanns have confirmed for the world, that they were far from being devout Roman Catholics, far from being devout christian people.

How many times were the pair in that church in Praia da Luz before they reported Madeleine as a missing child?   Of course attending church is not what defines devout.   But when they had EVERY DAY as a free day on this holiday to do as they wished while their kids were sent to creche, one would have thought the church is somewhere they might just have spared a few minutes to visit, as devout, they would have been drawn to stick their heads round the door.

I have friends who are devout, and when on vacation, they do still attend services no matter which country they are visiting, and who also enjoy visiting churches for the architecture too, many amazingly beautiful buildings, ornate interiors one cannot fail to be awestruck by them whether one is devout Roman Catholic, no matter the religion one follows, if any at all.

That Kate McCann had not set foot in the little church in Praia da Luz during that visit, is very telling, and she had no pesky kids underfoot to keep hold her back from doing so - her days were free!

That she/they then used it to further their own agenda...distasteful!

And for the ridiculous story told by Gerry and Kate McCann - GERRY'S VISION (almost as daft as DCI Redwood's 'Revelation Moment') of Gerry in the church - 'seeing the light'  the good lord having come to him, sending him a message...surprised anyone believed a word that came out of the mouths of this pair after that little piece of nonsense... Gerry's VISION, THE LIGHT IN THE TUNNEL HE FOLLOWED IT.



Even the good lord must have been sitting there saying -

'I've heard many a FUCKIN LIE via the CONFESSIONAL but McCanns top the lot, hell I didn't send Gerry McCann a message or shine a light on him.  I wouldn't piss on the little shit if he was burning in hell fires.'

They do take the public for suckers!  

I wonder how many of the supporters of the McCanns believe that story, Gerry's Vision - what a laugh!

Wonder if dozy Lorraine Kelly believes Gerry's VISION?

Surely no one has swallowed that one by Kate 'storyteller' McCann?

The McCann lawyers, Mitchell, their press agency, all must have been laughing their heads off at the McCanns but it was still worth it to them, to stick their head in the sand to all the lies, crazy stories, inconsistencies, because they were and still are all laughing their way to the bank too!

That the McCanns made mugs of the public by carrying around that stuffed toy cat too, Kate McCann telling the world it made her feel closer to Madeleine,  is the biggest load of bull EVER!   -  Well, that is AFTER the VISION!

It made a mockery of her missing child Madeleine that she should do this.  Sitting in interview with the soft toy.  Walking on the beach hand in hand with Gerry McCann, with the soft toy always on display. Come on, get real people, the cold Gerry McCann and the ice maiden Kate McCann and a soft toy?

They didn't give a shit about their daughter having told them she and her baby brother were crying when alone in the apartment, and we've to believe they cared for the Cuddle Cat?

Biggest bit of play acting ever, that pair waltzing around with the stuffed cat.    And the most ridiculous was Kate McCann marching down the street, with the soft toy hanging out of her bag so that the press could snap a picture of this.

It is truly sickening conduct by this female and her other half Gerry McCann.

It was a publicity stunt, nothing more.  Pink Cat - all the hallmarks of Mr Pink himself!

No parent in normal circumstances would have their child's most precious toy peeping out the top of a satchel while out and about, you would fear you might lose it.  Should you have to carry it, it would be tucked safely inside.  A mother would know to lose it would cause great distress for their little one.

Certainly something, a toy, a comforter which she claims was so precious to her missing child would NEVER have been used in this way by the mother of a missing child.

The soft toy was one of the first of many, many red alerts, alarm bells in this case.

There is a picture out there with one of the twin children in the UK out shopping with Kate McCann, and the child is carrying the soft toy.

Why?  Why?  Why is the toy not kept safely at their home for Madeleine's return?

So easily it could be lost, if the child laid it down in a store as I am sure most will have experienced at some point, a child losing a toy precious to them in this way.   Why would they take this chance with the ONE TOY we were asked to believe meant so much to Madeleine, the Madeleine they tell us there is no evidence of her having come to any harm, the innocent child as they refer to her, the child who they say is an alive and findable little girl.   If this findable little girl returns, I wonder if the soft toy cat will still be findable?

Kate McCann has led the world a merry dance for sure with her Cuddle Cat...what a trip that has been!

Next nonsense up is her cycle for charity.

The begging bowl is already out for that one:

Where the name McCann pops up, money is always involved, and YES she WANTS the public to SPONSOR her on this trip.

Yeah, yeah, always money, money, money, if not for their own Fund for Missing People.   Not missing children, missing people.

Has this charity actually ever found any missing people?

Has this charity ever found a MISSING CHILD?

What has the charity done, if anything, to find MADELEINE McCANN?


Please note the Madeleine Fund is NOT a charity it is a BUSINESS as Gerry McCann stated, a Limited Company, with all monies donated being used pretty much for whatever use Gerry McCann, Kate McCann and their Board of Directors decide.   One such decision was to pay CLARENCE MITCHELL, around £70,000 per year to SPIN for them, to protect them, to create and shape stories for press publication.  The Fund also pays for teams of lawyers, both in UK and Portugal to protect them.   And of course for their press communication agency located in Portugal also.

Must need a lot of public donations to keep that lot going.

Can't leave much in the pot to search for the innocent child, the alive and findable little girl who they claim there is no evidence of any harm having come to her.

Lordy, lordy, the kid has been missing for over 8 years - NO EVIDENCE OF ANY HARM?  Torn from her family they tell us, imagine that happening to any child, once you have, then tell yourself with a straight face that no harm has come to the child.

 Wallet Warning - Wallet Warning- Wallet Warning- Wallet Warning 

But this sponsored cycle Kate McCann wants the public to donate to.

Seems the first £2,000 or so of any donations will be put to accommodation for her (and others?) at the various stop off points (over the 5/6 nights) amongst various other items!  It will not directly benefit any child or missing person!  That's one hell of an amount of money donated by public, down the drain!

Think very carefully, check out what any monies collected will be used for, make an informed decision about whether it is wise to donate to this sponsored cycle event.

And back to that precious toy cat.   I guess if they thought it was OKAY to leave three kids under the age of 4 years of age in an unlocked holiday apartment night after night, knowing their kids had been awake crying in distress and calling out for their parents when alone, that the stuffed toy cat, really didn't matter at all to either Kate or Gerry McCann.   When they cared so little or cared not for the safety of their three kids, what chance did the cat have?

They said they did not have to even consider the safety of their children when leaving them alone at night!   WOW!

Kate McCann now the Ambassador for a charity associated with missing people is quite astonishing.  

A mother who LEFT THREE kids alone in a dark holiday apartment, her kids crying, leaving a door unlocked for ANYONE to slide open and walk in, take her children or harm them in other ways.  A mother who has to date accepted NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for the harm she caused ALL THREE KIDS by her cruelty.   One child losing her life, her life with her siblings and family.

And as the Leicestershire Police in the UK said, the McCanns by not fully co-operating with police, rather passed on the chance to clear either of them of involvement at whatever level in the case of their missing child!

Yet Kate is MADE AMBASSADOR of a missing persons charity?


What kind of Board sits and THEN DECIDES out of ALL OF THE GOOD AND DECENT PEOPLE OUT THERE that Kate McCann would be a suitable candidate for such a post?

I can see why some might consider Missing Persons to not be perhaps all that it purports to be as Gerry McCann might say.

Perhaps they thought the name McCann would bring them publicity - well it cannot be denied that it does - BAD PUBLICITY!

But I guess if bad publicity and characters with question marks hanging over them regarding the disappearance of a child brings the charity what it wants most - money - how low can they go...

'It must be dragged from them, in Court'  you said George.

But first they would have to be dragged into Court, and with all of the money they have at their disposal, together with the 'assistance' shall we say from significant others, working to see that Court never becomes a reality the chances of this happening I would say are slim.

We can live in hope that the Portuguese Investigation which is the lead, together with the Metropolitan Police following behind them could together achieve this, but I think for many, the big question is - ARE THEY working to this end?

I doubt the McCanns would ever admit to any wrongdoing, they will stick to their far fetched tale to the bitter end even if dragged into Court.

It would take a very sound case against them to bring about justice for Madeleine.  But then again, if it reached that stage - Court - one would at that time have to assume that the prosecutor did in fact have a pretty sound case against them.

You mention George that none of the group have come out in defence of the accusations against them, and of course where David Payne and Gerry McCann are concerned, suggestions of paedophilia with the two, one would have thought absolutely they would have defended themselves in this regard.

Now it was either David Payne or Russell O'Brien, who, in their rogatory interviews, touched on the fact that they are not in the same financial position as the McCanns ( I will take a look back again to see which of the two) that is, the McCanns, due to the donations made to the Madeleine Fund, which they can use pretty much as they please, have vast sums of money available to them to take legal actions against others whilst the rest of the group - do NOT!

Whichever of the two who made this comment to the Leicestershire Police, didn't seem too happy about this situation.  McCann having the financial means and he not being in the same boat.

Which, when one thinks about it, must stick in the throat for the others, when the rest of the bunch it is said paid what monies they received in Court - re their actions against the press - into the Madeleine Fund.  

And in the Madeleine Fund it benefits Kate and Gerry McCann, NOT the others, should they wish to sue whomever re allegations of paedophilia or any other matter.

Perhaps this member of the group feels that McCanns should have helped them out too?

First signs of disagreement amongst them?

What is interesting about this situation George, is that, the MSM would jump on a story if Payne came out to defend himself in this regard.  I'm sure they would pay Payne more than enough to launch a legal action, therefore an interview given to the press could kill two birds with one stone.

Yet he has not done so?

Did Payne think therefore it was best to let sleeping dogs lie?

Now as to Gerry McCann - HE HAS THE FINANCIAL MEANS available to him.

McCanns are not slow to come out and defend other matters, no matter how trivial.

Yet here we have them IGNORING the GASPAR STATEMENTS?

A bit like Kate McCann IGNORING the very damning statement made to police by her best buddie Fiona Payne, where Payne ACCUSES Kate McCann of having told the others at the dinner table on the night Madeleine was reported as missing, as having left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to be able to exit the apartment to go to the bar to find her parents.   Yet Kate McCann as we know tells a different tale.

So the McCanns have IGNORED both the damning witness statement given by  Doctor Katarina Gaspar, and the damning statement by fellow medical professional Fiona Payne, Kate McCanns best buddie?

How interesting!

The statement by Dr K. Gaspar paints Dr Gerry McCann and Dr David Payne (Fiona Payne's husband) as being persons who have an unhealthy interest in little innocent kids.   I say 'innocent' as this is how Gerry McCann refers to his missing daughter.

I would say being accused of this, of being in effect, a paedophile for any person innocent of being such, would have to rate as the worst possible situation. A most horrible accusation.   Something which absolutely the accused person would put right in whatever way possible by whatever means possible, if innocent.

Yet neither guy has.  Not Dr McCann, not Dr Payne.

The two are best buddies.  So would be naive of us to imagine that they have not discussed this suggestion made by  Doctor K  Gaspar in her police witness statements, that Dr Gerry McCann and Dr David Payne have an unhealthy interest in little kids.   Naive it would be to imagine they both did not reach agreement as to how to tackle this.

Naive also to believe that Dr K Gaspar would not have made such a statement to police had she not believed she had very good reason for doing so.

Doctors not in the habit of speaking out against fellow colleagues, more a stick together mentality!

For Doctor Katarina Gaspar to have done so, I would suggest was not a decision taken lightly, but a decision taken easily where the safety of young children was being, as she saw it, put at risk.

As soon as Dr Gaspar saw the reports that Madeleine was missing, and on hearing Dr David Payne was part of the group of adults, alarm bells rang for her!

If this case ever reached Court, I would imagine, for that to happen, that one or more of the group will have decided to save their own skins, and tell the truth.   As you say, how do these people sleep at night.

They all have children, some of whom, like the McCann kids are of an age where their understanding is now greater, and will only continue to grow.  Some of these kids will be older than the McCann kids.Were not a couple of them around a similar age to Madeleine at the time of that holiday?

All of these children will have difficult questions for their parents.  Not least why they have given as their true and honest statements to police, that they ALL left the kids in apartments, all little kids under the age of 4 years of age, Madeleine being the eldest of the bunch of kids.  Some kids, but babies at the time.  Some kids ill too, but yet this bunch of doctor buddies say they abandoned the kids EVERY NIGHT!

For the McCann kids, as young teenagers which is a time not too far off, they will NEVER I believe, understand how their parents could have done this to them.

They will have great difficulty in believing the story of the jemmied window, the whooshing curtains -  A FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD, could dismantle that story in minutes.  

They will have great difficulty in believing that their dad told police that he and their mother entered that apartment by the front locked door using their key, only to CHANGE HIS STORY, seven days later to having entered by an unlocked patio door.


All of these kids, their lives forever tainted by the actions of their parents and the failure  of the parents to then tell the absolute truth as to the events of the night the child Madeleine was reported as missing. Their failure in this regard also in respect of their movements during daytime on that date.   And of course their failing to fully co-operate with police in Portugal, refusing to answer when questioned and refusing to take part in a re-enactment of the events.

Do we think for one moment that if any other UK citizen who having treated their children so cruelly, so appallingly, who had not only failed to acknowledge the reckless and irresponsible attitude towards the safety of little kids, but who failed to fully co-operate with UK police, who had been untruthful in their accounts,  would still be out there walking the streets, being hailed as some sort of celebrities?

Hell no!

Do we believe the Metropolitan Police believe for a moment the story they have told?

Do we believe the Metropolitan Police 'buy' Gerry 'I  need to change my story'  McCanns - tale - 'Oops I forgot which door I entered to go check on my three babies, who I had left in an unlocked holiday apartment, I'd better go down to cops and change my story?


And for that reason alone (leaving the million and one other reasons to one side for a moment) the Metropolitan Police cannot possibly NOT HAVE these people tagged as NON SUSPECTS.

Only time George, will tell the truth behind whatever the Metropolitan Police are up to.

Over four years down the line, much as I hope they are acting properly in this case, looking at those who quite clearly have misled an investigation, looking at those who have been less than truthful, have behaved improperly regarding the safety of little kids, and quite possibly much much more, I have serious doubts that they are.

I do hope I am wrong.  Would love to be wrong in this respect.

DCI Redwood's Revelation Moment rather casts doubt in one respect as it helps out the bunch in many ways.

On the other hand, IF, and I say IF this crecheman is real, then, Crecheman surely has a lot to say about that night, about what he saw and heard when on the streets.  Crecheman was not blind, deaf, or dumb as far as I am aware.  He had to have seen Tanner, G. McCann and Jez Wilkins!

And Crecheman must surely have been interviewed also by the Portuguese Police, after all they are the lead investigators.   Crecheman was seen on their soil, their home ground according to Redwood. Would they not want to speak with him?

Redwood, the Met have spent a lot of time and money going to Portugal to interview people.  Sure Portuguese would want to interview crecheman!

Dr Amaral said that should the investigation be re-opened that it would have to take into account all that had gone before.

From what one can tell, as far as the Metropolitan Police side of things, that has not happened.

DCI Redwood said he has taken it back to zero.  Had he done so there are a bunch of people who would be in the frame, and those persons are not a bunch of burglars, cleaners, farmers, kitchen staff, gardeners, passers by, but rather a bunch of lying bastards.

Are the McCanns and their buddies in the sights of the Met?

Stuck with their secrets forever as you say George.

There are some though that to be stuck with such secrets would not bother them in the slightest.

Sadly in this world there are people out there who have no moral compass, who have no conscience, to whom right and wrong has no meaning.

The tapas bunch, in my opinion fall into this category.

And as that now retired British detective, John Stalker said, they ARE hiding something.  


And to Dr Goncalo Amaral.

He has what the McCanns and their buddies will never have - TRUTH ON HIS SIDE.

NEVER has he had to resort to LYING!

Something these people cannot claim.

That is the difference between them.  

Dr Amaral has told only the truth.  He has reported what is in the POLICE FILES.

And in those files are the lies told by this group of adults/parents/doctors.

And it is this content, these files, that the McCanns and their buddies would love buried.

Looks like there are many out there who are not about to allow that to happen!  They are not about to allow this child Madeleine to be buried, nor the Police Files, nor Maddie a Verdade de Mentira (Maddie the Truth of the Lie) the book by Dr Amaral.  

And they are not about to allow the situation to continue whereby Dr Amaral is not funded, not able to pursue his rights through legal channels, due to the actions by Kate and Gerry McCann, who have openly stated they wish him harm, wish him to be miserable, wish him to feel fear.

And I'd put my money on it that behind closed doors Gerry McCann wishes his wife Kate McCann had never spoken such hateful words, not because he doesn't think likewise, I am sure he will, but they are
words which will forever be associated with this hateful woman, against a man who has not committed any crime, an honest man, an officer of the law, who together with the investigating team of officers, knew she, and he, her other half, and the others in her party had not been truthful regarding the disappearance of a little girl!

Whether the McCanns or their buddies are ever made answer in a Court of Law for any involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine, at whatever level, for sure there will be much out there forever more which questions, challenges the far fetched tale they have fed the public worldwide.

Much out there, which McCanns have actively sought to bury, which will allow those who seek it out, to decide for themselves on matters relating to the disappearance of this child.

Already many are waking up to the fact that what is reported in the UK press is not truthful.  Far from it.

Waking up to the fact that much of it has been manufactured by the McCanns spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell.

And that much of it has been the work of Sky's Murdoch also.

Waking up to the fact that people like Jim Gamble, Summers and Swan, used Madeleine also, in the most despicable of ways, and that people like Brunt, cowards in effect chose to do their heinous bidding!!


I think the case of missing Madeleine McCann has caused many of us, who perhaps never thought it possible for the press to print the lies which they have, never thought it possible that people pay others, like Mitchell to spin stories for them - to open our eyes and our minds to the fact that this IS what happens in our world.  That this IS what has been happening in the case of this child from the beginning.

From the moment she was reported as missing the McCanns and their buddies went straight into protection mode, and that involved getting THEIR story of ABDUCTION out there before any other.

From the moment she was reported as missing the McCanns began their campaign against the Portuguese Police, Kate McCann from the first condemning officers of the law.  Condemning them BEFORE Dr Dr Amaral was on the scene.

Innocent parents of a missing child  - just don't do that!

You may not know George but Kate McCann also 'attacked' a retired member of the Metropolitan Police.

Above blog:

I don't believe police officers are her favourite persons.

I wonder if she wishes him harm, to feel miserable, to feel fear.

One has to wonder what exactly she thought might cause Dr Amaral to feel fear.  Was he to fear her, her heinous actions?

Thank you for your message - and George, even though we sometimes get bitten, better to be a trusting old man than a lying bastard, young or old!

Many have been taken in, by this case, by what has been manufactured by McCann Team.

Tide is most definitely turning, people are finding the Police Files online, finding sites like the McCannfiles where I would say, just about all ever written has been captured, and of course all of the other sites where they can find out facts about the case, and form their own opinions as to what became of this little girl.

'Madeleine who?'    

Madeleine Beth McCann a three year old child so cruelly failed by those who should have cared most.  

Madeleine Beth McCann a three year old child, failed once more by those for whom self interest was of greater importance.

In failing Madeleine, they fail ALL vulnerable children.  They place children at risk.

So many in this case who should feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.   But they won't!   They know, no shame!   A child lost has no meaning for them.

These people will sleep soundly at night!

Good day to you sir!
29th May 2015
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