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Guestbook Reply

T9Gone and G. Hutchinson

Indeed the McCann buddies have been conspicuous by their absence the past 8 years.  Since little Maddie mysteriously vanished, their silence deafening, and their refusal to assist police with a re-enactment of events which took place on the evening they reported her as missing a huge red flag.  How could anyone NOT assist police in the case of a missing child?   A child the daughter of persons they were holidaying with.  What possible reason could there be?

The Madeleine Fund has always given rise for concern, suspicion as to how the monies have been used.  Paying Clarence Mitchell £70,000 for however many years, I am sure will not have been where those who kindly donated, expected the monies they gave to help search for Madeleine, to be spent.

And certainly not on legal actions which the McCanns raised against others.

The McCanns I believe lost a couple of cases they raised.  Presumably they had legal costs to settle in this respect, and paid for from Madeleine Fund?

I raised this previously on other blogs, and on the Madeleine a Ward of Court Blog which I wrote some time ago.

As a Ward of Court, the McCanns it is my understanding are not the persons responsible for making any decisions on this child's behalf.  My question back then was had they sought permission of the Court before they used the monies in the Fund for such actions, did the Court believe by taking out such actions that the McCanns were acting in the best interests of Madeleine, and more particularly so when there was a high risk of them losing their case (a they did against Dr Amaral ) which would surely incur legal costs.  

I raised this issue also in relation to the present action raised against Dr Amaral - were they legally entitled to act for Madeleine, did Lady Justice Hogg (or whomever may now be responsible) consider the McCanns were acting in Madeleine's best interest?

In such instances would it not be right and proper that the McCanns met such costs, not Madeleine's Fund, and that in the event that the Court had deemed them to be be acting in Madeleine's best interest in the first instance, the costs, therefore their responsibility.

It would be interesting to know of any other child (missing or otherwise) a Ward of Court, where their parents have taken to legal action to sue others?

And we must not forget.  McCanns raise these actions and include Madeleine's name (which is part of the issue which has been raised in their latest nonsense, are they legally able to act on this missing child's behalf? )  When they lose as has been the case in the past, their children, the twin children also, lose!

It is distasteful that they raise these actions, more distasteful that they do so in the names of their children, in essence, drag them through the Courts also.  I guess money means that much to them.

But it raises the question also, not just in relation to Court actions they have raised in Madeleine's name - What more, what other business, what other areas have the McCanns acted for Madeleine without the consent of the Court when they should have sought its permission?

The McCanns have this Fund tied up so tight that the 'objects' allow them to pretty much do as they please with any monies.   And note even IF Madeleine is found, the perpetrators of crimes against her brought to justice the Fund will continue.  Monies remaining in the Fund will not be given to other organisations or missing person charities (do note the Madeleine Fund is not a charity) the Fund will continue.

But who do the McCanns expect to fund their Fund?

Either way, whether Madeleine is found or remains missing, McCanns keep that Fund going!


Fund Objectives

The full objects of the Fund are:

  • To secure the safe return to her family of Madeleine McCann who was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007;
  • To procure that Madeleine's abduction is thoroughly investigated and that her abductors, as well as those who played or play any part in assisting them, are identified and brought to justice; and
  • To provide support, including financial assistance, to Madeleine's family.

If the above objects are fulfilled then the objects of the Foundation shall be to pursue such purposes in similar cases arising in the United Kingdom, Portugal or elsewhere.

Thanks for your comments.
9th February 2015

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