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Guestbook Reply

Guestbook Reply

Thanks you for your feedback.  As requested I will not post your comment.

But if I could correct you, I think you will find that what I said was, that ALL who suffer mental illness HAVE my sympathy.

As I also said I have no idea what her mental health condition is (and not my business - to discover) from what you say, you do.  You may indeed be correct that RH (as you refer to Hutton) is experiencing an episode at this point in time, that episode as you further state, the probable cause of her manic behaviour.

Harsh as it may sound but mental illness does not excuse all, not bullying, not abusive conduct, nor lying and being malicious towards others.  It may be the cause of such conduct in some instances but it does not make it acceptable.  And it has to be addressed particularly so when it is being acted out on public forums and untruths are being told about others.

I think we are both in agreement that those family members, friends who are in contact with or care for a sufferer, themselves have a heavy load to bear, and in that you seem to have experience.

As I said in my earlier blog, if it is as you suspect 'an episode' that is one in relation to mental health issues and not one of her tantrums, causing Hutton to be abusive to others at this point in time then it would be kinder if those who manage the forum where she is a member recognise this, and stop providing a platform where she is able to act out, or at the very least as I suggested in a prior blog, start censoring the abusive and bizarre comments she is making to others.  The managers of this forum, by not stepping in, are leaving her to make a complete 'fool of herself' as that is how it will be seen by others.  The forum managers should for the sake of Hutton, fellow members, and the 'forum' put an end to it.

We must not forget however that this conduct is something which is pretty much a constant from Hutton.  It is not only in the current situation of a perhaps 'episode' that she is aggressive, turns on others when they make comments not to her liking.  There is a long standing pattern to this. She is happy to dish it out, to make some of the most horrendous comments against others that you will ever see on any forum or twitter, her blogs.  But quite frankly, she is not prepared to take it on the chin when people respond no matter how politely, fairly or honestly.

Today some members attempted to address the issues, they were met by the usual aggression, total disregard for their viewpoint.  One forum member responded to her in a very polite, sensible, rational way, pointing out, amongst other things, that some of the things she posts about others and a specific individual in particular are not always truthful, erroneous he said.

It was met with:

"You like making videos don't you Thomas, perhaps you would have liked to have done the interview?

The thing is 
"Thomas, you are fairly new to the case, yet you claim I would be hard pushed to name 5 facts. Seriously? I have been discussing this case for SEVEN+ YEARS and explored every nook, cranny and passing remark. If you want to continue discussing every aspect of this case as if it were a game of Cluedo, fine, but I'm bored with it and prefer to look at the bigger picture. 

I have never based what I do and say on the opinions of others. You say I was 'told' and took no notice. I'm not a fecking 12 year old! Neither you, or anyone involved in this case gets to put words in my mouth, especially when those words are coming via a ranting, raving lunatic. If you care about the child, get back to that Thomas, because I really don't care about you."

All pretty disturbing stuff!

Hutton is not prepared to accept responsibility for anything whatsoever.

What has come over strongly in the past few days, more strongly than ever, is her complete disregard for others on that forum.  She will use it, and the members, to suit whatever is her agenda.  She doesn't want to be there.  Her hope it would seem to me was that the Sun interview would be her 'ticket out' of there to whatever in her mind might have been 'better things.' 

"...I'm bored with it and prefer to look at the bigger picture."

She is BORED discussing the case, but what is her bigger picture?

And if anyone is in any doubt whatsoever that Hutton cares for anyone on that forum except for Hutton:

"If you care about the child, get back to that Thomas, because I really don't care about you."

Get back to the child she tells this guy Thomas.  

Coming from the lady who spends her time speaking about herself, pretty rich!

She doesn't care about Thomas, just as she doesn't about anyone else it would seem, anyone else that is who questions any aspect of not only this recent nonsense, but anyone who questions her at all.

From what you say in your message you know of RH (as you refer to Hutton) her condition.

Again it may sound harsh to you but mental health issues must not be swept under the carpet, yes they can be sensitive, but doesn't do the sufferer any good or anyone else for that matter.  It is an illness like any other.  But neither should sufferers be allowed to treat others badly.  They are ill, and just like any other illness, physical illness it needs treated with proper medical attention.

When you care for someone with mental health issues as you say you have also, you will know that sometimes you will feel heartbroken at their suffering, sometimes they will break your heart, sometimes you will get angry with them, sometimes they will get angry with you (depending on the the particular condition) sometimes you will belly laugh so hard, laugh till you cry at some bizarre thing they have said or done, and that is okay, because it can be hilariously funny at times, and sometimes you will laugh or cry together.

What you cannot do is allow your heart to rule your head, if a person needs treatment, help of some sort, much as it is difficult to make that move, it has to be done - cruel to be kind if you like.

Who knows if this is Hutton having an episode or simply one of her usual terrible tantrums when she doesn't get her way?

I have my own thoughts on that!

But whatever it is, either way it needs to be addressed.  Doesn't do anyone any good to pussy foot around it.

She said:

"I'm not a fecking 12 year old! "

Indeed she isn't!   Twelve year old's don't behave as badly!

But time yes absolutely for the forum managers to get a grip, as anyone having taken a look on that forum today, will have immediately logged back out for sure.  What could have been a wonderfully successful new forum (and still could) alongside others online, with the case of little Madeleine McCann being at the core, has instead descended into a mad house, absolute mayhem.  The managers behaving badly, irresponsibly, childishly.

At this point in time, they have nothing to be proud of.

They know where the problem lies, they know the reason their reputation is now tarnished, they know how to fix it, their members, those like Thomas, have made it clear that they have had enough!

The managers are simply not listening, not taking on board the feelings and concerns of all members.  And that is not right.

Many thanks again for your contribution it is always good to hear the thoughts of those who happen across this blog, and take the time to drop a few lines.  Much appreciated.

And that dear contributor is my final word on this fiasco.

Next up Poulton!  Remember she did not condemn Mr Nice Guy for his report which Hutton said is NOT what she agreed?

Moving on.

Let us hope 2015 brings an end to the Madeleine case, a case solved, perpetrators of ALL crimes against this child charged with same, and justice served.

Uppermost in my thoughts at this time though, is Dr Gonalo Amaral, an anxious time for him.   I wish him all the very best life has to offer.

I am off now for a winter break!
4th February 2015
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