Lying in the Sun

Guestbook Reply

Guestbook Reply

Angelique, thanks for your reply.   As requested your comment has been published. I just wanted to be absolutely sure this is what you wanted.  I never publish any message when requested not to, and when unsure, I prefer to check it out first with whomever sent it.

I guess we all hope as you do, and my friend, who is of the same opinion as you are, that she will burn herself out put an end to the nastiness she spreads.

One thing to dislike someone, disagree with someone, clash of personalities, all par for the course on forums for sure, but when someone becomes bitter twisted, and posts such hateful material, blatant lies, crazy stories, on twitter, forums and in blogs, so very wrong.

I get incensed when folk lie to cause others deliberate harm and distress.

As for the other debacle - She was manna from heaven for Mr Nice Guy!  Needs to give herself a seriously good shake.

What is disturbing is that there are genuine cases where people get abused online.  Individuals like Hutton who 'play' the role of victim do so much damage in this regard.  They latch on to every abuse story they come across and try and make it theirs. Sickening!

Will post up your message re Dr Amaral on separate page before getting back to my break.

9th February 2015
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