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Guestbook Reply

Morning Caroleanne,

I understood who you were referring to.

The statements given to police both in the UK - Leicestershire Police, and in Portugal, PJ - Police Judiciaire, by
 Gerald McCann, Kate Healy McCann, David Payne, Fiona Payne, Rachael Oldfield, Matthew Oldfield, Dianne Webster, Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O'Brien in respect of the checking of the EIGHT under FOUR year old children, some of whom were ill, and who they abanondoned in various holiday apartments, are nothing short of outright lies.

Anyone taking the time to read what these people had to say, can reach no other conclusion but that they have lied and for the purpose of concealing the true events of the evening THEY reported little Madeleine Beth McCann as a missing child.  Or as they prefer to refer to her, an innocent child abducted.

If Clarence Mitchell, all of the regular press reporters, who praise the McCanns in the UK press, and we know who the culprits are, and the silly columnists, the Lorraine Kelly's, Joan Burney's Carole Malone's of this world, if they would take an hour of their time and sit and read the statements these people gave to police, they would be shocked to  the core at the lies, or, at least one would hope that they have at least that amount of decency and integrity, to be shocked, to acknowledge that these statements are a nonsense.  Acknowledge that the Portuguese Police are right on target when they say the group fabricated their stories.   It is plain for all to see that they did.

All of these people from the fancy lawyers, to the scum that is Mitchell and Gamble, if they were to all be sat in front of a TV audience, the McCanns their buddies too, and asked pertinent questions regarding their statements it would become instantly abundantly clear to the viewing public that they have lied to everyone.  Lied about the disappearance of that innocent little girl who Kate and Gerry McCann speak of.   Also known as their daughter, Madeleine Beth McCann.

The dumb ass that is Lorraine Kelly well I doubt she would ever admit to what is the truth.  She could see it printed in black and white, the OFFICIAL POLICE STATEMENTS by these people in respect of the checking of the children, and she would STILL REFUSE TO SEE WHAT IS THE TRUTH.   I'll bet if her husband and her daughter were to read them, they would NOT understand how Lorraine Kelly, the wife and mother, could be so blinded by the evil that is McCann/McCann case.

Same applies to those who show blind support for Gerry and Kate McCann but who do not show the same support for little Madeleine.

I have read quite a lot now, comments by these people on various sites, and what is overwhelming clear is that not a one of them have been able to put forward a sensible or reasonable explanation for the lies, and inconsistencies in the stories by Kate and Gerry McCann, and their buddies.

They simply declare them innocent of any involvement, and choose to ignore what the McCann group have said.

I find that extraordinary and very disturbing that anyone would do such a thing.

The checking of the children Caroleanne is a prime example.

No supporter of Gerry and Kate McCann if they are of good character, honest, acting with integrity, can justify the content of the McCann group, police witness statements.   No one can.  No one who is being honest with themselves could read them and not be horrified at the lies told in the case of a missing child.

The McCann case stinks to the high heavens for sure.

If we were to sit David Cameron, Teresa May in front of a TV Camera and read to them the statements given by the group to police, then ask Cameron if his £multi million Metropolitan Police Investigation should be funded endlessly, ask him then if he believes this case is special, as he stated in the beginning, over four years ago now, when he then told the public he was funding the operation from
a special fund, with no limit to the spend!

Ask Cameron and May, if they can reconcile the police witness statements given by McCanns and their buddies, as not another person on the planet is able to, and certainly not the Metropolitan Police!

And the reason for that is that the statements they gave police are not truthful.

Unless the Metropolitan Police investigation are investigating the McCanns and their buddies, it is nothing but a farce, and David Cameron and Teresa May, KNOW FOR SURE which one it is!

If a farce WHY does Cameron continue to finance it?

If a genuine investigation WHY is it being financed endlessly when there is no breakthrough?

Over four years now and nothing from the Metropolitan Police.  How many cases of any sort in the UK are funded in this way, for years on end, no limit to the spend (and bear in mind the Portuguese Police have primacy in this, this is not the same as a crime having been committed on UK soil with the Metropolitan Police, the lead investigators) with a team of, what is it, 37 detectives, some from murder squad?   How many investigations in the UK remain open/active when there is no sign of any imminent arrests/a missing person being found?

That has surely got to be unheard of for a crime committed in the UK - therefore, for one committed elsewhere in another country, where the police of that country have an active ongoing investigation?

Now why would that be?

Why would the case of missing Madeleine McCann receive the attention that no other case has, that no other missing person/child has?

Why, when the parents of the little girl, and their buddies have been far from honest in their accounts of the events of the night they reported the child as missing, would that be?

Even if they, the parents are suspects, a case is not kept open, on the chance that one day the police may acquire enough evidence to bring charges.  Nowhere in the world does that happen.

Cases are closed, shelved, and should such credible information which enables charges to be brought/or a missing child to be found, come to light, then a case is re-opened.

So WHAT exactly is keeping Operation Grange, the Metropolitan Police investigation, open?   And WHY?

I did a series of blogs a long while ago now Caroleanne - 'Just Checking 1 - 10' or something around that number.  They can be found above.

One of the many lies told by the group which can be seen in the blogs is by Gerry McCann (no surprise there)  he speaks of David Payne having checked on his kids - not on the night Madeleine vanished, not his visit to Kate McCann on that night - but on a completely different night.

Now we all know that in the statements given by the group, all stated that the Payne's DID NOT check on anyone's children, not even their own as they had a child monitor which they used, to save them getting up from the dinner table of an evening, and going to check on their kids.

Now Gerry McCann when he is speaking to police KNOWS THIS, so why would he LIE to police, mislead them in this way?

We have O'Brien saying he checked on the McCann kids on the Sunday night, entering by an unlocked patio door.

We have McCann saying oh no he didn't, NO ONE checked our kids on the Sunday night, our apartment was all locked up tightly, front and back door.

We have O'Brien saying he checked on the Oldfield child, on the Sunday night, saying he took from Oldfield the key to his apartment so that he could make that check.

said he was IN HIS APARTMENT at this time.  He was ILL and had not gone out to dinner.

So how could O'Brien have taken a key from the man who was not at the dinner table, and then gone to check on this man's child when the man himself was in his apartment looking after his own child?

Ask Lorraine Kelly, Carole Malone, all the UK press reporters, David Cameron, Teresa May, the fancy expensive lawyers who defend the McCanns, ASK them ALL the questions that need asked and answered regarding the statements given, and see what explanation they can come up with.

I would say, ask the McCann supporters this very question too, but sadly for Madeleine, they will choose to keep their head in the sand, their fingers in their ears, their eyes closed.

Shame on them all.

Every one of their statements are filled with the lies and inconsistencies, as the few examples I have given show.

But, to what you say about O'Brien, Caroleanne.

I did in the Just Checking blogs highlight this.

Indeed O'Brien, huffed and puffed and talked a load of crap to the police about which night he allegedly remained in his apartment to look after his kids as one was ill.   He could not remember if it was Monday or Tuesday.

Tanner when being interviewed did kinda the same thing.   The interviewing officer did however thrash this out with her, and the conclusion was reached and is recorded in the statements, that, it was the TUESDAY night that O'Brien stayed back in his apartment.

They reached this conclusion, as Tanner said that one of their kids was unwell.   The child had not attended the kids club the morning after being ill.  She knew for sure her child had not attended kids club on the Wednesday, therefore it was deduced that it was indeed the Tuesday, Quiz Night that O'Brien had stayed at home.   Further Tanner remembered it seemed, that O'Brien had not attended Quiz Night, and that he was sorely missed as it appears he has a great memory for trivia.

Pity he hasn't the same talent for telling the truth.  And pity, that great memory of his, could not be applied to his police witness statement.

The guy would have everyone believe that he checked on the children of McCanns and Oldfield on that Sunday night, going into both apartments.

Oldfield and McCann tell a different story!

And as for O'Brien's partner Jane Tanner what a liar.  She made up a story about putting her ear to the shuttered window of McCann apartment, yet on the night Madeleine was as reported as missing, well lordy, lordy would you believe, she didn't even look in the direction of this window shutter which she claims to have listened at during that week.  She knew nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing...oh except for seeing McCann speak with Wilkins and how could we forget, she saw CRECHEMAN.


DCI Andy Redwood discovered crecheman, so he and his officers, must have asked this guy what in hell was he doing way off track from the creche, and way off track from where was his apartment, and they must have asked him what he seen, who he seen, what and who he heard when on his jaunt around the village carrying his pyjama clad daughter.

And the PJ as the lead investigators they absolutely have to have interviewed crecheman.

It is impossible Caroleanne to reconcile the statements given by McCanns and their buddies, because they are not true, that much is obvious.

I would challenge any officer involved in Operation Grange to do so.

The only way anyone can make sense of them is to conclude they are untruthful, as they cannot be reconciled.

I often wonder what the colleagues of this group of doctors believe.

I would say it is impossible for them also, should they ever (if they have not already) read the statements regarding the checking of the children, to conclude anything other than that the McCanns and their buddies have lied.

Kate McCann once said that in medicine when they cannot figure out what is the cause of a particular condition, that they review the data.

Should any of their colleagues review the data, the evidence as per the McCann police witness statements their eyes will be opened to what must surely be one of the biggest cover ups, in the case of a missing child to ever come to the attention of the world.

Little Madeleine Beth McCann, like all children, did not deserve to suffer as she did at the hands of her parents and their buddies, and she most certainly did not deserve for all of those who have made a fast buck out of this case, for the Lorraine Kelly's and others of her ilk, and, in particular Clarence Mitchell, to sell her down the river.

This child deserved justice to be served, those who committed crimes against her to be brought to justice.

Sean and Amelie  McCann deserve for those who caused their sister's loss of life, and the destruction of their lives too, to be brought to justice.

They deserve - truth.

And when these two kids come to read those police witness statements regarding their abandonment on that holiday, they will quickly understand that the truth of matters never came into play when their parents and their buddies provided police with what they claim was the event of the night their sister vanished.

Madeleine Beth McCann one of the world's most mal-treated children, her young life taken from her - and those who should care most, it would appear, from their police statements, played a part in that.

In a fair and just world, the whole lot of them would be rounded up, and their statements thrashed out in an attempt to reconcile.

We all know though that is not going to happen.  Metropolitan Police not interested in doing what any other force would do - try to reconcile the statements.

We all know too that the McCanns and their buddies never have had any interest in assisting police in doing exactly that, reconciling the statements.

No prizes for guessing why!

Much as I would love to believe that the McCanns and their buddies will be made accountable, it seems unlikely.

Dr Goncalo Amaral, despite the suffering he has experienced at the hands of the McCanns, despite being hung out to dry, he keeps the faith, still he believes in the Portuguese justice system.  Still he believes there will be justice one day for Madeleine.

What an amazing man.  His integrity, his fortitude has to be admired.

As ever Caroleanne, thank you for your comments.
14th July 2015

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