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Guestbook Reply Anita

Guestbook Reply - Anita

"Like Angelique I have avoided the rantings and ravings, believing the same; ignore and it will go away. Such an attention seeker, but I agree, so very nasty with it, so should be stopped."

Morning Anita

Indeed.  Unfortunately those who ignore the appalling lies, the mob that is, who encourage this female, are those who care not for this man, and it is for that reason that they are prepared to not only ignore, but take part in the appalling conduct, it makes them no better than she. I do agree in principle with what both you and Angelique have said - to ignore it is absolutely the best way to deal with her like.  When I saw though what was being written on Twitter just could not get into my break unless it was made clear to people exactly what she is doing what she is capable of.  It may be the case too that some didn't see what she was writing on Twitter, not seeing the comments she was making on the forum also, where she is a member, perhaps seeing only what she put in her blogs, and I can see how some would be fooled by this had they not seen the comments/lies which she had posted elsewhere, and has been doing for a very long time it has to be said.

Perhaps now that people can see this female for what she is, they will stop encouraging it, and get on with what IS important - justice for little Madeleine McCann. 

But to the Fund. I have to admit to not having 'studied' as yet the latest accounts. Interesting from what you say that Kate McCann transferred £400,000 to the Fund.  As you ask - from where?

I will have to find the time to take a look.

Meanwhile, time to get properly into my break. Won't be around for next weeks.  I know you tend to 'pop in' be assured I'll be back - sounding like Mr S, the Terminator!

As ever many thanks for taking time to read and contribute.

9th February 2015

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