Lying in the Sun

Hairy Berto

Hairy Berto

By: James Murray
Published: Sun, January 5, 2014

Sunday Express

'A criminologist who has spent years analysing Portuguese police files has discovered information about the man, who had previously been caught stealing.  He lived close to the spot where a man was seen carrying a child, who detectives believe was Madeleine, at the time of the abduction.

Madrid-based Heriberto Janosch has written to Scotland Yard's Operation Grange detectives with details of his findings.'


Was Madeleine McCann abducted?  Have the Metropolitan Police come up with any evidence to prove this?

If so, I must have missed it.   Last I looked she was on record as being a missing child, not a child abducted!

Either James Murray is taking the piss, or he is as mad as poor old Heriberto from Madrid, who believes he is a criminologist!  

I guess all the cranks crawl out of the closet at times like this their 15 minutes of fame!

The Metropolitan Police and the Portuguese Police must be inundated with nuts like Heriberto who claim to have solved the case.

Police investigations going on in two countries, and old Hairy solved it all on his own!   Hurrah for Hairy Berto!

But what took him so long?   Old Hairy, took 6 + years to think of a burglar!

Well I suppose DCI Andy Redwood is reaping what he has sown - he did raise the subject of burglars in the Crimewatch production.

Now it seems every petty thief or cat burglar on the planet was in Praia da Luz playing pass the parcel with young Madeleine.

I'm sure Andy though isn't really as mad as those who think a burglar took Madeleine, and that he really doesn't believe this is what became of the youngster?

And this thief who Hairy has honed in, on, what exactly did he steal last time around...a child, or a wallet?

Call me mad, Heriberto, but I'm guessing the guy took a wallet, a watch, a credit card, not a kid!

Hairy you will have to do better than this...but 
I guess someone, someone from the McCann support had to try and solve the case and in jig time too, before the libel trial resumes tomorrow!

Tis a strange case, almost as if by magic, Tannerman turned into Crecheman, and now thieves are resorting to kidnapping!

Whatever next?   Madeleine will appear and tell us she went on holiday with some friends she met at the kids high tea at the tapas, and forgot to leave her parents a note?

Goodness she may even have sent them a text message which they accidentally deleted with all of the others!

It makes as much sense as the guff we are seeing reported in UK press!
6th January 2014
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