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Hate Filled Kate McCann

 A Hate Filled Kate McCann

 “I know I'm not scared but that man has caused us so much upset and anger because of how he has treated my beautiful Madeleine and the search to find her. He deserves to be miserable and feel fear."

Kate McCann, Madeleine 


Who is Kate McCann speaking of?


Who is this man who has caused her so much upset and anger because of how HE has treated her beautiful Madeleine and the “search” to find her?


Who is the man who deserves to be miserable and feel fear?


Most reading this quote quite naturally will think that Kate McCann is speaking of the man who she alleges abducted her daughter.

But we would be wrong!

Kate McCann
is able to forgive the man who she claims abducted Madeleine.


The man who she has claimed is part of a paedophile gang.


The man who she claims took her daughter from her bed.


The man who did not kill her daughter (she believes he kept Madeleine alive)


This man who when she dreams, she imagines has treated her child in the most heinous of ways:-


'Madeleine' Page 119 - " Her (Madeleine's) perfect little genitals torn apart."  states Kate McCann.


Yet she can forgive this evil excuse for a human being the dregs and scum of the earth..? 

So who could Kate McCann
hate more than the man who has treated her daughter in at least some of the above ways, possibly all of them, so much so that she wishes him harm stating he deserves to be miserable and feel fear?


I cannot imagine that any mother could hate any person more than the man who abused her child, her little girl, in ways unimaginable to most but in ways which Kate McCann speaks of in horrific and graphic detail in her book ‘Madeleine.’


I cannot imagine that any mother is able to forgive whoever it is she claims is responsible for having removed her child from her bed, ripped her from her parents her brother and sister, her extended family - How could a mother forgive knowing that someone abused her child in such a way destroyed and took from the child the happy childhood she once knew?


Moreover – How could Kate McCann claim to be able to forgive this alleged abductor without knowing what has become of the child - and she cannot possibly know what he has done to Madeleine?  She cannot possibly know the horrors this poor child has faced each and every day and night in the last long six plus years?  If, Madeleine is alive as Kate McCann insists, and with paedophiles, she is suffering as we speak.


This child is not with people who any parent can forgive.


Unless Kate McCann knows of Madeleine having met some other fate – it seems incredulous that she is able to forgive the perpetrator(s) of the crimes committed against this child the ones she knows of and the ones she does not.

But back to the man she speaks of, the man she feels is deserving of being miserable and whom she wishes to experience fear - who might he be? 

 -  A retired Portuguese Police Officer who worked tirelessly and relentlessly to find this missing child!

His crime?  (in what some consider to be the rather disturbed mind of Kate McCann)

 -  Daring to state, based on the investigation the evidence collected - that Madeleine is dead and that her parents know what happened to the child that they were involved in her removal from the holiday apartment.

And on reading the police files, and in particular the witness statements by the McCanns and their companions (available online) – one can see why the Portuguese Police suspect (ed) them. 


The McCanns are parents of a missing child who refused to fully co-operate with the police investigation in Portugal.


The parents who refused to return to Portugal - after fleeing, having been made persons of interest to the inquiry – to take part in a reconstruction of the events of the night their daughter was reported as missing.


They are the parents who have concocted so many different versions of events, it is no wonder that they themselves forget from one interview to another, what they said previously.

The man the McCanns fear most, hate most in the world is
not the alleged abductor (a person who seems to have been invented by the McCanns and their companions) despite that they tell us 'he is still out there'.   That “these type of people” ‘don't just offend once' says Kate McCann. 


Their urgency to find him, to plough all Fund monies into doing so, seems rather lacking.  Ploughing monies into other legal actions seems to have taken priority. 


Their fear seems not that this person will re-offend. Their fear I would say is of the man, the police officer now retired who they know, knows the truth. A truth they and their friends have refused to speak of. Have refused to come clean and give explanation as to why they were not truthful with Portuguese Police when giving their witness statements.

When parents or the mother of a missing child to be exact
does not harbour hate for the person who carried out unspeakable acts against her 4 year old child.


When she/they do not harbour hate, do not wish that this man feel the pain their little girl felt and if alive as they say, still experiences.


When they do not wish the perpetrators of the crimes against Madeleine harm but only have forgiveness, do not wish him to feel the misery and fear they wish upon a retired police officer - then alarm bells should be ringing across the world.

No parent
forgives the perpetrator and condemns the man who did his utmost to discover what became of this child. The man, the police officer, who did not want this case to be shelved (though he was not involved at the time of the shelving) the man who to this day would wish for nothing more than the re-opening of the case in Portugal and the full co-operation of the McCanns and their companions in returning to Portugal to assist in a reconstruction of events which they previously refused to do, and which led to the shelving of this tragic case.


This now retired police officer never wanted this case to be shelved – the McCanns allowed it to be!


Why would the parents of a missing child not have done all in their power to have it remain open?  They simply had to co-operate with the Portuguese Police?

What, why, and who Kate McCann fears in this world is blatantly obvious. 

When she uses the Fund monies given by the public to help find her daughter to pay the legal fees incurred in raising legal actions against the aforementioned now retired police officer, huge sums of money which arguably if used for the purpose it was donated may have helped the missing child if she is alive or helped discover her whereabouts or that of her body, preferring to spend it in attempts to silence a police officer who worked the case
raises serious questions.

When a mother considers her own reputation, what will become of her and her husband, their own self-protection (and this seems to be the case with Kate McCann)  of greater importance than that of her missing child that she would spend the Fund monies to protect her, her husband and not on the search for the Is more than disturbing.


And we know from an interview given by the McCanns this is exactly what they did.

When the mother of a missing child does not question the statement made by her
BEST friend Fiona Payne one of the holiday party who said in her police witness statement that Kate McCann left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could exit and go out in the night and search for her parents - then alarm bells ring. 


Why, would Kate McCann NOT address, condemn such a damning statement?

It is a statement which clearly one could argue would damage any search for Madeleine.   A statement which would make the public very suspicious of the McCanns...A statement which if the content true, tells us that the McCanns have LIED in respect of the unlocked door.   A statement which could make the public believe that the McCanns do in FACT know what became of the child, yet they are taking the public's money.

Why would her BEST FRIEND say such a thing?

Why have the McCanns not taken legal action against her for damaging their search for in essence, stating they have lied?

When a mother of a missing child has lied over and over again in interviews, documentaries, when her story is ever changing where her ‘account of the truth’ her book Madeleine is spattered with lies all easily identified when compared to previous and since interviews - one must sit up and take notice ask why?


Ask why this mum has more than one tale to tell.


Ask why she has condemned all who helped look for the child that is those who gave honest witness statements, but statements not favourable to her or her husband. Condemned any witness who does not agree her quite unbelievable tale. A tale which is plain from evidence in police files from their own words, their own witness statements do not add up. Not stories made up by public or press - their own words!

Accounts which they have given which they know Goncalo Amaral and the officers who took over from him in Portugal, know not to be true.
Accounts which the Metropolitan Police cannot have failed to see are far from truthful.


When the father of the child had need to change his story, first telling police he entered through a front locked door, then some seven days later after the child vanished, changing it – stating he entered by an unlocked patio door – alarm bells should be ringing everywhere…ESPECIALLY LOUDLY IN THE METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICE...

Unhinged is how some have described Kate McCann her hate filled outbursts. Her fantastic tales, the content of Madeleine and her Diary only adding to the speculation.  Perhaps simply she was a mother who was not coping with three young children? Who knows!

Did she lash out at Madeleine?  Who knows!

Did Madeleine die from injuries caused through an accident when alone in the apartment?   Who knows - but the evidence certainly points to this...

What we do know is that she and her companions have not been honest with Portuguese Police. That she is capable of the utmost hatred towards a man who has done her
no harm, a man who has done her daughter no harm whatsoever.   Yet she makes claim that he has? 


A quiet spoken, gentle and honest man of highest integrity who unlike the McCanns and their companions has not lied. Has not behaved in an underhand way. Simply he investigated the disappearance of a child, and the evidence and information the investigation uncovered did not bode well for the McCann party.


Why else is it worth it to the McCanns to throw vast sums of Madeleine's Money at attempting to silence and destroy this now retired police officer unless they fear what he knows to be the truth?


So is Kate McCann a mother to be pitied who deserves public sympathy, or is she the mother who is doing her damn level best to ensure that this retired officer suffers, is destroyed for her “crimes” for her “actions” her lack of thought and care for her three young children, for the harm she and her husband Gerry caused all three, Amelie, Sean and Madeleine?   For her and their treatment of Madeleine?


Is she the unhinged mum who felt angry at Gerry for not paying her enough attention, the mum who no doubt loved Madeleine but found her too much to handle - 'struck out' in a fit of temper?


For sure the McCanns have not accepted any responsibility whatsoever on any level for what became of their daughter, for how these children were treated.


Everything is the fault of “others” they have done no wrong according to them. 


Mostly though, they wish to lay blame for all things on Goncalo Amaral the retired police officer. 


Some may not know that the McCanns have lost previous actions against him, which undoubtedly cost Madeleine’s Fund dearly, which undoubtedly, damaged their so called ‘search’ for her!  How could it not?   When the monies donated for the child were spent otherwise it has to have damaged, reduced any benefit to the child.

The retired Portuguese Police Officer – he “knows” and Kate and Gerry McCann know he does.


The McCanns would love for the world to believe that this retired police officer has damaged ‘their search’ for Madeleine.   Laughable at best.


Interesting it will be though to see how Ms Kate demonstrates, explains to the Court, should her rants ever reach the inside of one, should Kate McCann ever have the courage to step inside stand up and be heard explain to the world in fine detail in what way Goncalo Amaral treated her beautiful daughter which warrants her vicious attacks on this man, and which warrants and justifies her hate filled statement:   


"Not sure how I feel about seeing Mr Amaral – for the first time ever, I hasten to add! I know I'm not scared but that man has caused us so much upset and anger because of how he has treated my beautiful Madeleine and the search to find her. He deserves to be miserable and feel fear." 


All Police Officers in Portugal assigned to the case of missing Madeleine McCann treated the case with the seriousness and urgency which they would any other such case.


All Portuguese Officers sought to discover what became of little Madeleine Beth McCann, a 4 year old child, a victim of her parent’s selfish neglect, a child abandoned according to her parents, on a nightly basis during their holiday, in an unlocked apartment.  A child who was not only let down night after night by her mummy and daddy, but a child since her disappearance was reported, has been continually let down by her parents and their companions – their refusal to assist police, their ever changing accounts… 


The fact that the McCanns continue to pursue – using the Funds donated for Madeleine – a retired police officer, seeking to destroy him in every possible way, in preference it would seem to their search for Madeleine should have us all asking why?  They are suing this retired officer for an amount in excess of £1m.


Whenever there was a report of a ‘sighting’ of the child, the McCann “search” looked elsewhere.


Whenever there was a report of a possibility of Madeleine being buried in a specific area, they did nothing, they looked the other way.  Never exploring the possibility.   A parent of a missing child would not ignore - they would not rest until ALL STONES HAD BEEN UNTURNED - how could they live with themselves knowing they had not bothered to investigate such leads?


And when the dogs “alerted” to blood in the McCann apartment – they did not want to know if it could possibly be Madeleine’s.  As parents of a missing child they should have been hoping desperately that it was not blood from their child, but should have equally as desperately needed to know whether it was or not.


Instead they choose to make excuses come up with ridiculous reasons as to why these dogs - with a 100% success rate - could be wrong.


They condemned and damned the skills of these highly trained dogs.


A very worried Gerry McCann when interviewed and asked a question about the dogs, their alerts/indications responded angrily, snidely - "Ask the Dogs”


Seems obvious to all that he was not pleased with what the dogs had already “stated” angry at what they had already "told" him.


It would seem The McCanns hatred of the dogs equals their hatred of Goncalo Amaral – each “know” the truth, each a thorn in the McCann flesh... each have come up with the same conclusion – Madeleine died in Apartment 5A!


Unlike when they bring actions against Goncalo Amaral, the McCanns cannot sue the dogs for having "stated" the same thing...


In whatever way it is that Kate McCann claims Goncalo Amaral treated her ‘beautiful Madeleine’ and harmed their ‘search’ then using her same logic the dogs too must bear responsibility as it is the “evidence” of the dogs, amongst a whole lot of other matters which causes the police, the public and anyone half way sensible, to doubt and disbelieve the stories the McCanns have told…


What wonderfully, clever, skilled and well trained animals these dogs are, so many cases and crimes would remain unsolved without them…they certainly caught Gerry McCanns attention...but he does not like our four legged friends...


An extraordinary case one would have to acknowledge, when the parents of the missing child are hell bent on silencing not only a retired officer of the law who was assigned this case but the dogs also….

And who could believe Kate McCann when she tells reporters that she has forgiveness in her heart for the perpetrators of the crimes against her missing child but hates with a passion, aims to destroy a now retired police officer, hates the police dogs, and refers to other officers as Fucking Tossers..?

This lady, it would appear according to her own writings and rants has a wild imagination, a nasty nasty nature, unhealthy thoughts towards others resulting in her deep desire that they should suffer harm...oh and a filthy tongue in her head to boot...

Some I have read describe her 'episodes' as being psychotic others simply think she is, to use her own terminology - a  F--king Tosser of a woman who let her children down badly...and who takes delight in the suffering of others...Why else would she wish harm on a man who has done her no harm..?

It is through her actions and that of her husband Gerry that Madeleine's life has been lost or changed forever in the most awful of ways.

Do they therefore, deserve to feel misery, feel fear, the same as they wish upon a retired officer of the law for the way they have treated Madeleine?  

It is they who caused the child harm.

I don't believe anyone hates the McCanns, I believe they hate what the McCanns did to their children, their actions thereafter.

I don't believe people wish that they suffer misery or fear, but that they face the justice system for any crimes they may have committed against not only Madeleine but their other children also.

Unlike Kate McCann the public do not seek to destroy innocent persons, do not wish that innocent persons suffer fear and misery, but they do demand that those who committed crimes against Madeleine are brought to justice punished by law.  The UK public are footing the bill for this Met Investigation.

They demand that the Metropolitan Police do what is right by Madeleine.

The Met say the McCanns are not suspects, perhaps not at this point in time, for the public to believe this the Metropolitan Police are going to have to come up with some hard and convincing facts, as as it stands now the information out there points to something quite different.

Gerry McCanns tale for starters of how he entered the apartment - WOW that should have the Met asking some difficult questions - How could Gerry possibly have forgotten by which door he entered the apartment? 

Six years have passed and these two still are in denial... 

Perhaps Andy Redwood will soon be giving them a wake up call?
25th August 2013

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