Lying in the Sun

Here Comes the Judge


Here Comes the Judge 

                      And here comes Gerry….  

Riding to Rescue – what can only be described as a disaster of a case thus far…The McCann witnesses…failing them miserably! 

Something to be said, about telling the truth, eh? 

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: 

 "I can confirm Gerry McCann is hoping to give evidence."


"Gerry McCann will be attending court and is hoping to give evidence if the court permits it." 

Mid interview, Clarence Mitchell morphed into:

 ‘A source close to the family,’ and added: 

 "Gerry wants to make it quite clear to the judge the absolute damage of what Mr Amaral has written has done in the search for Madeleine, and the pain his lies have caused not only him, Kate and their twins but the wider family.

"They brought the libel action against Mr Amaral way before the change in the law in July and there is some confusion as to whether the new ruling applies to them.

"That is why Gerry is bringing his sister out with him. If he can't give evidence, Trish will speak on behalf of Kate and Gerry."

So there you have it – When the going gets tough, the tough get their big sister to fight their battles!  Just like childhood days back in the school playground…how sweet! 

(a good time to note, and remember that the McCanns, for Madeleine, when requested by police to return to Portugal could not find it in their hearts to help the child they refused to go and assist police)

But when his witnesses failed to convince the Judge  - McCann, a man after a £1m  has gotta do what a man's gotta do - and go tell her himself - make it quite plain to her!

Will the good Judge Maria Emília Melo e Castro be afraid, very afraid, or will she be all ears’ and make a few things quite clear too, to the ever arrogant Gerry McCann. 

Let battle commence…
27th September 2013

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