Lying in the Sun

Here They Come Again

Here They Come Again

Follow the money and you'll find the McCanns!

At the beginning of this libel trial Isabel Duarte the McCann lawyer said they would not be witnesses, and that there was no need for them to attend.   Their spokesperson said that the Metropolitcan Police advised them not to go as it would be detrimental to the investigation they were carrying out with regards the missing child.

We all know the Kate McCann did not heed the WARNING by the Metropolitan Police she choose instead to put the investigation at risk.

Gerry had work commitments it was reported so would not attend. Oh and also, he had been bewked to act as babysitter that day.  As if!

Kate popped in to the Court room.  Not as witness.  Had nothing to say in support of her missing daughter.  Not a word.  She did however have prepared, a little speech for outside, for the waiting press.  But of course - she wasn't going to answer questions!    

You gotta laugh at these people.

When their witnesses, were caught out as being less than truthful, their lawyer Isabel Duarte tried to draft in some McCann muscle AKA little Gerry (see above Blogs-  Duarte is No Dope and McCann Flying Solo) - but seems the Judge was having none of their nonsense and the little man was sent packing, lip trembling, tail between his legs.  

But Gerry wasn't going to let that possible 1m bucks slip through his/their grubby hands - he returned again and again.   Quite possibly more times than they returned to check on their kids when they abandoned them night after night in that unlocked holiday apartment.

But then, what is closest to their heart, was not in the apartment!

Recently both McCann parents went to Portugal for the libel case.   It was postponed.  And boy oh boy did that throw the awful pair into fits of fury and temper.   And of course they stood before a press pack and lied.  Accused Dr Goncalo Amaral of having done this deliberately, and having done this on more than one occasion.

Simply not true!   Previous postponements were not a jot to do with Dr Amaral, in fact one I believe was due to the Judge having to postpone due to a family matter.

But then the McCanns are known for not allowing a little matter of the truth get in the way.

The previous hearing was postponed due to Dr Amaral having no lawyer, he had dismissed his lawyer.   The reason?   No one as yet knows.

These things happen in legal cases.

Today the McCanns will attend Court in Lisbon, and as Martin Brunt reported early this morning he spoke to them as they arrived at the airport last night.

Sky news reader

Madeleine McCanns parents have told Sky News  they hope to be heard at the libel trial of the former detective who wrote a book about their daughter.   They will appear in Court this morning, and we can cross to Lisbon now and speak to our crime correspondent Martin Brunt.

So what exactly are they hoping to achieve in Court today?

Martin Brunt

The want to give impact statements, they want to explain to the Court in this libel hearing the effect that the book by Mr Amaral, the former detective in charge of the case, has had on them.  How they will say it has increased their anguish because the thrust of his book that was published  a year after Madeleiene vanished, was that she died accidentally in their apartment and that they covered up her death and concocted in his view the theory that she had been abducted.

Now they say that’s absolute nonsense, and the effect of the book because of what it said was to dissuade people with potentially vital information coming forward and it hindered the search for their daughter.  All of that they hope to explain, they were here three weeks ago but Mr Amaral sacked his lawyer at the last minute and the Court hearing was err adjourned until today.

Now I caught up with the McCanns when they arrived late last night in Lisbon and this is what Gerry McCann had to say:

Martin Brunt:

Can I just ask have a quick word…what you’re hoping for tomorrow?

Gerry McCann:

Well first of all we’re hoping we’ll get heard, that’s the first thing…so, and justice for Madeleine obviously, Sean and Amelie.

Martin Brunt:

If it doesn’t happen tomorrow will you come back again?

Gerry McCann:

(quick tug of his nose, big smirk)  If we ‘re given the option.

Martin Brunt:

Are you confident it will happen tomorrow?

Gerry McCann (an ever wider smirk)

I’ve no idea Martin.

Martin Brunt

The McCanns say that they’ve been here four times in the past trying to make these statements but for one reason or another  the hearing has always been adjourned.  They really won’t know until the Court opens  in an hour or so whether they will get their chance today.


Well Martin was careful not state what the McCanns actually said about them having turned up at Court four times previously and the case postponed.  

He too knows that they LIED last time around when they accused Dr Amaral of causing previous postponements.

Pity he could not go a step further than simply saying the case had been previously postponed for one reason or another, but give the reasons - which would have shown that Dr Amaral was NOT responsible for ALL previous postponements as the McCanns had so viciously spouted during their temper tantrum in Lisbon a couple weeks ago. 

Is there no one out there in the UK press who can report honestly and fairly in this case?

What are they all so afraid of that they would go to the lengths they do, to concoct the stories they do, and protect the McCanns in the way that they do?

And all of that aside - Do the McCanns have no shame in standing lying?

And it is not for the first time they have done so.  Have they no shame, have they no regard for their twin children, Sean and Amelie. It would appear that this is so.

They have used these kids in the most appalling of ways.

The McCanns though seem able to live with the lies!

Justice for Madeleine will only come when the McCanns and their buddies give proper explanation as to why they were far from truthful regarding the disappearance of this child, the events of the night she vanished, and they have not been truthful, make no mistake about that.

And that is the VERY reason NOT ONE OF THEM were prepared to return to Portugal to assist Portuguese Police with the investigation.

See Refusal Blogs above.

It is not MONEY which will bring justice for Madeleine it is HONESTY!

But as we saw the McCanns in action last time in Lisbon outside the Court - honesty is something in which they are not interested.   

8th July 2014

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