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Home Alone

Much talk as to why the McCanns will not attend the upcoming libel trial?


Clarence Mitchell said it is in the hands of their solicitors, no need for them to attend.  Fair enough. 


But odd one might think that after ‘shooting their mouths off’ for past six years regarding Goncalo Amaral, and more particularly so since they raised this libel action against him, that they would at least for Madeleine, as that is who they say they are doing this for, show face?


Past visits to Court though have not gone well, not least because they lost to Goncalo Amaral!


We all know that Kate McCann has a habit of making rather a fool of herself with her outrageous comments and the tales she tells.


She has called, and referred to Portuguese Police Officers as:

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,

Fucking Tossers

Stated also, that a particular officer, deserved to suffer misery and fear!

Stated too, that another officer was lying in Court!

She has insulted in her book ‘Madeleine’ witnesses also.

All makes her look rather hate filled and foolish, an attention seeker.  See me, not Madeleine!

Gerry too has thrown temper tantrums on more than one occasion on the steps of the Courts, shouting down in anger any reporter who dares ask a question of him which is probing, and he has also said that the officer’s testimony in Court was not true.

What did the officer say to evoke such anger in McCann?

He simply stated that Kate McCann had contacted him at a time when Gerry McCann was not in Portugal to speak of Madeleine and a dream she had with regard to where the child may be buried.


In Kate McCanns diary there is an entry at the time when Gerry McCann was away on a trip, not in Portugal, where she records having contacted this officer.


Clarence Mitchell their spokesperson has not behaved in any much better fashion than his clients.  He is known also for not keeping in control when his clients ‘stories’ are challenged.


If that was not reason enough for the McCanns not to attend Court there is Isabel Duarte!


Duarte is the McCanns legal representative in Portugal, and she too has a short fuse, in fact, comes across as a bit of a wacko, calling to a police officer in the Court that he was a liar!


Not stopping there, during her closing statement defending the McCanns she in an angry temper called ‘vultures and vampires’ to all those who believe in the McCann couples involvement in the disappearance of their daughter.   She left no one out – her outburst was to include lawyers and those members of the public in Court to hear the proceedings.

Is it any wonder Kate and Gerry want to stay home alone, Kate's Rosary, her crucifix held close! 


There are few who would not have paid good money to see the little lady Duarte all 4 feet of her ‘losing it.’


I guess Antonio Cabrita, Goncalo Amaral’s lawyer at that time, telling the Court that he had access to a private report of an English Police Officer who participated in the investigation, who not only defends the hypothesis (of simulation) of abduction, but also death with parental involvement – pushed Madame Duarte over the edge, well that and Cabrita telling the Court also: –


That the controversy which surrounds the book (The Truth of the Lie) happens because ‘it comes dangerously close to what happened’ on the night of the disappearance!


Ouch, and double ouch!


What a vulture he is!   Or perhaps a vampire!


Duarte might do best pack a wooden stake!

8th September 2013

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