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Well the McCanns have been given that in abundance this week – blonde haired female children being removed from gipsy homes…and now the possibility of the Portuguese Police, the PJ being given permission to re-open the Madeleine McCann case!


New information we are led to believe allowing them to do so, or at least allowing them to request that it be re-opened.


The Crimewatch UK programme was as we know set in motion months ago said Redwood, they have been working on it that long.


The CPS went to Portugal months ago too!


I may be way off the mark, but if the CPS went months ago, it was not due to any information discovered through any response the airing of the Crimewatch programme generated!  They had something in particular in mind back then.  And whatever or whoever it related to there had to be a British connection else no need for CPS.


Redwood also it was reported at that time had stated that further news of matters would ‘clash’ so to speak with the libel trial?


Redwood making the Tanner sighting ‘disappear’ has allowed the Smith sighting to gain more attention!


Two very welcome pieces of news as far as I can tell

Tanner sighting in Room 101


The possibility of the case being re-opened in Portugal!

When though were the McCanns made aware that there would be a request by PJ?

Have they known as far as months back, same as the Metropolitan Police that this was the next step?  Let's face it, Redwood knew this was coming, it is not a result of the Crime Watch programme!


Without reading more on this, difficult to decide what is going on, but as I asked in a previous blog –


Has Tanner been talking?  Having cosy chats with Andy Redwood?


They surely would have had to for him to dismiss her sighting in the way that he did.  Redwood could not have done this without having had some sort of discussion with Jane Tanner her co-operation’ shall we say.


Which brings us back to Redwood’s daddy and daughter story, which to most of us is puzzling as where has this man been for past six years – seems like Redwood’s Tannerman never existed before the Crime Watch programme!

Someone Redwood invented to allow for whatever he is up to? Possibly!


A friend did a bit of research on who was staying at the Ocean Club on the night Madeleine vanished, that is, those with 2 year old daughter’s, who were staying at the apartment blocks on the side of the street where Tannerman was headed, which of course was on the other side of the road, from where, the apartments the McCanns and their companions had stayed.   The findings make interesting reading.   There doesn’t appear to be any such family!


I will include here exactly what my friend came up with, and many thanks for the information much appreciated:


Just out of interest I looked at Tapas booking sheet and none of the diners on it had a child in the night crèche on the 3rd.

Some had no children at all, the rest took their young male children or male babies to have dinner with them as per statements.

Cox party had a 17 month infant but they cancelled and took a takeaway instead.

At 7p.m. Carpenter are booked as 2 adults but according to their statement they took their  3 year old girl and a 4 month old baby with them to Tapas and all left together.

Mrs. Carpenter is the person who thought she heard someone calling out MADELEINE at a time before the alarm was raised when they crossed the road that Tanner flip flopped up to the other side of the complex where their accommodation was.  

The McCann party were the only diners at the Tapas bar that evening who had children and didn't take them with them.

Between little boys, baby boys, and Carpenters little girl there were 10 children in the Tapas bar with their parent/s booked at 7p.m-7-30 p.m.

I looked up other guests staying at the ‘resort’ on the 3rd with little girls whose accommodation was on the other side of the road to the main complex.

Parents who would have had to cross the top of the road.

Foster.        Girl aged 3 no statement that I can find, left on the 5th, declined the offered child care on booking form but booked mini-club.

Naylor.        Girl 3 and baby of 11 months, no statement that I can find, left on the 5th.

Mills.            Girl 3.  Found their booking but I can't find them on the list of arrivals at resort.

That's it for little girls who were likely to be in the night crèche on the 3rd and were staying on the other side of the complex.

There were lots of other children in the resort who could have been in the night crèche on the 3rd but they were ON McCann's side of the road.

Irwin were two women, no children and Sperrys were an adult couple with no children either.



It seems at the time of evening, 8.30 p.m. the time the McCann party had arranged their block booking to eat at the tapas restaurant, families with children had finished their meals by then.

It rather blows out the window their excuse also that it was too late at 8.30 to take their children with them.

They simply had to do what the other families did-

  • Stay at home with their kids, eat in, order in!

  • Make a booking at the tapas restaurant for earlier in the evening and take their kids with them.

  • Check their kids into the safety of the crèche where they would be supervised.

Really, who goes out and leaves 3 under 4 year old children alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, the patio door left in a position whereby your children can get up and leave?

Added to this latest news it seems too that Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has had more to say on the case. 

He does of course say that the Portuguese Police had no way of knowing immediately if Madeleine had simply wandered out of that unlocked and most likely slightly open patio door, or if there had been a crime committed – abduction – only Mystic Meg, Kate McCann knew immediately - and he further tells us that police world over do not make derogatory comment re their ‘colleagues’ in other countries.

He said all of the right things in the present circumstances.


A pity he never voiced his opinion, his support (?) for the Portuguese Police six years ago!


What he also said, which is a bit concerning:


SY knows their reputation is on the line, and their political masters know that, after the expenditure of millions on this and other high profile investigations, failure to produce tangible results may be reflected at the next election.”


Next UK General Election May 2015?  We are fast heading for 2014 time is of the essence then..?


I would have felt more confident that matters were jogging along as they should be with Madeleine the priority, what became of her, bringing those to justice who have committed crimes against the child - and there is more than an ‘alleged abductor’ who should be dealt with in this respect - than to hear Hogan-Howe’s concerns or that the first concerns of the Metroplitan Police, and David Cameron being their reputations on the line, and possible negative election results.


That said the re-opening of the case in Portugal, if this comes about, can only be considered a positive move if all above board.

Gerry McCann did on Crime Watch look a bit...well just not quite his usual arrogant self...and for some strange reason when I view this clip, I find myself humming the tune of  - It Takes a Worried Man!


Though not entirely confident in all recent developments, I will remain cautiously optimistic.

Optimistic too that Tanner has been Talking, telling the Truth helping police produce those Tangible Results!
24th October 2013

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