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The following is part of my previous blog (Money, Money, Money) the end part.  I thought I would post it independently also.  It is my thoughts on the latest piece by Mike Hamilton, the Sun.
I think he has rather misled the public, and deliberately so with this ambiguous piece.  A piece I would say, written to get the public thinking about donating to the McCann Fund once more, and at the same time portray the McCanns as wonderful parents, the persons who are keeping the Fund afloat but who would also like help from the public again.   Written on the back of the recent reporting that the Metropolitan police may soon consider winding up their investigation, playing on this.
Seems though to have somewhat backfired, so many now thinking McCanns are sitting on £m's all tucked away in personal bank accounts!
Still, win some, lose some.  Others will think they are wonderful, believing that they have RECENTLY donated almost a £1m, when they haven't.
One out of two ain't bad!

McCanns to fund hunt for Maddie The Sun on Sunday

EXCLUSIVE: Parents pump almost £1million into search fund

THE parents of Madeleine McCann plan to plough their own money into the search for their missing daughter if police halt their investigation.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Parents Gerry and Kate

Kate and Gerry McCann both 47, of Rothley Leics, fear public donations have dried up as the search approaches its eighth anniversary.

So they have pumped almost £1 million into a fund for Madeleine that would be running at a loss without their cash.

The money came from Kate's book about Madeleine's disappearance in Portugal in May 2007 and the search for her.

A top cop suggested this week the £10 million police probe into the case should be wound up.

Met Police Federation chairman John Tully said "We no longer have the resources to conduct specialist inquiries all over the world"


We have the little sub heading - 

'Parents Pump almost £1m into Search Fund.'  

It then continued:

Kate and Gerry McCann PLAN TO PLOUGH their OWN money into the search for their missing daughter IF the police halt their investigation.  

The article continues:

So they HAVE pumped almost £1m into a fund for Madeleine that would be running at a loss without their cash.  

The money came from Kate's book...


Now the Sun has really pulled a fast one on the public with this one!

The author has not lied.   

Yes he stated that Kate and Gerry McCann HAVE pumped almost £1m into the Fund, and they did indeed. 

What the author did, or rather did not do was bother to mention that he is referring to the time when the proceeds from the book were pumped into the Fund YEARS AGO, and at that time the Fund (as I mentioned above) they said, at risk of drying up by springtime!

He is NOT saying that they recently did this.  No siree.  He is attempting to take the public for a ride with the ambiguity in his piece.

And as for saying Kate and Gerry McCann PLAN to fund the search for Madeleine with their OWN MONIES?

He is NOT saying they are planning to donate £1m.  Hell NO!

They are planning to plough their own money into the search. That could be a penny it could be a pound!

And they might just have a change of plan!

Guy is having a laugh here at the expense of the public, and courtesy no doubt of Clarence and McCanns.  It is nothing more than a blatant and crass ploy on their part to get the public thinking once more about HELPING THEM OUT!

Kate and Gerry McCann parting with a penny for any sort of professional, and above board search for Madeleine - Pull the other one! 

My advice to one and all would be to NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER FOR THIS FUND!

When stories like this one in the SUN are used to deceive, that should tell us all, ALL WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SUN, THE AUTHOR, THE McCANNS, THE FUND!
30th March 2015

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