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I Climbed on the Bed

I Climbed on the Bed

"My mind was so fixated on finding Reeva"

"My first intention was to see if she was on bed"

Oscar Pistorius

Gerrie Nel Prosecutor questioned Pistorius as to what he did after he shot through the toilet door.

Seems he walked back to the bedroom gun in hand still 'screaming' (not shouting like any other guys would but screaming, he's used 'screaming' a lot in evidence just so we will get the message, he screams like a girl. ) for Miss Steenkamp to call the police, and then got onto the bed.

"My lady I know she wasn't on the bed because I crossed the bed.  I got on to the foot... if you look at the bed on the left foot side I slipped up, I slid myself up onto the bed because I wasn't tall enough.  I didn't want to keep my eyes off the passage and I moved across the bed.  When I got to the other side of the bed  I was hoping she would be on the floor as I'd told her to be."

Gerrie Nel also put it to him that it was dangerous to run up and down with the gun still cocked and queried why it never discharged...when Mr Pistorius opened the curtains and the two sliding doors of the balcony.  

"My lady I understand how it sounds but if you look at the photos when I placed the gun down on the floor in the bathroom the gun was still loaded and cocked it was unsafe, if I look back now. I realise how much I was busy there on the floor I could have kicked it and IT could have shot me or Reeva again."

(I can understand why Gerrie Nel asked Pistorius if this gun was the same as the Glock)

Two things here:

If Pistorius told Miss Steenkampt to get down on floor, and phone police - why after shooting through the toilet door and returning to the bedroom, did he:

(a) Firstly check out the bed (she wasn't going to be there if he'd told her to get down on the floor)

Why would he climb onto a bed which posed him difficulty being little as he himself said - "I wasn't tall enough"  instead of checking out the floor area at the balcony side, by simply walking round the bed and having a look/feel?  It was much simpler for all manner of reasons to check first the place he had told her to be.  It would have saved this man who said he had difficulty getting onto the bed because he is small, having to climb up onto the bed, and wriggle his way across it gun in hand.   That to me is a nonsense, when all he had to do was walk another couple steps, and he would have seen if Reeva was on floor.  She was hardly going to be lying on the bed so why did he check their first?  Why pretend like he was James Bond, or the Milk Tray Man and roll across bed with a gun?

(b)  Why would he struggle to climb up onto the bed holding a gun which was still cocked wriggle across it- which surely would have put Miss Steenkamp in danger?  At this point he doesn't know she is not around (according to him of course) that he has shot her, so why would he do this and put her in danger?

Until Pistorius opened that toilet door, not until he had checked if Miss Steenkamp had left the room , would he know if he had shot anyone.   At this stage his story is that he has shot through the door, the shots he fired as he heard a noise and got a fright. He said he didn't hear anything at all after firing as his ears were ringing.   This is his reason for not hearing Miss Steenkamp cry out or scream he said.  Well, if he did not hear anything,for all he knew at this point he had fired through that toilet door into an empty cubicle.

So why would he rush to batter down the toilet door, as Gerrie Nel said - without first checking if Miss Steenkamp was elsewhere in the house?

Gerrie Nel put it to Pistorius that immediately after he had fired the four shots through the toilet door, that he had laid the gun down on the bathroom floor, and that is why it was still cocked. 

I agree with Gerrie Nel that Pistorius did not run up and down that bedroom/bathroom gun in hand, gun cocked while he climbed over beds, opened curtains (or parted them) unlocked sliding balcony doors feeling behind curtains, checking and feeling around the floor area at the balcony side of the bed.

It makes no sense whatsoever, and so many obstacles at the balcony side, cooling fans, cables, and of course his prosthetic legs, were they not lying that side too?   Pistorius testified that there was little space balcony side, between bed and balcony doors, perhaps only a metre he said. 

Gerrie Nel put it to Pistorius that why would he go back to the bathroom and try to open toilet door to see if it was Miss Steenkamp he'd shot and not an intruder before checking if Miss Steenkamp had made her escape out through the bedroom door.   Pistorius replied why would he waste time checking everything?

Why would he not?

That is all we need ask - Why would he not?   And there can be but one answer, he knew he had shot Miss Steenkamp, he knew exactly what he had done, he knew who was behind the door before he fired, and the rest of his story is a bullshit!
14th April 2014

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