Lying in the Sun

I Just Don't Believe It

I just Don’t Believe It


"We’d never lied about anything – not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else. But now we found ourselves in one of those tricky situations where we just didn’t seem to have a choice."

Kate McCann- 'Madeleine'


On the first night of their holiday in Portugal the McCanns and their companions dined with their children at the Millennium Restaurant.


With 8 young children between them, all under the age of 4 years old, dining out, the group decided, was not a pleasant experience, children tired and crying, much too late in the evening for them, way past their bed time.


This restaurant was some distance from Ocean Club holiday apartments which only added to the inconvenience, walking there with youngsters, particularly so for the McCanns who had three little ones, it proved too much for them.


The group found an answer to this. 


Their children would have their evening meal at around 5pm at the Kids Club part of Ocean Club Complex, together with the children of other holiday makers.  Thereafter they would be taken to the various apartments and put to bed.   The adults would then leave all of the children alone in the apartments while they went out to eat at the tapas bar.


They would periodically during their meal, run back and forth from tapas bar to their apartments to ‘listen’ to hear if their children were crying.


Gerry and Kate McCann state their checks were every half hour.


Sandra Felgueiras: 

And how do you think he (alleged abductor) could have opportunity to get into the apartment if you were checking every 15 minutes?


Gerry McCann: 

How often did you say we were checking?


Sandra Felgueiras: 

Every 15 minutes.


Gerry McCann: 

That’s not what we’ve said, you know, and it’s been widely reported that it was about 30 minutes.  Now, that’s what our checks were clearly different people were going at different times and there was a small window of opportunity there is no doubt about it, it was  a small window. I believe it was a high risk strategy and that person almost got caught.


Sandra Felgueiras: 

By who?


Gerry McCann: 

By Jane (Tanner)


The group say in doing this they were copying a ‘Listening System’ they had knowledge of and was in place in a hotel in another country – whereby staff employed by the hotel listened out for children crying.


A block booking was therefore made by the group to eat at the tapas bar each evening of their holiday at 8.30pm.  They have all stated that this arrangement worked well for them.  The answer to their prayers, kids tucked up in bed while they wined and dined, adult company only!


No need to have children with them at meal times again.


**It must be noted that all of the families in the McCann party ate breakfast each morning at the Millennium Restaurant.  The children being less tired in the mornings.   ONLY the McCanns did not.  It was considered by them too far off to take their children.


The Millennium Restaurant for them was a ‘NO GO AREA’ morning or night!


In an interview with Sandra Felgueiras she asked the McCanns why they did not take their children to the restaurant on the night Madeleine vanished.




Gerry McCann: 

“The answer to your question why we didn’t take them? Our children were asleep by 7.30 pm and that is normal. We were dining at 8.30, and that is normal for us, and Madeleine was exhausted.  And there is a big cultural difference I’m sure you know?  In Portugal there are siestas, the children stay up late and they get up later. At home prior to this happening Kate and I would regularly go to bed between 10 and 11 O’clock at night and our children would go to bed 7/7.30pm” 


Imagine my surprise when I then viewed the ITV ‘Documentary Madeleine One Year On’ to hear Kate and Gerry McCann give an entirely different account in response to the same question as put to them by Sandra Felgueiras – ‘why did they not take their children with them when going out to dine?’  


Gerry MCann: 

I think the worst thing is, we, kind of, almost thought about not going and, erm…and did. 

We weren’t sure we were going to get into the tapas (he looks to Kate) remember?  And, erm…


Kate McCann: 

In fact, we were all…


Gerry McCann:

But, you know…


Kate McCann: 

We were all going to go up to the Millennium again, that was…with the kids, which is what we did the first night. 

It was just, erm…it was just ‘cause the walk was so long and we didn’t have a buggy and the kids were tired by that time and I thought…we…we were…we did talk about going up to the Millennium that night.




Jeremy Wilkins holidayed at the Ocean Club at the same time as McCanns he got to know Gerry McCann as they played tennis together each day.  On the night Madeleine disappeared, McCann and Wilkins met outside the McCann apartment and chatted for a few minutes.


He had this to say of the McCann dining arrangements in his police witness statement:


“I believe there was some sort of agreement with the tapas bar as they appeared to have a reservation every night, and it was impossible for other guests to book a spot there.” 

“I remember that Gerry told me if he had stayed another week, he would likely do as I was doing and would stay with the children one night.” 


The Telegraph

May 2011

Cassandra Jardine


Speaking of Kate McCanns book ‘Madeleine’:


Despite the fine-tooth comb applied to the evidence four years ago by the press, if not the police, fascinating new details emerge from her account.   

One that made me shudder was that the nine adults in the McCanns party, BLOCK-BOOKED the restaurant near their apartments because it was so close to their sleeping children. 

Very sensible! 

But anyone looking for an unattended child could have known this, because a thoughtless member of staff wrote down both the booking, and the reason for it, on a desk at the pool reception, where it could have been easily observed by a paedophile on the lookout for unattended children.” 


It is said, to be a good liar, requires a good memory.


We all know from the very many accounts of what happened on the night Madeleine Beth McCann vanished that her parents and their companions have very poor memories! 


Why would Kate and Gerry McCann when speaking to the press one year after Madeleine vanished give them the story which they did, when they know it is NOT TRUE?


No nice way of saying it they have lied outright!


***It must be further noted that in their interviews of 2007 never did they mention that they and the group had intended taking the children to the Millennium Restaurant on the night Madeleine vanished.***




Because this story had not yet been thought of at that time!


It is a story which Mitchell constructed, carefully planned to be released on 1st Anniversary of the child’s disappearance, to gain maximum impact in his campaign to protect these parents. 


Never forget that this is not about missing Madeleine it is about Kate and Gerry McCann.  

Five years on, from this wild 1st Anniversary tale, and
nothing has changed.


Mitchell and the McCanns are still churning out the brown stuff. 

They have led the world a merry dance, of that there is no doubt, and of which there is every evidence.  Thus far they have gotten away with it.



Simple, but shocking, there is, out there, more than one ‘Cassandra Jardine - happily willing to play along with this disgraceful charade! 


Do these stupid, stupid ghastly people never stop to think that there is a child missing how that came to be and why the need for the many lies in this case?


They are doing so much harm to children everywhere by not standing up to be counted.


By not investigating properly and reporting honestly in the McCann case other vulnerable children just as the McCann children were, are put at risk.


It is time they acted responsibly as their behaviour at present leaves much to be desired.


And as for presenters such as Lorraine Kelly, I am sure she is a nice lady, but she either really is as thick as two short planks, or chooses to play that part, when it comes to asking anywhere near a probing question of this McCann couple.


Whatever is the case, perpetuating the lies makes them no better perhaps worse than those who seek to deceive.


Those who take it a step further, the reporters who write the guff such as that of Cassandra, in my view, complicit producing the progaganda which they do!


In the interview with Sandra Felgueiras there is no mention of them considering going to the Millennium and that is because at no time did they ever intend to.


We have listened to Kate and Gerry McCann tell Sandra Felgueiras the most ridiculous of stories, the biggest load of guff - ‘They didn’t take their children with them as their children were asleep’


It was interesting to know though as I for one had never heard of this – Gerry gave us a lesson on “cultural differences” that is between those who live in Rothley, Leicesteshire, England, and well…the rest of the world really!


Seems Rothleyonians, as long as their children are asleep, this signals a “green light” for parents to go out and leave them unattended.


The bit in the middle – the arranging a ‘baby-sitter bit’ they simply dispense with!


Don’t think it will catch on!


Jon Gaunt – Sun Columnist Published 02 May 2008 

“Gerry and Kate said on GMTV yesterday there are different ways to parent.  They are WRONG. 

There is only one way and that is to always put your kids first!”

As for Gerry McCann saying they thought they would not get into the tapas bar that night and Kate McCann agreeing, when they both knew absolutely that this was a blatant lie as they and their friends had made a BLOCK BOOKING at the tapas bar for 8.30 pm covering each evening.

The very same
BLOCK BOOKING Cassandra Jardine described as having been 'very sensible' of this group to have done.

The very same
BLOCK BOOKING Kate McCann wrote of in her book 'Madeleine.'

So why did they think they would not get in to the tapas? 

This couple must think the public fools - they want our cash to do with as they wish, to be spent legal actions to protect them, and on so many things other than a search for missing Madeleine, and then we are expected to swallow their  lies! 

There is an ongoing review of the case by the Metropolitan Police courtesy of UK taxpayer, which thus far has cost£4.5m and still rising, and they are still asking people for money for their privately run Fund!

We must point out that the Madeleine Fund - No Stone Unturned is NOT a charity as many believe it to be.

Even Esther McVey, Kate McCanns long time friend, who at one time served on the Board of Directors of the Fund, as Fund spokesperson also, seemed to be unaware that Madeleine's Fund was not being run as a charity, but as a limited company, Gerry McCanns business:-

Liverpool Daily Post 26 September 2007

In response to inquiries regarding the Fund the monies, the use they were being put she had this to say:

"I haven't got the exact figure but it's just under £300,000."

She could not produce a full breakdown of costs, her explanation:

"We are doing what every CHARITY does.  We are going by best practice CHARITY rules."

Rather ironically in her days as a tv presenter she fronted the legal series 'Nothing But the Truth.'

Did McVey not know the Fund was not a charity?  

Was she comparing the Fund to a charity?

If so, why?

'Charity' should not have been mentioned in the same sentence as the Fund!

The case of missing Madeleine McCann has got to be the most tragically sad case ever.   Kate McCann, Gerry McCann their protection, and Clarence Mitchell his self-promotion being put before the the young child victim.

Sean and Amelie McCann, not nearly enough thought being given to them before the stories concocted by the parents and Mitchell being put out there.

These children will one day soon, in the next 4/5 five years, if not sooner, as they become young teenagers read all there is, about what happened to Madeleine.  Their parents fooling themselves if they think this day is a long way off, not until much later in their children's lives.   Children are so much smarter now, in that they have the technology and means to explore, discover and access information so easily, and they are more than capable of doing so, that is the world we now live.

Keeping the truth from them will be impossible for the McCanns just as it will be to prevent them from asking very difficult questions like what we are asking now - Why did they lie?

And then there is that most awful book -'Madeleine.'

No one, unless they have taken leave of their senses would want their grown children to read, and no one, in my opinion, of sound mind, would even have considered writing it, let alone dedicating to children.

The desperation and greed for money it would seem was behind it, and arguably not done to help any search for Madeleine.

Their Fund was in trouble.  They had overspent, and not on Madeleine, on legal actions they had taken out against others, and which they lost at huge cost to this Fund.   At that time they said they had approximately £130,000 left in the pot.   They owed much more in legal fees. 

That book, to sell, had to be filled front page to back with all the nonsense that it was.  

If this was not bad enough they had it serialised in press.

How awful for Sean and Amelie that their parents would do such a terrible thing to them.


It takes more than gall to sit and spin as Kate and Gerry McCann do, and did when speaking with Sandra Felgueiras and others who have interviewed them, they are steely in this, but it more than demonstrates to the public that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth.  Frightening too the apparent ease with which they execute their tales.

In the early days I thought perhaps they had been ill advised that Mitchell had taken advantage of them at a time when they were vulnerable.  How wrong I was - peas in a pod!

The Portuguese police had their 'number' from the off!

Is this their reason for spending/squandering £hundreds of thousands of publicly donated money, money given to help the search for Madeleine, in attempt to silence a now retired police officer?

One has to ask, if they are able to be less than truthful when interviewed, if they should ever have to appear in a Court of law can they be relied upon to be completely honest?

For Sean and Amelie the truth is going to hit them like a sledgehammer.  To discover that their parents have not been entirely honest in their accounts, to discover that the following statement by their mother is not true:-

"We’d never lied about anything – not to the police, not to the media, not to anyone else."
29th May 2013

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