Lying in the Sun

I'm No Expert

I'm No Expert

Lots of experts in this case.  Some genuine, some not!  

Myself, well I can't lay claim to being one, not on any aspect of the case.  I call it as I see it based on the facts, the police files.

Often I have seen written by those who claim to be experts - 'the first rule of writing IS...'  -  or, 'the first rule of psychology IS...'   - and so on and so forth.

I will say only that the first rule I live by is truth and honesty, suffice to say, for that very reason, I struggle to reconcile the following, taken from two separate statements given by and written by the same individual.  

Not being an expert, doesn't prevent me from spotting a lie when I hear one, spotting a fraudster when I see one (not talking money here, talking fraudsters in the 'expert field' ) and doesn't prevent me from spotting when someone changes their story time and time again - and I'm not talking McCann - though McCann and their buddies have more versions as to how Madeleine vanished than I could shake a stick at.   And it sure in hell doesn't prevent me from spotting when someone is acting with malicious intent against another, for no other reason than they can because they have the platform to do so.

And boy it doesn't stop me from being astonished at others for not seeing what is in front of their eyes.

I know what I see, understand, and take from the following, but I'll leave it up to the experts, the psychiatrists the psychologists out there to decide what they make of the writings and the rantings of this individual. Leave it to the experts to decide why someone would write as they have in the following two statements which are completely at odds.  In one she accuses this man Bennett of hounding McCanns, distances herself from same, laying blame on Bennett, and in the second statement she openly admits to doing exactly that, attacking McCanns!

Statement One

'Tony Bennet became the unacceptable face of those who did not believe the McCanns.  Taking on the case as investigator, prosecutor, Judge and Jury, he confirmed time and time again, that even the most reasonable of people who dared to question the abduction story were cut from the same hardfaced vigilante cloth as himself and thus we were all treated by the media with the same disdain and contempt.  Most of us had nothing to do with his 'Madeleine Foundation' (a way to steer donations to himself?), or his hounding of the McCann family and their associates but we were all tarred with the same despicable brush. '

Statement Two

Sun Article interview with Rosalinda Hutton author of the above statement re Tony Bennett:

“I’ve been totally gripped by the McCann case for the last seven years. It was an addiction.

“When the story broke in May 2007, I was suffering from the most terrible depression. I’d lost my mother, my best friend and my dad.

I was very isolated and became engrossed in a forum on the McCann case. It was a way to switch off the pain of the real world. I’d gone from this lonely, isolated existence to suddenly having this huge arena of friends from all around the world.

“We had this hard-core group, all women much like myself – similar age, backgrounds. We formed a friendship.

“I wasn’t one of the evil ones – and there were a few of those around. I was attacking the McCanns and suddenly I became the object of attack by absolutely crazy people.”

“I was involved in these vile wars and I couldn’t wait to get back. They were dreadful to me but I couldn’t stay away. I couldn’t resist it.”

In revenge, Hutton dished out some serious abuse.    She says:

 “I’m a bit of a show-off and I had an audience. It was a war now. To the trolls, I gave as good as I got. I can be quite a bitch. I enjoyed the wars and the spats. It saved kicking the dog, really."

" It got really down and dirty."

“You do get a buzz when you squish somebody."   "I felt high.  The more outrageous you are, the bigger the reaction."    

"It is a form of attention-seeking really.  It's a buzz that keeps drawing you back.

Perhaps I should be ashamed of that but it is so easy to become hooked."  


Yip, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, she should, any normal thinking person would be, but as she said she is hooked on being abusive abusing this man Bennett,  Her now despicable reputation for abuse, not a jot to do with being tarred with a despicable brush, rather of her own making!

With despicable remarks such as 'a way to steer donations towards himself'  (which may just leave her in a whole lot of trouble ) we can see that her reputation for being an abuser is well founded, and more than deserved.   In almost her every blog she attacks this man.  

What will the experts the psychiatrists the psychologists make of it? Perhaps they will just agree with her, that she is as she herself said - quite a bitch!
23rd August 2015

No end to the online abuse by Ms Hutton aka Cristobell towards this guy Bennett.   She has spent today doing just that.  

It is one thing for this mad woman to dislike Mr Bennett, quite another for her to post lies about the man, and so wrong to accuse him of wrongdoings which he has not committed.  

She referred to herself as a bitch in a national newspaper a while back.  Hold that thought while you read just a couple of the abusive twit messages she has sent today.   Note @Zampos is Mr Bennett.  

Note also that Mr Bennett has never referred to Ms Hutton as a bitch but has merely pointed out in the past that Hutton chooses to refer to herself  in this way, and I quote Hutton again :  "I can be quite a bitch!"

Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu 11m11 minutes ago
Misogynists get a hit of dopamine every time they demean a woman - no wonder @zampos loves the bitch word. #gettinghisjollies #mccann

Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu 3h3 hours ago
I didn't criticise the #mccanns when I was unsure because it would have been morally wrong. A concept Bennett and CMoMM will never grasp.

Note also that in her twit posts she states she did not criticise the McCanns as it would be morally wrong.   Yet in her interview with the Sun Newspaper she speaks of having attacked the McCanns.

Note too that she has a nasty habit of accusing persons of posting comments on her blog site which they have not.  I have experienced this.  She guesses at who may have lodged a comment, conjures up a story in her wild imagination, and then replies in a nasty way to whomever she has decided should take the blame.  Tonight, someone by name of Verdi, is her latest victim. 

And of course, always there is someone, someone foolish out there who takes her at her wild word.  Some people never learn!

Speaking as a non expert - Something seriously wrong with this female!  A liar and a malicious mischief maker hell bent on causing harm to others.  Attaching her name to the Madeleine case she does the missing child, the efforts of those who work so hard for justice, a great disservice.

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