Lying in the Sun

Intelligent, Loving

Intelligent, Loving, INNOCENT!

The verdict of the Inquest into Brenda Leyland's death I am sure comes as no surprise - suicide.

The 'verdict' as to her character no surprise either - Loving, intelligent, a law abiding lady.

The verdict as to whether she committed any crime against the McCanns, absolutely comes as no surprise, Brenda Leyland was INNOCENT!

The press in the UK still insist on their dramatic and untruthful headlining - describing Ms Leyland as a McCann Troll.

Not one single headline respectful or reflecting the truth.

Lest we forget, those persons online, vile vigilantes, who compiled a file of names of persons who THEY decided were to be punished (NOT the police) for questioning the far fetched abduction story as told by Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, Jane Tanner, Russell O'Brien, Matthew Oldfield, Rachael Oldfield, David Payne, Fiona Payne and Dianne Webster as to how Madeleine McCann came to be 'missing' while in THEIR CARE (and I say THEIR care, as Oldfield, O'Brien and Payne, have in their police witness statements declared that they ALL volunteered, on the night the child disappeared, to look in, on Madeleine, her brother and sister. Payne visiting to ask if Kate was coping with the kids.  And the other liars, Oldfield and O'Brien, saying they offered during dinner to check on the McCann kids.  Therefore Madeleine was under THEIR CARE, the care of this ENTIRE GROUP, or rather the MALE MEMBERS of the group!  They claimed they shared the CHECKING of the McCann children on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.  Landed themselves right in it by doing so, no getting away from that.  And it begs the question, WHY would all these guys, ALL doctors, on the night the child vanished, a child who ONLY one of these doctors (David Payne) knew before this holiday, decide THEY WANTED to be part of, be responsible, together with the McCann parents, for the checking of the McCann children?  Especially so when they DID NOT check on each other's kids AT ALL throughout that week?  Smell a rat anyone?)

Yes it was the vigilantes, who decided which names were to be given to the police.  It was the vigilantes who decided that these persons who they named in their file were to be known as, described as 'Trolls'

Every time I see this word/term used it makes me laugh at how infantile, how utterly stupid it is!

This file, which the McCann family handed to the Metropolitan Police (according to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe)  A file which Gerry McCann claimed to not know of the content. Yeah right Gerry!

Do we believe that Gerry McCann, a member of his family, willy nilly passed a file to police NOT KNOWING what it contained?

If there is one thing we have come to learn of the McCanns, their team, it is, if their mouths are moving, the lies are flowing!

McCanns up to their neck in this tragedy, not a doubt do I have about that! From the vigilantes, Brunt, Sky, Jim Gamble, Summer's and Swan, all had a part to play and they played it in the lead up to Brunt's Special Report, the Sky round the clock reporting, screening of Brunt pouncing on Ms Leyland.

Are Kate and Gerry McCann remorseful feel any responsibility, saddened at the loss of this lady's life?

Cannot see that.  Not in a month of Sunday's!  They accepted NO responsibility for the loss of their own daughter, her life, a child in their care. 

It is the vigilantes, the UK press who labeled this lady a Troll.   

But what is a troll?

Simply a ridiculous name chosen by some very ridiculous not very bright persons, to label anyone, anyone at all who CHALLENGES the vast number of lies and inconsistencies contained WITHIN the McCann story of abduction.

Anyone who challenges them,  just has to be evil, don't they? Well according to the McCanns and their supporters they do!

I say supporters of the McCanns, NOT supporters of Madeleine, justice for this child, as most who support the McCanns outrageous tale, do NOT support justice for the little girl Madeleine,  Far from it!

Madeleine's life was precious, as was Brenda Leyland's.  Neither deserved to die (and I believe as the evidence points to Madeleine Beth McCann having died on the night she was reported as missing) and neither deserved to be treated as were before, and after their lives were so cruelly ended.

So 'Troll' forever more has to be associated with something evil?

How ridiculous these vigilantes, how ridiculous the UK press for following their lead!

But how sickeningly sad that after the verdict of this inquest that NOT one  headline in the UK was respectful of Brenda Leyland, her family. They all continued to run with a 'Troll' headline.

And the McCanns stayed schtum.  But they have been since the reporting of Ms Leyland's death. Soon as they heard of this lady's death, they went quiet, lay low.  Just like they went quiet when DCI Andy Redwood got rid of Tannerman!

They had nothing to say about that, and nothing to say about the death of Brenda Leyland.

But that is what the guilty do I believe when things begin to catch up with them, batten down the hatches, just as the vigilantes did, just as Carole Malone did, as Lorraine Kelly did, after they wrongfully and maliciously attacked Brenda Leyland, played their part in driving the lady to her death.

Seems Malone and Kelly could use the most appalling language about this lady Brenda Leyland accuse her of whatever they felt, and it was to be accepted.

Seems Kate McCann can wish death pain suffering on others, and it has to be accepted.   But when Brenda Leyland, as was her right, questioned the McCanns tales, she was to be treated as she was.

Robust absolutely in her condemnation of the McCanns but that was her right!  Anonymously as a Twitter member, as was her right also, to discuss the case of missing Madeleine, to voice her strongly held opinions in whatever language she chose.   Strong or otherwise, her right to do so.    She made no threat against them.  She did have the right to speak out, as we all do, at what is clearly not a truthful account as given by Madeleine's parents, their buddies, as to the events of the night leading up to her reported disappearance.

Brenda Leyland was a highly intelligent woman, a loving mother, someone who knew when something was not right, and in the case of missing Madeleine, she knew that the story told by her parents was/is 'not right.'

The McCann supporters and all else who played their part in this seedy affair, needed to silence this lady.

The consequences of their attempts to do so, resulting in the loss of her life.

Will this bother these type of people?  Not a jot!  Scum have no conscience, no moral compass.

If Brenda Leyland was guilty of anything it was of caring for Madeleine McCann for justice for this child, selflessly putting Madeleine before her own well being, her own safety.

Don't allow the silencers to leave Madeleine and Brenda without a voice.
21st March 2015
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