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It's Too Late


[GM holds up a sheet of paper showing the same two sketches]

Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."
Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."

 [points to 'Jane Tanner' sketch, on right 

'We believe this is the man...'

So the man Kate and Gerry McCann believe is 'the man' who removed Madeleine from the holiday apartment - is no more.

DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police has dumped him!   Just like Dr Goncalo Amaral did almost 7 years ago!

The Metropolitan Police are concentrating on the Smith family sighting.   (that's the sighting of the guy who looks like Gerry McCann for those who don't know)

The McCanns had E. fits produced of this man, but decided to HIDE THEM and they remained hidden FOR FIVE YEARS.

Tom Pettifor of the Daily Mirror explains why:

'The Smith family provided two images of the man more than five years ago.  However, the sighting was viewed as too late to be significant because of Ms Tanner's sighting - which is why the e.fits were only released publicly in a Crimewatch appeal broadcast in October.'

Come, come now Mr Pettifor - you're having a laugh...and at the McCanns expense it would appear?

We all know the E.Fits never seen the light of day as some believe 

this is the man....

Smith family e-fit / Gerry McCann


Love the way you say that the reason they HID THE E.FITS was because THEY VIEWED THE SMITH SIGHTING AS 

Certainly the E.Fits came - FIVE YEARS later than they should have but NOT TOO LATE!

Some might say they appeared just on time!

With a libel trial going on and the McCanns making all sorts of claims, this information about them burying vital information does not bode well for them, and not just in a libel trial where they are claiming someone else hindered their private search for their daughter!

Not sure that will have been good news for Kate and Gerry McCann though, knowing they were to be circulated or rather knowing that the reason why they were hidden was being circulated!

If the McCanns viewed the Smith sighting as being TOO LATE if that is what Tom Pettifor is saying, then they really cannot accuse anyone, anyone at all of hindering their private investigation - when they themselves hid crucial information, concealed it from the police and the public!

A rather pathetic and pitiful excuse - if that is the best Clarence and the McCanns could come up with.  It they are behind this latest, they are slipping...the 'sighting came too late' indeed!  Piffle! 

What of all of the other sightings which came 
after the Smith family sighting - were they also too late?   Seems not.  As far as I recall they were splashed across the press!

Images of this guy, and that guy - all persons who were to be named as possible suspects by Team McCann- yet not a jot about Smithman!

And, did the then, McCann private detectives not advise them to get those E.fits out there asap?  Of course they did, but they ignored it.   Clearly the private detectives didn't think it was too late, and clearly DCI Andy Redwood doesn't think it's too late.

Nope the McCanns have come unstuck on this one - no good reason for not getting those E.Fits out to the public!

And if, as Tom Pettifor is suggesting the McCanns held back the E. fits as they viewed it all as being 
too late - why were they still plugging that Fund and accepting donations from the public?

And why were they still asking the public to search, keep their eyes peeled when going on holiday etc when they themselves had E. Fits of a prime suspect buried away?

They not only mislead the public allowing them to believe that they only had information E.Fits on Tannerman when that was not the case at all, and they withheld the information from the Police in both the UK and Portugal. 

And let's face it - if they felt such a sighting as that of the Smith family, so many reliable and independent witnesses, seeing up close a man carrying a child of Madeleine's description on the night she was reported as missing was of
no use to them/ was too late - would the same not apply then to all other sighting after this time?

Does this mean that all of these years, anyone who gave information, reported a sighting to Team McCann, unless it linked directly to Jane Tanner's imaginary sighting then it was disregarded by them?

It certainly looks that way!

Such a sighting, as that of the Smith family would have had any other parents of a missing child doing cartwheels it would have given them such hope.  They would have run around the streets themselves posting those e.fits anywhere and everywhere.

And we must acknowledge too that other sightings over the years have not been anywhere close to resembling Madeleine, yet they received far more attention than the Smith family sighting.

The McCanns have dug themselves one huge hole this time and there is not an excuse in the world which can get them out of it.

There can be NO excuse for BURYING CRUCIAL INFORMATION in the case of a missing child!

Perhaps its time for the McCanns and their companions to start co-operating with police, fully.  

Time for them to explain all of those inconsistencies in their police witness statements and for Kate McCann to explain why her book 'Madeleine' doesn't come close to the police witness statements given by the McCann holiday party.

There is only one way this case will be solved and that is with this group of people doing the decent thing and coming clean as to the reason why the various different stories they have told the police, and for the McCanns to explain why they have given different accounts of particular events when being interviewed...particularly so Gerry McCann who changed his story regarding which door he entered the apartment on the night Madeleine vanished!

There is only
one sighting to-date which could have been Madeleine and that is the Smith sighting - Andy Redwood of the Met has appealed for this guy to come forward - Let us hope this year something pricks this guys conscience or that someone close to him who knows the truth as to who he is, speaks up.  Time someone did!

The Smith family have given their statements and Martin Smith senior has stated he believes the man he saw was Gerry McCann.

Smith may be right he may be wrong - the best way the McCanns could have had Gerry McCann ruled out as being the man seen by the Smith's was for them to have been honest about the E.Fits, not burying them.

That is what police would refer to as suspicious behaviour!

What Team McCann must remember, is, that it is never 'too late!'
27th December 2013
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