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Jane She Fooled Herself?

Jane She Fooled Herself?

From the Documentary 'McCanns and the Con Man'

The McCann private Investigation  

Voice Over

The team focused on, two key E.Fits, including the iconic sighting by the McCanns friend Jane Tanner  

Major (Retd) Tim Craig-Harvey:

'What really helped us were the images that had been created of this figure supposedly carrying a child away, and this really sparked people's memories, and then there was the full face drawing of a potential subject who we knew as 'George' because he bore a vague resemblance to George Harrison.'


So the McCann private investigation in 2008 was focussing on TWO key E.Fits

  •  The image created based on the description given by Jane Tanner of a many carrying a child.
  • The image (full face) of a long haired man with a moustache who they nicknamed George.


[In an interview with Sandra Felgueiras, McCanns show the two sketches spoken of above.  They say the man with the moustache is NOT who they believe abducted Madeleine.  They say the one Kate points to, the Jane Tanner sighting IS who they believe abducted her)

Kate McCann: "We believe this is the man..."
'We believe this is the man...'

KM: [points to 'Jane Tanner' sketch, on right 

Again from the Documentary 'McCanns and the Con Man' the McCann private detectives speak of the E.Fits and of Jane Tanner.

McCanns and the Con Man Documentary (on Tanner)

Major Tim Craig-Harvey:

"She was then presented with a photograph of this guy 'George' in the market, at which point she broke down and said 'that is the guy I saw carrying the child.'   This was a pretty strong indication that the guy who had been seen in Portugal had an integral role in the disappearance of Madeleine.

It was extraordinary to be in the room next door on my own listening to the conversation, and to be part of her reaction. "

Voice Over:

'In the search for Madeleine this was possibly the biggest breakthrough anyone had made.  

But when Richard Parton heard the recording doubts crept in.' 

Dr Richard Parton:

Analyst Omega Operations 

"Everyone wanted to find this guy, don’t get me wrong. Everyone would want to find him, but the more she had to describe him, the more inaccurate she became. 
From the witness statements that I had processed before there was nothing indicating that he was involved, nothing at all.

I think the most exciting thing about finding him is that we could rule him out." 

Voice Over: 

'Despite the serious doubts, the files reveal surveillance was continued on the market trader (nicknamed George) for the next three months, but he was eventually eliminated from all inquiries.'

Major Tim Craig-Harvey:

 "My understanding is that it was felt that she (Tanner) wasn't as credible a witness as we had hoped.   Witnesses will give evidence thinking that, that is what they saw or understood at the time which is quite often inaccurate.

So, Jane Tanner having said
'this is the guy that I saw' it may just have been that she so wanted to help that she fooled herself."


All very interesting.  Two E.Fits of different people.   The man carrying the child being the one which was drawn up based on Jane Tanner's description of what/who she said she saw on the night 
Madeleine was reported as missing.  The man known as Tannerman.

Yet, when shown the E.Fit of the OTHER GUY, 'George' she claimed that HE was who she had seen on the night Madeleine was reported as missing?

One thing that is absolutely certain is that Jane Tanner, as Dr Amaral, and the Portuguese Investigation said from the beginning - is not a credible witness.

Tanner wasn't fooling herself  - she trying to fool the Portuguese Police, the press and the public!

In 2008
the McCann private detectives eliminated 'George' from their search.

In 2013 the Metropolitan Police eliminated the Tanner sighting, said that the man Jane Tanner claims to have seen was in fact not an abductor carrying off Madeleine, but a British dad taking his child home from the evening creche facility.  Or, to be more precise, DCI Andy Redwood said he was ALMOST certain that it was a British father carrying his child home.

Why is he not certain?  Why only ALMOST CERTAIN?  'Almost certain' seems not quite right, and when Redwood is known for choosing his words carefully, one has to then assume from what he said that he is perhaps NOT SURE if this was a British dad.   Does that mean it could have been whoever removed Madeleine from the apartment, or some other dad carrying his child home?

My take on this is that there was NO British dad and that is why Redwood said 'almost.'   This way he can fall back on this if anyone was ever to check-out the British dad story.  He can simply say well he thought it might have been this British guy.

Redwood needed to eliminate the Tanner sighting, as he, like the Portuguese Police who established SEVEN years before him, that Tanner's sighting was one she invented, he needed rid of it.  To come out at that stage and say that Tanner was lying, an unreliable witness would then cast doubt on the the entire McCann story, and I don't believe he was prepared to do that, at least not at that stage...Perhaps he will?

Tanner, never said a jot about her sighting being eliminated. She couldn't because she knew she had made it up.  

And McCanns and their pink pal said not a word either.  But defiantly they keep Jane's 'Tannerman' on their website as a possible suspect?

One has to wonder at that!

Dr Goncalo Amaral, the Portuguese Investigation, and the McCanns OWN PRIVATE DETECTIVES established 6/7 years back that Tanner was no more than a liar.  DCI Redwood discovered this too, but he has been very generous in letting her off lightly for giving false information, hindering a police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.   She has been outed in a more subtle way both by Redwood and in the documentary McCanns and the Con Man.


 "We in the work that we have done have been able to identify a British holidaymaker who was returning to their apartment through exactly the same area of the sighting that Jane Tanner saw which is up until this point believed to have been Madeleine's abductor and so we are almost certain that that is not actually now the case which then enables us to be able to allow the clock to continue to run and that naturally brings us forward from the between the time 9:15 through to 10 pm, and its that SECOND sighting of a man walking towards the ocean with a child in his arms that we are now really keen to identify and understand...".    

If the alleged abductor did not strike until just before 10 pm - How is it possible for Gerry McCann, to have found the bedroom door more widely open than he had left it, and how is it possible for Matthew Oldfield to have found it pretty widely open, if Gerry McCann had closed it over again to 'almost closed' before he left the apartment just prior to Oldfield's arrival?

McCanns and the Con Man Documentary

Voice Over:

'But despite this the team continued to make every effort to find Madeleine.  They investigated a SECOND sighting of a potential abductor on the night she went missing a person seen carrying a child towards the beach. 


So, in 2008 the McCann private detectives were investigating this
SECOND sighting of a man seen
carrying a child towards the beach.

In 2013 the Metropolitan Police were investigating this SECOND sighting of a man seen carrying a child and walking towards the ocean.

What we know for sure is that in 2008 the McCanns did not want this SECOND sighting investigated by their private detectives, and safe to say that in 2013 to-date they most likely do not want the DCI Redwood investigating this SECOND sighting.   If they didn't want it investigated in 2008 they certainly don't want it investigated now!

****I think we have to say at this juncture that Dr Amaral from the beginning ruled out Jane Tanner's sighting, and that it was the McCanns who promoted this, NOT THE PORTUGUESE POLICE.

Also, that Dr Amaral was arranging to speak with the Smith family, the Irish family who witnessed this SECOND sighting, but he was transferred to another case before this could take place. ****  

The E.Fits of this SECOND sighting are reported to have been created based on the Smith family descriptions of the man they had seen.  It was the McCanns private detectives who were responsible for this.

What is truly unbelievable is that the E.Fits did not see the light of day until 5 years after they were put together.  Not until the Metropolitan Police introduced them into the public domain in October 2013.

The McCanns hid them, chose not to release them.  Buried them!

These E. Fits were paid for from the Madeleine Fund, publicly donated monies.  Monies the public donated to help find what became of the missing child.  


It truly beggars belief!


To have abandoned their three under 4 year old children, night after night is a disgrace, child cruelty, a cold and callous act, but to keep hidden information which could have helped THEIR OWN MISSING CHILD - it is a HEINOUS, INHUMANE AND UNFORGIVEABLE ACT, BY KATE AND GERRY MCCANN.  

McCann and the Con Man Documentary

Voice Over : 

'The report funded by PUBLIC DONATIONS reveals that amongst the most ground breaking leads were these TWO E.FITS of a possible suspect, NOT revealed until FIVE YEARS later when they were released by the current Scotland Yard Investigation, who described the E.Fits as VITALLY SIGNIFICANT.'


Interestingly neither DCI Andy Redwood in Crimewatch Production, nor the McCanns private investigators in the 'McCanns and the Con Man Documentary, explained that it was the

And neither did either of them state that descriptions for these E.Fits had come from the Smith's the Irish family who were witness to this sighting.  That is, they never actual spoke the name.



McCanns are claiming in their libel trial that the book written by Dr Amaral has hindered their private investigation, and caused harm for Madeleine, pain and suffering for their remaining children the twin children.

What greater hindrance could ANY investigation have than the parents of a missing child HIDING CRUCIAL E.FITS?  E. Fits paid for with publicly donated monies.

What will the remaining McCann children think of this when they discover that not only did their parents abandon them five nights running in an unlocked holiday apartment, but that they HID crucial information which may have led to discovering what happened to the sister they never got to know due to their parents neglecting them.

The E.Fits which the McCanns kept under wraps for years.

The family who witnessed this SECOND sighting are thought to have given the descriptions which allowed for these E.Fits to be produced.  Mr Smith Senior stated that the person he saw carrying the child he believed to be Gerry McCann.

The E.Fits are said to be of the SAME man as DCI Andy Redwood confirmed.

Some were doubtful that they were, but they really are not that dis- similar.  They are produced electronically, which I now know. I had not understood this previously and had too questioned the difference in quality, therefore this may explain one being more clear than the other if done on different computers.  And different people giving descriptions would account for the slight difference in features, mainly as far as I can see the area around chin.

Whether it was Gerry McCann who was seen carrying a little girl towards the beach/ocean who knows.  E.Fits can sometimes look like more than one person as this one does.  It does look like McCann but it also I am sure looks like others too.

Perhaps if there was a police 'line up' the Smith family might pick out Gerry McCann?

But it is the FACT that the McCanns hid these E.Fits for years after having them produced that naturally arouses suspicion!

No matter where you stand with regards your feelings re Kate and Gerry McCann, this case - no one but no one, absolutely no one could condone or understand how these parents could have behaved so despicably! Not even those who hero worship them, parents who so cruelly neglected their children when they were but little tots - the Lorraine Kelly's of this world, not even she could condone HIDING THE E.FITS!  

But why is no one asking the McCanns why they did so?  

The makers of 'McCanns and the Con Man' for sure were no friends of the McCanns.

They outed Jane Tanner - the woman who every time she is shown an image of anyone, anyone at all tells us that is who she saw that night.   Hold up a picture of literally anyone and Tanner will say 'that's him.'   Watch out Gerry, someone might show her one of you!

And also in this documentary they made it abundantly clear that the monies the McCanns were spending, to some, so recklessly and unaccountably, were PUBLICLY DONATED.

It was also made abundantly clear that these E.Fits were produced, bought and paid for with funds donated by the public.

A public which had the right to know that the McCanns did not release the E.Fits as they should have done.

McCanns cannot possibly be pleased with the showing of this documentary just as they cannot possibly be pleased that DCI Andy Redwood released the E.Fits which they had buried for such a long time.

Nor can they be pleased that their buddy Jane Tanner's sighting has been eliminated, and her reputation for being less than honest, completely unreliable, to be confirmed.

Dr Goncalo Amaral was on the money with this crowd.   

Just taken DCI Redwood 3 years to catch up...

And lest we forget, or it gets lost in amongst all else that I have said let us look again at what was said in the documentary.

McCann and the Con Man Documentary 

Voice Over : 

'The report funded by PUBLIC DONATIONS reveals that amongst the most ground breaking leads were these TWO E.FITS of a possible suspect, NOT revealed until FIVE YEARS later when they were released by the current Scotland Yard Investigation, who described the E.Fits as VITALLY SIGNIFICANT.' 

What kind of people are the McCanns to have done such a thing?

Tanner and the McCanns were not fooling themselves NOR are they fooling the public, and hopefully not the Metropolitan Police either!
6th July 2014

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