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John Stalker a Troll?

John Stalker a Troll?

Who is John Stalker?

He is a retired British Police Chief.

Is he a Troll?   (the ridiculous term which is now being applied to anyone who disbelieves the McCanns tale of abduction)

Of course this gentleman is not a troll.

He is a highly respected man.

He has never said that the McCanns harmed their daughter, but he is a man who believes that the McCanns and their buddies have been hiding a BIG SECRET from police.

He is a man who believes, like thousands do, in the UK, across the pond and in other countries, that they have not been entirely truthful, and with every good reason.

The former Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police told the Sunday Express:

“My gut instinct is that some big secret is probably being covered up."

“I have watched the investigation into the Madeleine McCann case drag out for six months.

One thing above all worries me:

Why have the McCanns and the seven other members of their group – the Tapas Nine – remained so silent?"

“Unlike other high-profile cases I have worked on, not one of them has been prepared to break ranks or really come out and support each other."

“After all this time and pressure, I cannot believe that nobody wants to speak.

“I have a real suspicion that we are not being told the whole truth.
There is something else there, some issue that members of the party are embarrassed about”


Whatever it is the McCanns and their buddies have been hiding, by way of protecting themselves, it has to have had a detrimental affect on any police investigation into the disappearance of their daughter.

By being less than truthful, they have hindered an investigation into the disappearance of this little girl.

WHAT COULD BE SO AWFUL (not merely embarrassing as Stalker has so generously put it ) to cause NINE ADULTS to not be truthful in the case of a little girl missing?

McCanns have never sued John Stalker this former British Police Chief for his opinion for exercising his freedom to voice that opinion.

No one has labeled him a Troll for having the very views that others hold, and have been labeled as such.

Regarding the McCanns and their buddies having a big secret?

I'm with Stalker -  You with Stalker!
13th May 2015

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