Lying in the Sun

Jon Gaunt

JON GAUNT – Sun Columnist Published: 02 May 2008

IT must be just me, but th e Maddie documentary left me feeling less sympathetic to Gerry and Kate than I was before.

It was a two-hour bore-fest with a centre softer than a marshmallow. And my God, did the background music get on your nerves too?

There was no real probe into why they chose to leave their three children home alone.

I accept that their proposal for an amber alert system is a great idea and should be implemented right across Europe.

However, I couldn’t believe their bleating over the fact that their campaign was bumped off the front pages by the revelation that Maddie had asked why Mummy hadn’t come to their room the night before when she was crying.

This was, at best, naive.

Of course a revelation like this will go straight to the top of the news agenda.

The question remains: Why didn’t Kate and Gerry talk to us about this earlier?


Again let me state, I don’t know whether they are involved in Maddie’s disappearance — only a court can discover the truth — but I believe they are guilty of neglect.

What was all that guff about not having a buggy as a reason for leaving the kids alone in the room?

What was that nonsense about thinking there was a listening service? After a few days they must have realised that no such service was available?

Even if they didn’t realise this, surely when Maddie talked about crying on the very day she was abducted they should never have chosen to go out on the booze again.

I interviewed Emma Loach, the director of this film, on my radio show on Wednesday and she clearly illustrated where her sympathies lay when she told me she too had left her three-year-old and five-year-old alone in a hotel room while she went off and had dinner.

Her pathetic excuse for this child neglect was that it was better to do this than have the kids be irritable the next day.

Gerry and Kate said on GMTV yesterday that there are different ways to parent.

They are WRONG.

There is only way and that is to always put your kids first.

People like Loach and the McCanns clearly don’t understand that when you have kids your priorities have to change, you are no longer a singleton or a couple and you cannot act as if you are.

Your first responsibility is the safety and comfort of your children.

This programme left me with even more questions than answers and just confirmed to me that the spinning and propaganda on both sides has to stop.

I agree with the man who brought the Bulger killers to justice, Albert Kirby, who said on my show that the McCanns’ time would be better spent going back to Portugal and helping the police with the reconstruction rather than touring TV studios.

The McCanns must return and do the reconstruction. Then the Portuguese police need to charge them or release them from their suspect status.

But please, most of all, can all the main players in this sad saga remember it is not about you and your suffering but the plight of an innocent four-year-old.
29th May 2013

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