Lying in the Sun

Judge and Gerry McCann

Judge and Gerry McCann

Judge - Do you recall an interview Mr. Amaral gave to the Correio da Manhã?

Gerald McCann - I read several interviews that were published in Correio da Manhã and in other newspapers.

Judge - It was an interview published on July 2008. [See Madeleine died in the apartment - July 22 2008]

Gerald McCann - There were many articles published on a daily basis. May I see the headline?

The Judge allows it and orders the interpreter to translate the header and the first paragraph of the interview.

Interpreter - « Madeleine died in the apartment. Correio da Manhã today starts the exclusive publication of excerpts from the book by Gonçalo Amaral, who believes that Madeleine McCann died inside the apartment at Praia da LuZ. The episode of the holidays in 2005, in Mallorca – which raises suspicions about a friend of the couple – and the DNA results are the first parts.»

Judge - Do you recall it then?

Gerald McCann -
 Yes, I've read the same in other interviews.

What is interesting here is that the interpreter read out a paragraph from this interview where it not only mentions that Dr Amaral believes that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment, the DNA results, but perhaps more importantly raises the issue of David Payne the best friend of McCann who holidayed with the McCanns in Portugal.

Payne is the guy who said he visited Kate McCann at the apartment on the evening Madeleine was reported as missing.   She said she was dressed in nothing but a towel as he had just come out of the shower.  He doesn't remember how she was dressed?

Gerry McCann was, they say, off playing tennis at this time but supposedly he had asked Payne to visit his wife, Kate McCann, to see if she needed help with her children.   Payne has a wife and a couple of kids of his own - why would he go to see if Kate McCann needed a hand with hers?

Payne was the last person of the group of McCann buddies to see Madeleine alive.

Payne is also the man who a British Social worker was suspicious of, of having perhaps come across him in connection with matters related to children.

But as in the paragraph read out by the interpreter, he is the man who a fellow doctor who holidayed with him and McCann in 2005 reported to the police that when in the company of and speaking to McCann he (Payne) did make inappropriate gestures in reference to young Madeleine.  

The doctor who gave this statement to police became concerned when she heard the news report of Madeleine being missing and saw that Payne was on holiday in Portugal with the McCann family.

It is such a serious allegation and it makes one wonder why the McCanns have taken no steps against Dr Gaspar or indeed against Fiona Payne, Kate McCanns best friend for giving a statement also to police wherein she stated McCanns left the patio door open so that Madeleine could exit and go look for her parents.

(Why would Fiona Payne say such a thing about her best friends - or is it a case she was in actual fact covering for them, in saying they left the door unlocked for Madeleine to get out, taking the investigation away from the door having perhaps having been left unlocked to allow someone an easy access, not to allow Madeleine out but to to allow someone IN?)

***We must remember also, that no one but no one among the McCann buddies checked on the McCann kids that entire week, yet on the night Madeleine was reported as missing they say they left the patio door unlocked, and Matthew Oldfield, the one guy in the group who did not know the McCann kids claimed he offered to check on them and Kate McCann asked him to go in through the unlocked patio door to make that check? He claims he never saw Madeleine on his check, that he only saw the twin children?  Why would they even ask this guy who didn't know their kids to go in through that unlocked patio door? ***

NOT a one of them checked McCann kids that week - they all checked only their own (See Just Checking Blogs above) yet on the night Madeleine is reported as missing like bees around the honeypot they all start buzzing around the McCann apartment.

Now why would that be?  Did it even happen?

Bearing in mind Kate McCann also said Madeleine was not quite right that evening, very tired, pale, not quite her usual self.

So why would they go out and leave her and her siblings alone that night, and why would she send in a guy who didn't know her kids, especially when Madeleine was not quite well - to check on them.

And why would he not make sure he actually saw THE POORLY MADELEINE to ensure she was alright?

I don't know any mother who would leave their kids like the McCann kids were left, and I don't know any mother who would leave a poorly child on their own in a holiday apartment.  For any mother to have done so is absolute negligent conduct, and to compound this, to then NOT bother to do her supposedly scheduled check of her children but allowed a stranger to the kids to do her check when Madeleine was poorly.

And lest we forget, Kate McCann has also stated and demonstrated in their documentary how when she eventually did a check, that she ONLY went in to the kids bedroom because she saw the door a little more open.  SHE HAD NO INTENTION OF DOING A VISUAL CHECK of ANY of her children, NOT even the poorly Madeleiene?

A mum, who is a doctor, who has a poorly child, leaves that child alone in a holiday apartment, and even when she goes to do what she calls a check of her children, she had NO INTENTION of even looking in on the kids, of going into that bedroom and checking if Madeleine was okay, to see if she had a fever perhaps.


From the point of view that she is a mother of three tiny tots left alone, and fact too that she is a doctor - that she would have treated her kids like this on that night?


It seems odd to me that they go after a former police officer for doing his duty, and thereafter reporting what is in the police files in a book he published, saying it caused them anxiety when there is a Dr who knows them well, who holidayed with them, previous to their holiday in Portugal, and who gave a damning statement about them to police regarding inappropriate gestures in relation to a child - Madeleine!  

  • Why do we not hear Gerry McCann refute this serious allegation, not hear of any action taken if Dr Gaspar is not telling the truth?

  • Why do we not hear the McCanns refute the statement by best friend Fiona Payne when she told police they left the door open for Madeleine to get out of the apartment and that Kate McCann announced this at the dinner table that evening?

To have had such a paragraph read out in Court where it referenced the Gaspar statements in the words 'raised suspicions about a friend of the McCanns'...

One would have imagined hearing this would have caused McCann immediate anxiety, distress while he stood there in Court, and that this statement by Dr Gaspar would have caused them sleepless nights to suffer from insomnia...what would concern them more being accused as they say of concealing their daughter's death or of being accused of being party to, or being present when their best buddy made inappropriate gestures towards their young daughter, and equally the statement by Fiona Payne one would imagine likewise - would have caused them anxiety would have devastated them if not true?  Especially when the McCanns were taking part in televised interviews where they were telling a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY TO THAT OF FIONA PAYNE?

Who to believe?  McCanns or their buddies?  Or any of them?

I guess to google Gaspar Statements, and read also Fiona Payne's interview with Leicestershire Police where she made her statement about the McCanns leaving the patio door unlocked to allow their three year old daughter to be able to probably the best way for readers to make up their own minds about the accusations made by Dr Gaspar and Fiona Payne against the McCanns!

And then perhaps come up with a reason as to why the McCanns do nothing about it!

It is a murky case!
11th July 2014
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