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Judge and Gerry McCann 2

Judge and Gerry McCann 2

Judge - Have you ever heard about a book written by Paulo Pereira Cristovão? ['A Estrela de Madeleine'(Madeleine's Star) pub. 2008]

Gerald McCann - Vaguely!

Judge: Have you ever heard a book written by Manuel Catarino (A culpa dos McCann) The McCanns Guilt pub. 2007)  

Gerald McCann - I can't say I have no.  I don't remember that name.

- Have you ever heard about a book written by Hernani Carvalho (Madeleine 129 pub. 2007)

Gerald McCann - I know about Mr Carvalho's comments in the press about Mr Amaral's book.

Judge - but you never read the book?  

Gerald McCann - No I haven't. 


So Gerry McCann has never read any of the three books which the Judge mentioned to him.

  • One he vaguely recalls hearing of it.
  • One he has no knowledge of whatsoever
  • One he doesn't give a direct answer as to whether he has heard of it or not, he simply says he knows of the author.

Now the McCanns have what they call a 'monitoring unit'  An appointed person (family member?) to trawl through the internet to see what is being said about the disappearance of their daughter.

It would be inconceivable then that McCann had not heard of these books.  Not having read them is one thing, never having heard of them?

Someone at the their monitoring unit is not doing their job!

It doesn't surprise me that McCann would not have read all three or any of the books, but it does surprise me that they are monitoring for any material out there which they consider to be detrimental to them,  and have failed to pick up on these books, that their appointed monitor has not reported back to them the content of these books.

I have not read the books, nor heard of them so cannot comment on the content - but I would think if the Judge asked McCann if he had heard/read them was due to the books most likely being of similar content to that of The Truth of the Lie by Dr Amaral?

And if that is the case, I then can see why McCann stated he had not heard of/read them.

If he had, it would result in the obvious question from the Judge - Was he/they intending to sue the authors of these books or had they already started any legal action against them.

I don't believe McCann has not heard of these books.

I believe he played dumb, as if he had not, chances are he would have been asked by Judge in what way had they damaged Sean, Amelie, Madeleine and of course he and Kate McCann.  He would have been asked how the content of these books had affected them, had they caused him the same anguish as they claim Dr Amaral's book had.

I believe McCanns went after Dr Goncalo Amaral as they knew he had earned most money from the sale of his book than the others, and of course, because Dr Amaral, knows what they did!

McCann I believe pulled a fast one on this count, by saying he had not read or heard of the books he was asked about - a monitoring unit which missed THREE BOOKS?
11th July 2014

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