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Judge and Gerry McCann 4

Judge and Gerry McCann -4 

Gerry McCann speaking in Court in reference to the documentary based on the book by Dr Goncalo Amaral.  

From the report by Anne Guedes who together with Joana Morais as always worked so hard to bring us the news from inside the Court in Lisbon.  Without their dedication to this case and the libel trial in particular we would for sure have not heard (at least not for a very long time) the details of the proceedings and certainly not, of Gerry McCann requesting to be allowed to make a statement, and of how the Judge gave her permission but then had to withdraw it when she became aware of what exactly McCann wanted to speak of.
The press did not report, that I am aware of, McCann being dismissed  so to speak by the Judge in relation to the statement he WANTED to make.

Anne Guedes

GMC (G.McCann) - says it was horrible to realise that people were watching something that wasn't true. They were working very hard on the investigation, including people in the Algarve who had been brought in to help. The documentary destroyed all the possibilities of obtaining assistance.

The above statement is quite extraordinary.  Whose word do we have, that the documentary based on the book by Dr Amaral was not true?  The McCanns?

"Horrible to realise that people were watching something that wasn't true"

Indeed it is horrible to realise that people/others are watching something that is not true.

And it is more horrible to be one of those watching knowing that what they are watching is not true, that what is being presented to them, either in a documentary, in an interview given or in a story shaped for press publication, was all done with the intention to mislead the viewer/the listener, and that, is exactly what has been happening since the disappearance of this child.

The McCanns have been less than truthful in interviews, have paid £hundreds of thousands from the Madeleine Fund, the Fund set up to help find the child, to their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell, to shape stories mislead the public to lie in this regard, added to which the McCanns have been involved in two at least, perhaps three documentaries (including Crimewatch) which were far from truthful accounts and bore no relation to the stories/statements which they/their buddies gave the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police in the UK, the statements themselves not being truthful.

So yes, I agree with McCann it is horrible to realise we are watching an untruthful account of events - but not the documentary based on the book by Dr Amaral - THE documentaries and interviews put together and given by the parents of the missing child, and the many people who have made vast sums of money out of the child's disappearance - much of which has not been honest!  

For seven years the public have watched in horror and disbelief at the lengths the McCanns have gone to the lies and stories that have been told to mislead the public.

Only last week outside the Court in Lisbon the McCanns did lie when speaking of Dr Amaral.

Need I say more?

As for McCann stating that the documentary based on Dr Amaral's book 'destroyed ALL possibilities of them obtaining assistance'  WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF THIS?

Have not the McCanns over the years told us of how well their private investigation was progressing of the many leads they had uncovered, the many calls from the public supplying them with information?  To keep sending them money, as they continue to need it to carry on with this wonderful private investigation?

McCann never stops spouting about 'no evidence of this, no evidence of that' - WHERE is the evidence that the book/documentary DESTROYED ALL POSSIBILITIES OF THEM OBTAINING ASSISTANCE?  WHERE is the evidence that PEOPLE WERE SEARCHING FOR MADELEINE, then READ DR AMARAL'S BOOK then STOPPED LOOKING for her?

What a load of piffle!  There is none!  

If I said I read the book - How would McCann know, what I believed before reading it, what I felt after reading it, whether I had searched before I read the book for the daughter they so cruelly abandoned or whether I searched for her after I read the book?

He can't know that, and he certainly cannot know that collectively that those who do not believe their far fetched tale of abduction are non believers due to having read a book.

It may be that those who read it did not believe Dr Goncalo Amaral?
Are there not many supporters of the McCanns who read and did not believe Dr Amaral?

Those readers who had their views changed by the book and either way, either becoming believers of the good Dr Amaral or those who decided that what he said was not the truth will be few - MOST in this case will have formed their opinions based on the information contained in the police files, the statements and conduct of the parents and their buddies.  (Dr Amaral's book reflects the police files)

What is interesting is that the McCanns do not want anyone to read Dr Amaral's book, his account of the police investigation, yet they themselves would like nothing more than for us all to read AND BELIEVE the awful book by Kate McCann which, to use a McCann term, is an affront, in my opinion, to missing Madeleine and the McCann twins, to those who were brave enough to read it in its entirety and to those also brave enough to have dipped in and read a little before feeling sick to the stomach at the content, the lies/inconsistencies in the account, and the infamous page about young Madeleine and the paedophiles. 

Gerald McCannThe book was never published in England because of the legal actions that we took. It wasn't published on the main stream media either. There is however a small minority, a small group who have launched an harassment campaign who use quotes from the book.

Indeed the people of England are not allowed according to 'Gerry's Law to read this book!'

And the media are too afraid to say anything of Dr Amaral's book unless of course it is of a derogatory nature!

Seems in McCannworld that is acceptable?

But what of Kate McCanns book
?  Can it not be argued that those he claims to have launched a harassment campaign may also then use the misleading information in Kate McCanns book and quote from that?

Or is that okay, as that book is earning them dollars?

Its a funny old world when the parents of a missing child who abandoned her in an unlocked holiday apartment night after night, then get to decide, or think they get to decide what can and cannot be allowed in the public domain, what the public in the UK at least, can and cannot read?

I find it astonishing that such a situation exists!  That the likes of Kate and Gerry McCann want to dictate to a nation tell them what they can and cannot believe in!

Judge Maria Emilia de Melo e Castro sounded to me to be on top of her game with regards this case, not allowing Kate and Gerry McCann to turn her Court into a circus, the travelling circus which has been their making for over seven years now.

What her ruling will be though with regards the libel?
11th July 2014

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