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Just Checking - 2

Just Checking - 2


Kate McCann witness statement:

'During this check, she thinks that Gerry did not check on the children of any other couple, because it was USUAL JUST TO CHECK ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN.

Further stating:


'She NEVER checked on any other child, other than her own.'

***What is coming across overwhelmingly in these witness statements is that there was NOT a checking system in place whereby the members of the group checked on any children other than their own, which makes Oldfield's check very much more curious.**


We know, according to what Matthew Oldfield has said in his police witness statements, rogatory interview with Leicestershire Police that he:

  • Listened, at the shuttered window of the McCann apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared

  • Took it, upon- himself to do so!

  • That he had never before during his time in Praia da Luz done this listened at the shuttered windows of the McCann apartment or any other apartment.  Not even his own!–  He had until this point always checked on his daughter by going into his apartment. So most unusual that on this night he would change this routine and listen at the shuttered window of both his and the McCann apartment!

  • That on returning to the restaurant and telling the McCanns  what he had done, McCann almost immediately, got up and went off to check on his children.

  • That Matthew Oldfield was annoyed at McCann, felt in a way that McCann did not trust him.

  • That, 15 minutes later after McCann returned to the table, Oldfield offered to check on the McCann children, his offer accepted by Kate McCann who told him to go inside the apartment by the patio door entrance.

  • That he had never before done this entered the McCann apartment for any reason.

  • That despite not really knowing the McCann couple, he had after spending a few days in Portugal with them, well at least dining out with them of an evening, felt a little more comfortable around them.

  • That as Russell O’Brien would go with him to the McCann apartment, a first for him also he felt more at ease, more normal about checking the McCann children.

  • That Kate and Gerry McCann allowed Oldfield a man who they did not know well at all and who their children did not know, to go into their apartment to check on their children – something no one else, not even their best friends Fiona and David Payne had done that week. 


Oldfield’s  check-


  • He states he entered the McCann apartment by the unlocked patio door as Kate McCann had instructed him to do.

He states also:

  • The gate, at the bottom of the exterior stairs, street level, which leads to the patio door entrance, was closed.  

  • The gate, the child safety gate at the top of the stairs, he thinks was open!

  • The patio door was closed, but unlocked.  He slid this open.

  • He makes no mention as to whether the curtains, hanging at the patio door were drawn closed, or in an open position.

  • He walked across the living area of the apartment, stopping before the threshold of the bedroom door where he assumed the McCann children slept.

  • He could see the twins in their cots which were placed in the middle of the room, a little apart.

  • He could see a bed under the window.

  • He could see the end of the bed where he assumed Madeleine slept close to wall at the bedroom door.

  • He did not look further into the room so did not see if Madeleine was in fact in bed.

  • He did not see the shutters open.

  • He saw that the bedroom curtains were closed.

  • He was not aware of any draughts in the apartment which would have indicated an open window or door.

Oldfield speaking with Leicestershire police:


4078 "So you weren't, just to clarify what you have said, you weren't conscious of any draught?"


Reply "Yeah".


4078 "The curtains were drawn and weren't blowing around?"


Reply "Yeah".


4078 "You weren't conscious of light coming through that window but the room was light enough for you to see into it?"


Reply "Yeah. I mean, the difficult thing about that is, when we talked about it afterwards, I agonised for whether it seemed as though there was light coming through the room. And I have to say my answer then was probably more accurate, in that, the room was lighter than I expected but I DEFINITELY DIDN’T SEE THE SHUTTERS UP, the curtains were DEFINITELY NOT DISTURBED and the shutters would have had to have been completely up, I presume, not to get that sort of, because they were shutters that went solid but when you lifted them they had gaps of light, and I wasn't aware of that and it may well be that the light was just the source from behind"


So Oldfield acknowledges that he DID NOT see the shutter of the bedroom window open, raised up, fully or otherwise. And that the room felt light to him due to the light coming from the lamp behind him which was on in the living area, and not from light streaming through an open window/shutter.


No draughts or disturbance to the curtains.


Bear in mind, Oldfield not only was inside the apartment, he had  shortly before entering, been round at the other side at the front entrance when he had checked on his own daughter, and thereafter had gone into Russell O’Brien’s apartment.  It was at this point that O'Brien told him he was staying to attend to his daughter as she had been sick. Oldfield then continued he states to the McCann apartment on his own.


If a shutter had been open at this time just before he entered 5A from the patio side – then he would most likely have seen it!


So not only did he not see raised shutters, no draughts, to indicate an open window and shutter.   He did not see them raised before entering 5A when round at that side of the building.


If these shutters were NOT found to be open at 9:30 pm which is 15 minutes AFTER Tanner claims to have seen the alleged abductor carrying off a child, which she believes to have been Madeleine then one must ask:


Who, if not the alleged abductor opened that shutter?  And why?


It is clear that if Oldfield is telling the truth about having checked, having been in the McCann apartment at the time he has stated, then whoever opened the shutter did so between his check at 9:30 and Kate McCanns at 10:00 pm.  And it WAS NOT whoever Jane Tanner claims to have seen at 9:15 who is the culprit in this.


Could an abductor have struck after Oldfield left the apartment just after 9:30 pm and before Kate McCann arrived to check on the children at 10:00 pm?

If we are being asked by McCanns and their friends to accept that an abductor entered that apartment at a time when the group of friends were all bobbing in and out, while some of them were standing right outside the apartment door, while other holiday makers were on the street also, and being asked to believe the alleged abductor did so in the space of around 3 minutes - THEN OF COURSE it is possible that in the space of a 30 minutes when NO ONE was around he could have gone into the apartment in the same way (whatever that might be?) he is supposed to have gone in at the earlier time.

If we are to believe the McCann story of an abductor at 9:15pm then why not an abductor 30 minutes later, at around 9:45pm?

And if we are to believe an abductor opened that window and shutter, and it WAS NOT open at 9:30 pm when Matthew Oldfield made his check of the children from inside the apartment, then of course the EVIDENCE dictates that we MUST change the time when Madeleine was removed from the apartment to later than 9:30pm!


If there was abduction and it took place around this later time, it would however mean that the person Jane Tanner saw was not someone carrying off Madeleine McCann.


This later time would though tie in perfectly with when the Smith family saw the man who fitted Gerry McCanns description, carrying a child of Madeleine’s description! 


For some reason or other, the McCanns will not hear of it, that Madeleine was removed from the apartment any later than the 9:15 mark!


It makes more sense, as how else was that shutter, NOT open when Oldfield arrived at 9:30 pm?  But open when Kate McCann arrived at 10pm?

How extraordinary!


However, no matter what time they "decide" the child was removed from the apartment the very same problems remain regarding the shutter.


Who opened the shutter?


Why did they open it, as it served an intruder absolutely no purpose to do so?


The open shutter is THE stumbling block to this story!  

A 'piece of the puzzle' that no matter where you try squeeze it in, which scenario one tries to include it, it just doesn't seem to fit!  

It seems to be a piece from another puzzle, from another story, one we have yet to hear!  A story where it will fit perfectly, allowing greater understanding as to what became of Madeleine.

It is interesting also that Oldfield could see so much in the room, when the shutter was closed.  He could see the McCann twins lying in their cots the movement of their little bodies as they breathed.


Kate McCann said that she too could see the twins, then in the same breath said that it was dark which caused her not to be able to see Madeleine, not able to determine whether Madeleine was actually in her bed.

Kate McCann   //

"I could see Sean and Amelie in their cot and then I was looking at Madeleine's bed which was here and it was DARK and I was looking and I was thinking is that Madeleine or is that the bedding, and I couldn't quite make her out.  It sounds really stupid now but at the time I was thinking I didn't want to put the light on as I didn't want to wake them."

What is interesting here, is that Oldfield said there was a lamp on in the living area.

This lamp the McCanns left on to provide some light for the children, their bedroom door also being left open to whatever degree was usual. 

Was not this lamp on when Kate went into the apartment?  If so, she had no need to switch a light on, as the light from the lamp would have been more than sufficient, as it was in the case of Oldfield, to see all she needed to!

One would have to assume the lamp was on, as Kate McCann has never said otherwise, and had the lamp been switched off when she entered 5A this is one of the first things which would have alerted her to something not being quite right.

And presumably if the shutter was open, it too would have allowed for a change in the light in the room from when the McCann couple left it?


Yes, the shutter.  I cannot help thinking that whoever opened it, is now regretting that they ever did!  Regretting that they ever laid a finger on it!
March 2013 


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