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Just Checking - 3


Just Checking - 3    -   Rachael Oldfield


Rachael Oldfield:

“That we would JUST CHECK OUR OWN CHILDREN, basically, erm”.


The above is Rachael Oldfields response to officer 1578 of Leicestershire Police asking of her:

“So what sort of arrangements did you come to as a group in respect of checking on the children”?

Again, confirmation from a group member, that there was NO checking system agreed or put in place by the McCanns, and their friends, to check on each other’s children!

Not even to listen at shuttered windows!

Rachael Oldfield:

"We hadn't done that before you know, that hadn't been part of the routine, sort of listening, even listening at other people's windows"

As curious as the statement Matthew Oldfield gave telling of how he did not know the McCanns, of how he would never have taken it upon himself during that week to look in on, or listen at, shuttered windows of other families in the group, and, as he himself said - this would have been a step too far – he then, according to his statements given to Leicestershire Police, decided on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance to take that step?

After saying he would be uncomfortable checking children who did not know him, and he them, as:- 

If they were awake and upset and they would be frightened at seeing a stranger, and it was not a position he would like to be in.

Matthew Oldfield we are to believe did exactly that!

K ate McCann (according to her best friend Fiona Payne) at the dinner table told of how she had left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out of the apartment, should the child wake and find her parents gone again, told of how her children had been crying the night before…


Knowing all of this, Oldfield, this man who doesn’t know the children –decided it would be a ‘nice thing to do’ to go and check on them to allow Kate McCann to remain at the table chatting to the others in the group?

A pretty big leap I am sure you will agree from 'not wanting to frighten' the children' to being a 'nice thing to do!'


But his wife Rachael, she too had sat listening to Kate McCann this woman who she didn't really know, who she had met briefly years before at a wedding, telling this very story of how the McCanns had left their three children the previous night alone, and of how they had been awake, afraid, and crying for their parents. 

She confirms in her statements to police that she and her husband Matthew did not really know the McCanns, confirms that it was normal procedure for each couple to check ONLY THEIR OWN CHILDREN.

More than a little unusual then that she would not find it odd that her husband offered to check on the McCann children, more especially so after having listened to Kate McCann tell such a disturbing tale of her children's frightening ordeal of the previous evening. Of her leaving the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to get out.  Good heavens a door left unlocked to enable a three year old child to go out into the night alone and look for her parents.

The chances of Oldfield being met by the three McCann children crying their eyes out, and Madeleine out of bed would have been pretty high, yet Oldfield and his wife Rachael suddenly, after a week of not checking anyone’s children but their own, a week of not checking the McCann children or anyone else's children as that WAS NOT what the group were doing, and more obviously because the Oldfield's did not know the McCanns as friends, they were casual acquaintances - Matthew Oldfield decides to do exactly that - check these children? 

  • It is hard to believe or understand in such circumstances that Rachael Oldfield would not find this a strange thing for her husband to do, to offer to go check on the McCann children.

  • It is hard to believe or understand that any wife, would not have said to the McCann couple that in the circumstances as described by Kate McCann at the dinner table, re the unlocked door/crying children, and the fact that the couples did not know each other well, and absolutely did not know the children, that it would be far better that Kate or Gerry check on their own children.

  • It is hard to believe or understand in such circumstances that Gerry McCann would not find this a strange thing for Oldfield to do a man who he doesn’t really know, who his children don’t know offering to go check on his children.

  • It is hard to believe or understand in such circumstances that Gerry McCann would not find it strange for his wife to agree to this stranger to their children checking on them.

  • It is hard to believe that Gerry McCann did not speak up in this regard at this point in time – he is hardly shy and retiring, not a shrinking violet!

  • It is hard to believe above all, that Kate McCann, this mum who we are told, with her husband, left their three children alone in the unlocked apartment, who sat at the dinner table telling the group of how her children had cried in her and Gerry McCanns absence the previous evening, who we are told by the group of friends, was anxious, worried about having done so, asking her friends what they thought of her leaving the door unlocked for Madeleine to get out, that she would then, in such an anxious state of mind NOT go herself and check on her children, but allow a stranger to do so?

  • It is hard to believe that Kate and Gerry McCann allowed this man to enter their apartment to check on their children.

Not a bit of this story makes any sense!

A genuinely concerned, worried and anxious mother would never have allowed this man near her children she would have checked on her children herself.

We must not forget either, this “anxious mother” when she did go to the apartment at 10pm stated that she had no intention of doing a visual check of her children.

How is that possible?  She leaves them alone as she did, and she wasn’t bothered, not only about allowing a stranger to check on them, but not bothered about checking to see if they were actually still in the unlocked apartment when she went back?

Not ‘Mother of the Year’ material, for sure!

But then a mother, genuinely concerned about the welfare of her children would never have left them, in such a horrendously terrifying position in the first place!

Like most people I can see that the checking throws up more questions than answers. 

One of the main questions being:

IF Madeleine did indeed ask her parents on the morning of 3rd May 2007 - Where were you when me and Sean were crying?’ and IF the McCann couple did indeed discuss and review the child care arrangements, agreeing as they have stated is the case, that they would on the evening of 3rd May 2007 check their children more regularly than on previous nights – then Why did this not happen?

There was no increase in the number of checks by the McCanns!

Why would the Thursday night, the night the child disappeared have not more checks of the McCann children by their parents (as they agreed they would) but instead they allow a stranger, Matt Oldfield, someone who had never before checked on them to take over the checking of their children?

I find this strange, not least because Oldfield didn't know the McCann family, but due the FACT that no member of this group checked on each others children throughout that entire week, and no one but no one not a single member of the group CHECKED/LISTENED AT SHUTTERED WINDOWS and I am not alone in finding this strange, an unbelievable tale, many do, in particular Rachael Oldfield:

“And on the Thursday night you know it worked slightly differently and there was much more movement and much more checking than there had been on other nights for some STRANGE reason, I mean not for anything particular but just that’s the way it happened, erm yeah and erm up until that night, EACH FAMILY HAD ONLY CHECKED ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN, erm whereas on the Thursday, you know Matt, Matt when and checked on Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, erm you know and that hadn’t happened before.”

Indeed, for some “strange reason” Rachael's husband Matt Oldfield checked on the McCann children, or at least, claims to have done!  And Rachael found this strange!

Rachael Oldfield, her statement to police speaks of it being ‘strange’ that there was much more movement and checking on the night Madeleine disappeared, then adds ‘not for anything in particular’ as in, for no particular reason.

If she found this strange at the time of speaking with police –

Did she not then find it strange at the time her husband came back to dinner table and said he’d done an impromptu check, listening at the shuttered window of McCann apartment, and did she not find it strange at the time, that he later then offered to do a second, this time being instructed by Kate McCann to go in to apartment 5A through the unlocked patio door?

I would say this is TWO very particular reasons for the events of that night being deemed strange!

It is however wrong to say that there was ‘much more checking.’

The McCanns did not check their children any more regularly than before, unless of course, they were lying about how often they checked on previous nights!

The Payne’s as was usual never moved from the table.

Dianne Webster the grandmother of the Payne children, as was usual never moved from the table.

The Oldfield’s checked their own daughter as regularly as they would have done on previous evenings.

Russell and Jane Tanner too, continued in their usual routine checking ONLY their own children.

Kate and Gerry McCann checked only their own children.

According to the group's own checking pattern there were no more checks than usual.  There was not much more movement.

Oldfield was going anyway to check his own daughter, so that cannot constitute more movement.

If he checked McCann children at same time as his daughter, and this replaced a check which Kate McCann would have done, this does not constitute more checks.

The number of checks would remain the same.

It was not that that there was ‘much more’ checking that made this night different, it was that Matthew Oldfield checked the McCann children, not once but twice? 

One check, if it really can be referred as such (I'm not sure that stopping for a few seconds as he claimed outside a shuttered window of a bedroom, a bedroom which he had not a clue even if this is where the McCann children slept, any of the three children, can be seriously considered a 'check of the children!')  without stating his intention to do so, and the other he offered to do.

At least, this is what Oldfield has claimed happened, what he has told the police both in Portugal and in the UK.

Did the group lie in this regard stated a greater number of checks took place in an attempt to demonstrate a more stringent and regular checking system? Was this a concerted effort by the group to create a full and regular checking pattern for the purpose of misleading the investigation?

The McCann checking of their children it is obvious was not every half hour. And NOT more regular on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.

It would appear that to make it look like they were more attentive that Oldfield was included in the checks, or rather included in the timeline as given to police.

Kate McCann could hardly tell police that she did a check at 9:30 pm when others would know she did not leave the table.

Matthew Oldfield who was going to check his own child at this time, and who did leave the table around 9:30pm: –

Was he then the obvious choice to be the scapegoat, the patsy, Gerry McCanns numpty who would put his name to a check of the McCann children, a check which did not happen?

It is very possible.

Madeleine’s colouring book was torn apart that evening for the purpose of the group timeline to be written up.

There were two versions one written on the front cover and one written on the back cover of the child’s book.

One which included this 9:30 pm check by Matt Oldfield

One which did not!

The book covers were seized by Portuguese police on that night.

This casts further doubt that Oldfield ever checked on the McCann children.

Portuguese police were quite clearly on to this immediately, suspected the timeline as stated by the group was more of a tall tale than the truth!

It is not therefore possible for Metropolitan Police, in their investigative review and based on the statements given by each member of this group regarding the timeline, to reach any other conclusion than that of the Judicial Police in Portugal!

It is more than obvious there was no 20/30 minute checking of the McCann children, on any night!

Obvious Oldfield has landed himself for whatever reason, right bang in the centre of what can be seen only as a deliberate attempt to deceive.

Oldfield, the member of the group

  • Who did not know Gerry and Kate McCann, not well at all, who had met them at a wedding years previously never until this holiday had he since met up with them.

  • Who did not know the McCann children other than having seen Madeleine as a baby at the time of the wedding.

  • Who had never until this holiday cast eyes on the McCann twin children.

  • Who had never checked on anyone else's children. 

How did he of all people in this group become central to the checking of the McCann children on the night Madeleine was reported as having been removed from the apartment?

As Rachael Oldfield his wife would say - Strange!
March 2013
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