Lying in the Sun

Just Checking - 5

Just Checking – 5


Fiona Payne:

During dinner, as they were in a possession of a "baby monitor", they did not go to the apartment to check on their children.


Kate McCanns best friend, Fiona Payne confirms that she did not check on her children by going to the apartment, as she and her husband used a baby monitor, further they did not check on the children of anyone else in the group.

There was NO checking system whereby members of the group checked on each other’s children.


Fiona Payne witness statement 4th May 2007

When questioned she says that she did not go to the club, neither did her husband, to check on the children as she possessed a baby monitor, as previously mentioned. 

No one in the group checked on the Payne children.  They, the Payne's did not check on anyone else's children.
March 2013

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