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Just Checking - 8

Just Checking - 8


Jane Tanner


Witness Statement, 4th May 2007


She states in relation to the night Madeleine disappeared:

At about 2100 her husband arrived at the restaurant.

Normally every, 15 minutes a member from each apartment would go and check the bedrooms of the respective children to see if everything was all right.

At about 9:20pm Gerry McCann left the table to check on his children.

Around 5 minutes later she left to check on her children.

On the way there she saw Gerry McCann speaking to a man on the street.

That Gerry McCann had already been in to the    apartment to check his children.

That she checked her children then returned to tapas have her meal.

That her partner Russell O’Brien then went to the check on their children.

That she later, again went to their apartment to look after her children, one daughter was ill, to allow Russell O’Brien to leave the children, to return to tapas bar to have his meal.

At no time does she mention that on any of her visits, or that of her partner Russell O’Brien did either one of them LISTEN at the shuttered windows or doors of any of the apartments occupied by members of the group. 


Jane Tanner Witness Statement

10th May 2007


Tanner states:

She had NO knowledge that the McCanns had left the patio sliding door unlocked.

She suspected they might have as she saw them several times climb the steps which led to the patio doors.

She never at any time during evening meal time checks entered apartments of other couples.

She listened only, putting her ear to the children's bedroom window at the front of the apartment.

Only with her own children did she enter the apartment.

She limited herself to listen at the doors of others to see if there was any noise.

She thinks that all the other couples entered by the front doors of the building/apartments, except for the McCanns.

She is not sure if they always entered the apartment from the rear. (patio door)

She ALWAYS saw the blinds of the McCann apartment TOTALLY CLOSED, it being a place where she placed her ear to know if any of them were asleep.

That, in the first days each couple went in rotation to check their own children.

As days passed they were asking one of the members who had stood up if they had heard any noise at their apartment.

She further stated that she DID NOT on her visits to the apartment block on the night Madeleine vanished check the state of the windows and external blinds of the McCann children's bedroom.

That she DID NOT look in that direction of the shuttered window of the bedroom where the McCann children slept.

That the shutter may have been up (open) without her having noticed!!



Jane Tanner

Rogatory interview Leicester police

The officer is questioning Jane Tanner re the night of Wednesday 2nd May 2007.

Tanner: –

“I’m trying to think if by that point we were checking on each other’s…”

4078  “That was part of my next question.”

Reply  -  “Oh right. Err I mean I didn’t personally, I think, I mean I’ll tell you when I went back I just tended to check on bars and I listened at Matt and Rachael’s, you know at some point we listened at Matt and Rachael’s window and down there but err no I can’t remember, but by that stage I think we were listening but we didn’t, I don’t know whether people actually went in to, to be honest nobody, if we hadn’t gone nobody could have gone in to ours because they’d need the key so when people did check ours they did, they did just listen, so.”


What is interesting about Jane Tanner’s statements (apart from the fact they contradict everyone else’s but that of her husband) in respect of the checking of the children, is that, she states SHE HAD NO KNOWLEDGE THAT THE MCCANN COUPLE LEFT THEIR PATIO DOOR UNLOCKED.

Interesting for two reasons:



There is much doubt as to whether the McCann couple did leave the patio door unlocked, as Gerry McCann in his first police witness statement said that he had entered the apartment by the front door as was usual for them to do, and used his key to unlock same.  He said his wife Kate McCann had done likewise. 

McCann then changed this story!    How peculiar he would forget which door he entered by!



 Her partner, Russell O’Brien has stated in his police witness statement that he entered the McCann apartment by the unlocked patio door to check on the McCann children, earlier in the week. 


So why would Jane Tanner NOT know her partner had done so? 

She was part of the ‘checking party’ and she did not know that Gerry had left the door unlocked for her and his "colleagues" to enter, and didn't know her partner had done exactly that - entered by this unlocked patio door!   

Perhaps because the patio door was NOT ever left unlocked?

And her statements more curious for the following reasons:

In her first statement she makes not a mention of ever having listened at any door or window, not until later statements does this come into play.

She said on the night Madeleine disappeared she did not look in the direction of the shuttered window or check the shuttered window of the bedroom where the McCann children slept.

How extraordinary – if they were all supposed to be putting ‘ears to windows’ that she did not even glance in the direction of the McCann apartment.

Even if, on this night she had chosen NOT to bother to listen - 'to look’, as she was walking towards the apartments, would have been automatic, a natural instinct, if this is what she had been doing all week as she has claimed. 

She goes on to say that as she did not “look” the shutter could therefore have been up (open.)

How very convenient that she did on ALL other visits according to Jane Tanner, put her ear to the shuttered windows so is able to confirm they were closed, yet on the night Madeleine vanished – she did not!

By saying she 'did not look', allows for her not to commit.  Much the same as Matt Oldfield saying he saw the twins but not Madeleine!

So at ALL other times, she, in her own words stated that she ALWAYS saw the blinds (shutters) of the McCann apartment TOTALLY CLOSED.  But unfortunately on this one night, she didn't look!

Jane Tanner also states that she “suspected” that the McCanns left their patio door unlocked as she had seen them several times climb the stairs which lead to the patio door.

When would Jane Tanner have seen the McCann couple climb the stairs to the patio door?


It is not even certain that the McCanns did leave the patio door unlocked, as this was not the original version given by them to police. So when exactly did Jane Tanner see them climb the stairs?

Presumably she is referring to the evenings during mealtime?

And did she see them climb the stairs together or separately?

Seems to me this is again, a member of this group not wanting to commit as that could land them in trouble, easier to be vague on the detail when misleading, but still adding their own ‘little touches’ to convince others, this time, of an unlocked patio door! 

  • We are to be made believe - if the McCanns were witnessed climbing the stairs, the door at the top of the stairs, the side/back/patio door must have been unlocked.  Else why would they be climbing those stairs!
  • Just as we are to assume, IF Jane didn't see the shutter down then it must have been up.
  • If Matthew Oldfield didn't see Madeleine in bed, then she must have been gone!

Jane Tanner has stated she had NO knowledge of a patio door being unlocked, but adds that she saw the McCanns climb the stairs which led her to suspect the door was unlocked!   Indeed Jane! 

Seems Gerry did not consider Jane part of his inner sanctum, she was not privy to the patio palaver, else it was just his poor memory letting him down again, and he forgot to mention to her!

By the time Jane Tanner is interviewed by Leicestershire police in 2008 she seems to be ‘not so sure’ about ANY of this checking as we can see in her above response to officer 4078!

And she cares not a jot for Gerry McCann, his nature, character or pretty anything much else about him it would seem.

She does confirm too that like the Oldfields, she really doesn't know Gerry McCann, nor kate McCann for that matter, though she did feel she was beginning to be able to chat with Kate over the course of the time in Portugal (not that they saw much of each other) but Gerry? Nope, she was uncomfortable in his company.  

But by this time, 2008, there had been a lot of water under the bridge.  Their statements had been made public, and the public now knew that all was not quite right in this case. The Portuguese Police authorities had established from the early stages of the investigation that the McCanns and their buddies were not truthful persons.  They knew this lot were lying.

They knew these witness statements were a nonsense in respect of the checking of the children.


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