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Just Checking - 9

 Just Checking – 9

Russell O’Brien


Russell O’Brien, the partner of Jane Tanner made the most intriguing
statements of the bunch.

Yes we have Gerry McCann telling us of how David Payne checked on his, the McCann children on the evening of Wednesday 2nd May 2007, and of how Payne reported back to him (McCann) that all was well – when this absolutely did not happen.

As David Payne and his wife Fiona have stated, they had a baby monitor, they never left the dinner table on any night to check on anyone’s children.

This was confirmed too by all in the group.

We have Jane Tanner telling us of the routine checks, of how they the group, listened at shuttered windows, not initially, but as the week progressed.

The rest of the group are not in agreement on this!

We have the Oldfield’s Matthew and Rachael stating they never at any time during that week (with the exception of the night Madeleine vanished) checked on anyone’s children and further stating that they did NOT listen either at shuttered windows or doors at any time!

In fact they stated that NO ONE did this – not even Jane Tanner or Russell O’Brien!

It seems it just was not part of any routine.

In fact there was NO routine in place, they each checked on their own children – FULL STOP!

We have Dianne Webster confirming she did not check at all on anyone’s children.  Confirming that each couple checked on their own children.

Kate McCann confirming too she did not check on anyone’s children nor did she listen at shuttered windows.

Kate McCann confirming also that Gerry McCann did not check on anyone else’s children.

We even have Matthew Oldfield stating that not only was it a first for him on the night Madeleine disappeared to check on the McCann children, a first too for him to have listened at the shuttered window, something he took upon himself to do, but he states it was a FIRST also for Russell O’Brien.

O’Brien’s statements are as I said the most intriguing of all they are also the most confused.  He chops and changes at every turn as to whether he checked/did not check, listened, did not listen at doors.

Whether, this man intentionally set out to be deliberately evasive, deliberately misleading - for you to decide.

I’ll include on this site, on a separate page what he had to say for himself for those who wish to trawl through the nonsense.

The points of interest though:

He states that:

He and his partner Jane Tanner always locked their apartment, the windows, doors and shutters, double locking the front door so that their daughter, who was of a similar age to Madeleine McCann could not get out of their apartment in their absence.  Unlike the McCann couple who according to best friend Fiona Payne, claim to have left the front door unlocked and their patio door unlocked so that THEIR daughter Madeleine COULD get out!

It must be noted that the McCann couple have changed their story, both in respect of the patio door being left unlocked and with regard also as to whether the front door was un/locked.

The Oldfield’s too confirmed that they locked their doors, windows and shutters also so that their child a little tot was safe.

But to O’Brien the following, a couple of the statements he gave to police, both in Portugal and in the UK.

“On Sunday I recall I checked Kate and Gerry’s apartment as well as Rachael and Matt’s.

I had taken Matt’s keys and I believe that their door was deadlocked the same as ours and that I would have needed to turn the key two times. 

I recall that Kate and Gerry’s apartment was accessed by the patios door which was left closed and unlocked.  I recall that their front door was accessed from the car-park,access was easily gained to the apartment from the poolside.


“And then on Sunday ‘I recall I checked Kate and Gerry’s apartment as well as Rachael and Matt’s and my recollection is that I needed Matt’s key to check on their room and I had it, but I didn’t need Kate and Gerry’s key because THEY went through the patio door’, erm, WE went through the patio door to cross in and look into the children’s bedroom.” 

"I definitely did NOT go in through Gerry’s and Kate’s main, you know, double locked door or anything, I’m SURE I went through the patio, so I think they were doing things differently from Matt and Rachael, at least from the ground floor perspective, right from the word go”.

O’Brien for those who read the full statements will see, stresses how the McCanns did not secure their apartment in the way that he and Jane Tanner and the Oldfield couple did with theirs, all being on the ground floor.

But what is very wrong with O’Brien’s statements, the above comments specifically re his checking of both the Oldfield and the McCann children on the Sunday evening?

Matthew Oldfield was unwell on the Sunday evening and did not leave his apartment.

How is it possible then that Russell O’Brien took from Oldfield, his key to go and check on the Oldfield child when Oldfield was not at the tapas for dinner that evening?

Oldfield was in his apartment looking after his daughter!   

Matthew Oldfield and Rachael Oldfield have both confirmed also that NO ONE checked on their child by entering their apartment!

And to O’Brien’s check, where he claims to have gone into the McCann apartment through the unlocked patio door –

Gerry and Kate McCann have stated categorically they did not leave their patio door unlocked early in the week (the Sunday was the first night the group had gone to the tapas bar) they claim to have changed to this routine – leaving the patio door unlocked, at some point during the week, though to this day they have not confirmed which one – most probably because they never did change the routine – but what we do know is according to the McCanns their apartment was LOCKED up on the Sunday evening, so Russell O'Brien DID NOT enter the McCann apartment through the patio doors and check on the McCann children. 


Gerry McCann re the Sunday evening:


They (he and his wife Kate McCann) left the house through the main door (front door) that he was SURE he locked, and the back door (patio) was also CLOSED AND LOCKED.

On that day, ONLY the deponent and his wife entered the apartment. 

Oh dear Russell and Jane - Looks like you two have 'gone out on a limb.'  

For why, for who, and for what one wonders?

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