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Just Routine

 Just Routine


Madeleine McCann was reported as missing on the night of 3rd May 2007


The apartment where the family stayed during their holiday, had a front door, and a back door (also referred to as the patio door or side door)

The back (patio) door was a sliding glass door.

It could only be locked from the inside.

To secure the apartment, the McCanns  when going out, would lock the back (patio) door from inside, then leave the apartment by the front door. 

Sometimes they would lock the front door with the key at other times not.  It was not necessary to lock the front door using the key, as when pulled over, it closed to a position where it then required a key to re-open it.  

They could not gain access to the apartment by the back (patio) door unless someone entered firstly by the front door and unlocked the back (patio) door from inside.


In a statement to Portuguese Police on On 10th May 2007 McCann informed them of the following regarding his/his family, their movements throughout 3rd May 2007: 


09:00 am


KATE and the children left by the back (patio) door.


He, Gerry McCann left by the front door, which he locked with the key, having also closed and locked the back (patio) from the inside.




Gerry McCann returned to apartment 5A.

He entered through the front door, which was locked by key.

He remained at home for about 15 minutes.

He then left by the front door, that he did not lock.

At 12h30 McCann family begin lunch in the apartment.  It lasted one hour until 13:30 hours


13:30 hours

The family then left the apartment.

Kate McCann and the children left by the back (patio) door

Gerry McCann, once again, locked the back (patio) door from inside.

He then left by the front door.

He is not sure if he locked front door.

After 17H30 the family returned to the apartment.


Gerry McCann entered by the front door.


He then opened the back (patio) door which was locked to allow Kate McCann and the children to enter by this door. 


On 4th May 2007 Gerry McCann explained to the Portuguese Police which door he and his wife Kate McCann used to exit/enter the apartment on the evening of the 3rd May when they had left their three children alone in the apartment, and later went back to check on them.


09:00 pm 


He said he entered the apartment by the front door, which was locked.  He used his key to open it.


Further he stated that at 10:00 pm his wife Kate McCann went to check on their children.


She too entered the apartment by the front door, which was locked. She used her key to open it.


The McCann routine regarding locking the apartment is quite clear.

When the family went out/left the apartment during daytime, Kate McCann and the children would exit by the back (patio) door.

Gerry McCann would lock it from inside.

Gerry McCann would then leave the apartment by the front door.  Sometimes he locked it with his key, sometimes not!  Either way, it required a key to open it.

That all sounds very sensible.

Kate and the kids leave by the back (patio) door, he locks it from inside and then he leaves by the front door.

On returning he enters by the front door then unlocks the back (patio) door to allow Kate and the kids entry.


In the evenings he and Kate would lock the back (patio) door and leave by the front door.


When going back to check on the kids, they entered by the front door, using their key to unlock it.


All perfectly normal regards their locking routine (though not normal to leave kids alone at night) seems they were security conscious which is good.


Well they were, until 10th May 2007 when Gerry McCann changed his police witness statement.


Seven days after telling Portuguese Police he and his wife Kate McCann checked on their children, entering the apartment by the front locked door using their key to unlock it he tells them this:.  


Despite what he said in his previous statements, he states now and with certainty, that he left with KATE through the back (patio) door which he consequently closed but did not lock, given that that is only possible from the inside.

Concerning the front door, although he is certain that it was closed, it is unlikely that it was locked, because they left through the back door.’


The entire day of 3rd May 2007 McCanns each time they went in and out of that apartment their routine was to lock the back (patio) door and then leave by the front door.  Re-entering by the front door, the only way they could when the back (patio) door was locked.


Why would Gerry McCann change his story?

I am sure all will agree, it is not possible for him to have forgotten which door he entered that apartment when doing his check of the children, his memory cannot be that poor, and that aside and quite simply he had been following the same routine all day long - Kate and kids out back (patio) door.  Lock it from inside. Gerry then out front door.


Between his first statement to police on 4th May 2007 and his second statement of 10th May 2007 something happened which forced McCann to change his story – to lie really!


McCanns had told the police the public, the press, anyone who would listen, that the shutter and window of the bedroom where Madeleine slept was jemmied open.


They were forced to re-tract this when this was proved not to be true.


If that window and shutter had not been forced open it left them without an entry/escape route for any alleged intruder.


Is this why the back (patio)door had then to be ‘unlocked?’


It may well be.


Whatever is the reason for McCann changing his story, it was done to protect them, to hide from police a truth.


We can see clearly from their routine – they never at any time left that back (patio) door unlocked.  


Yet that is what McCann claimed in his change of story.


It is difficult to believe pretty much anything this couple or their holiday companions say, or have said as so much has been proven not to be truthful.

For numerous examples, look no further than their police witness statements, Kate McCanns book ‘Madeleine’ her diary, and the numerous interviews they have given.


The abduction tale stinks big time!

Not releasing those E.Fits - stinks even more!
30th December 2013

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