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Justice for Madeleine


Gerry McCann said he would not give up on his quest for justice for his missing daughter

Gerry McCann said he would not give up on his quest for justice for his missing daughter


'We're exasperated that the hearing has been cancelled once again at Mr Amaral's request.

'This is the fourth time this has happened and we've travelled to Portugal.

'The legal case has been running now for over five years and we want to get justice for Madeleine.

'Today is a blatant and cynical attempt to wear us down and it's Madeleine who is suffering.

'We're not going to give up - we're going to keep going.'


'What is clear is that the searches haven't found any evidence to show that Madeleine has been seriously injured or is dead. 

'As far as we are concerned there is a good chance she is still alive and we have to keep searching for her - that's why we are here.'

Kate McCann said every visit to Portugal brought fresh distress to her and her family

Kate McCann said every visit to Portugal brought fresh distress to her and her family


We need to make it clear to people: we took on this case because of the pain and distress that Mr Amaral has brought to us and our children.

'And every time he postpones the case like this it brings us more pain and distress.

'Every time we come here we have to make arrangements for our children to be looked after, we have to book flights, we have to book hotels, we have to take time off work to come here.

'And Mr Amaral handed that letter in apparently around nine o'clock this morning. That letter could have been handed in before we left the country.

'And this has happened about four times. As Gerry said, this can't be seen as anything but blatant and cynical. We just want justice.

This is not fair.'


Aw diddums  - It's not fair cries the mother who abandoned her kids.

What is not fair is that madam McCann together with her other half, abandoned their three under 4 year old kids night after night while they went out with their buddies boozing, leaving the kids alone and afraid in an unlocked holiday apartment.  That is THEIR STORY.  The story they told police and the world.

One of their kids Madeleine came to SERIOUS HARM.  

We know that neither of them like to admit this, that their daughter has come to harm, but what the hell do they think happened to her, other than harm having come to her?

But let us take their above statements bit by bit.

It is now a well known, and proven fact that the McCanns are prone to lying.   So how else would Gerry McCann begin his statement other than with a lie.

In the above he TELLS A WHOPPER.   He states that the case which they actioned against Dr Goncalo Amaral, has been cancelled FOUR times by Dr Amaral.


And we all know what happens when they tell lies.

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The case has NOT been cancelled four times by Dr Amaral, but what do a FEW MORE LIES added to the many the McCanns have already told, matter when they want to blacken the good name of Dr Amaral or any other person who gets in their way.

The truth of any matter is something the McCanns have little respect for, or pay any regard.   They struggle at every turn with honesty. And that is something that their twin children will soon discover when they embark on researching the case of their missing sister in the not too distant future.

These kids will spot the lies, and inconsistencies in the stories told by their parents and their buddies, just as the Portuguese Police did, and millions around the world no doubt have too.

But why do they need to LIE?  Well any lie told is to deceive in some way.  And they are also in some instances to cause others pain, distress and suffering, to wrongly lay blame at the door of another.

In the case of their missing child the lies have been to cover something which they do not want the police or the world to know of.

And when they lie about Dr Amaral it is to cause him pain, his family pain and suffering also.  They both know that Dr Amaral speaks the TRUTH, the truth regarding their missing daughter, and the TRUTH they cannot handle.

Once they told one lie, another and another had to follow, and in the 8 years since this little girl died/disappeared, the lies told are countless.

They care not that their lies will harm their twin children, and that cannot be disputed, and they care not that their lies can harm Dr Amaral.

What they thought they could do though was SILENCE Dr Amaral and others, and in so doing lessen the lies that their twin kids will come across.

Kate McCanns book 'Madeleine' too was written for this purpose, to attempt to counter the truth.  Kate McCann said she wrote
an account of the truth for her kids.

In plain English, she wrote what she knew she needed to, wrote what she wanted her kids to hear, and the truth just didn't enter into it!

Oh lord no, these kids must never hear the truth!

Others must take the blame for Madeleine's demise, but not them. They don't give a hoot who the fall guy will be just as long as they are painted whiter than white.   And to that end, Clarence Mitchell and all the enablers have worked tirelessly to accuse others. 

Gerry McCann said the postponement on this occasion was a blatant and cynical attempt by Dr Amaral to wear them down.

Oh the utter irony.   Dr Amaral's assets, finances have been frozen since the McCanns raised this legal action against him.  For years he and his family have suffered due to this.  And the McCanns are loving it!   Loving the position the have placed him for all of this time.

For Gerry McCann to then stand at the Court and lie to reporters about this being a cynical attempt by Dr Amaral to prolong this case, therefore the suffering of Dr Amaral's family is as nonsensical as it is an outrageous allegation!

Why would Dr Amaral want to draw out the pain the McCanns have inflicted on his family, his children.  He clearly would not!

This man want this over with that is for sure.

What Gerry McCann was angry at on this day was that he did not get a chance to PERFORM FOR THE COURT.

McCann said - 'it is Madeleine who is suffering'

How so McCann, the child, based on the evidence gathered by police, died in apartment 5A in May 2007!

Funny how McCann when he didn't get his chance to speak at this case where he hopes to be awarded Euro 1.2m suddenly became so concerned about the suffering of his missing daughter.

He was not so concerned when he PLANNED to NOT co-operate with the Portuguese Police authorities, nor so concerned about her suffering when he and his wife Kate McCann did in fact NOT co-operate with the police, and NOT concerned AT ALL when the SEVEN adults who holidayed with them ALL REFUSED to co-operate with police.  When he and his wife hightailed it out of town, out of Portugal.

Funny that!

Funny too how he stated that the reason they were in Portugal at the Court was because they need to keep searching for the missing child.

Yet, when Sandra Felgueiras asked them about SEARCHING following UP LEADS, CREDIBLE SIGHTINGS, the horrible pair could NOT COME UP WITH A SINGLE ONE!  (See blog - Kate and Gerry Memory Loss)

The gall of Gerry McCann is astounding.  But we know when he spoke of Madeleine's suffering that the implication was it was Dr Amaral who was causing it!   They never miss a chance to accuse others of harming this child.  Everyone but them!

And as for KATE McCANN, the lady who lies.

The lady who wishes that harm come to Dr Amaral, that he feel pain, misery, that he suffers, feels fear.  The lady who wishes him dead.

This lady is so filled with hate for the man who did most to find their child, the man who has fought more than they have for true justice for this child, the man whom she knows, knows exactly what they did!

She speaks as did Gerry McCann of 'EVERY TIME' Dr Amaral postpones the case when SHE TOO knows she is LYING, when she knows that Dr Amaral did not postpone the case the times that they both claimed he had.

She said that every time she/they have to travel to Portugal due to Dr Amaral postponing the case it causes her and her kids more pain and distress.

But it is NOT Dr Amaral who postponed the case the times they have claimed.

And what pain and distress exactly did it cause her children?  

Short answer it DID NOT!   The twin kids have grown up with the crap from their parents, be like every other day, mummy and daddy appearing on the TV behaving badly and telling all sorts of lies!   Just a run of the mill day for them!   Maybe the kids enjoy time away from them for all we know!

As to Kate McCann, her pain and distress? She was not in pain or in distress at the case being postponed on this day.

She was fucking mad and lost IT!  Lost it because she did not get it her way.  Fucking raging because she did not get a chance on this occasion to INFLICT HER LIES, PAIN AND SUFFERING ON DR AMARAL in Court.

She could not control her temper, could not control her absolute hatred for this man.

For her kids to perhaps have witnessed that on TV is a darn disgrace on her part, and that of Gerry McCann who also lost his temper.

But that is who and what they are.  Liars first and foremost, angry hate filled persons, who cannot control themselves when the world doesn't stand to attention in their presence.  When the world does not stop and pander to them. 

They are a couple of chancers who have been allowed to get away with all that they have, which I find utterly astonishing, and more astonishing that people pander to them, to their disgraceful conduct and inappropriate behaviour.

Kate McCann stood outside the Court that day and spat venom. Snapped at a reporter who dared suggest to her that Dr Amaral has suffered, that his family, his kids have suffered at the hands of her and her husband Gerry.

Amaral is not the victim here, declared Kate McCann.

Well far be it for me to suggest it, but he is indeed the victim.  It is the McCanns who brought this case against him, it is the McCanns by doing so that had a freeze on his his assets his finances, causing hardship and suffering for his kids.

This female McCann who IGNORED the suffering of Madeleine and her siblings when Madeleine told her that she and her baby brother had been crying upset, had called out for mummy and daddy, and they had not come to attend to them as they were out boozing, this female who after hearing this WALKED OUT AGAIN AND LEFT THE THREE KIDS ALONE IN THE DARK SCARY AND UNLOCKED HOLIDAY APARTMENT is a disgrace!

If she showed so little care and concern for her own flesh and blood, can we really expect her to have any compassion, thought or care for Dr Amaral's daughters?

Can we really expect her to care for ANY person, adult or child registered as missing with the charity which gave her the position and title of Ambassador.

Yes, you heard correctly, Kate McCann of all people, is Ambassador for Missing People in the UK.

It is a joke!

This hate filled female to imagine her in such a role wholeheartedly and truly caring for others is JUST NOT POSSIBLE!

It NOT FAIR she cried, that she had travelled to Portugal and had to book flights, hotels and childcare.

She raised the action against Dr Amaral to be heard in a Portuguese Court so what in hell is she complaining about?  Naturally she would require flights and hotels every time she travelled there, every time the Court requested that she did so (did she need to be there on this or any other occasion?) and of course she would need someone to look after her kids - Why is child care such a big deal for this female?

It is not Dr Amaral's doing, it is their own!  

Life indeed can be unfair at times, but when the situation is of your own doing...  

Sadly for Madeleine, none of it was her doing, she didn't get to live long enough to experience the life, the parts that are NOT FAIR, and the many more parts which would have been wonderful, exciting for her growing up with her brother and sister.

Through the selfishness of her parents and their buddies, this child's life was cut short.

Kate McCann can do all the dog dances, and throw all the temper tantrums she cares to either inside or outside of Court, she and her other half Gerry McCann together can throw as many strops as they want.  It changes nothing.

They are not nice people.  Nice people, good people, honourable people do not LIE and cheat, cause others deliberate pain and suffering.  Nice people, good people, do not treat their children in the way they treated, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie.

Honourable people act with integrity and admit to their wrongdoing, accept responsibility, they do not blame others.

If the McCanns had any integrity whatsoever they would NEVER have done all that they have, NEVER would they have caused so many, so much harm.  Ruined so many lives, and most deliberately so.

Good Christians, good Roman Catholics, good people - they are having a laugh - they don't fit any of these descriptions which they latch on to.

The case in Portugal is nearing an end so I thought it a good time to remind us of JUST WHAT THESE PEOPLE STAND FOR, and it ain't pretty!

A reminder too that it is not ONLY Dr Amaral they are suing but others also - they bring new meaning to NO STONE UNTURNED.

And of course as is the norm when something is happening in the case of missing Madeleine or of this horrible pair, the press in the UK start churning out stories of how wonderfully well the Metropolitan Police Investigation is jogging along - thus far we have had a little tale of DCI Wall meeting with authorities in Portugal.  And usually thrown in to the mix is another sighting of sorts.

Well they have to keep the McCann tale of abduction afloat somehow.

With the inquest into the death of Brenda Leyland also nearing final stage, I think we can expect a whole lot more nonsense from the press.

Meanwhile the McCanns are lying low, lots for them to think about!

Lots for them to plan?
15th March 2015

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