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Kate McCann - If Only...

Kate McCann - If Only...

...she'd read Madeleine's passport before leaving her alone in the unlocked apartment!

If only she'd read Sean and Amelie's passports before leaving them alone in the unlocked apartment..!

Kate McCann in interview with ITV was asked if she feels the police in Portugal and UK have given up on Madeleine:

Kate McCann:

I do, if I'm honest, I do, and I expected more. And whether my expectations were higher than... than they should have been? I don't believe so, because we are British citizens and even opening Madeleine's passport, on the front page, it says that: 'we will provide you with assistance and protection', and I feel she could have a lot more.

Madeleine was more than a British Citizen, she was a little girl, their little girl, whose protection and care they were responsible for. Kate McCanns speaks of her high expectations of the police - did she ever at any stage throughout that week even consider what is expected of her in her role as a mother to three little tots?  We know the answer to that one - She didn't she said - that they didn't give any thought to it, if they had stopped to think about it (neglect) it just wouldn't have happened!  

Pair jokers - should be on the stage!

No question, Madeleine should have had more protection - but from her parents!
25th May 2014

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