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Kate McCann Back to Zero

Kate McCann - Back to Zero


I'm sure most of us wish we could whoosh Kate McCann out of our lives, from our television screens, from the headlines, the woman is nauseating, an actress albeit a lousy one -but while she and her other half, the more nauseating Gerry continue with their charade, which not only the 'nutters' (as they describe those members of the public, who have the good sense to question their unbelievable tale in relation to the events of the night their daughter vanished) - but professionals in forensics and other fields in law, are just not buying, never did never will - We will stick around.

The McCanns have had a good innings, 7 years is a long time spinning and telling tales, using Fund monies donated for Madeleine to pay for it.

Loads of people have cashed-in on Madeleine, financially and otherwise!  Nice little earner, some might say, that is, those who have benefited.

That anyone, anyone at all has benefited from loss of this little girl, her life, is shameful, and that they are still, 7 years on, benefiting, tragically sad.

That her parents still promote their tall tale, still have their Fund, and still display on their Fund site, the image of the man Jane Tanner their buddy is supposed to have seen, despite the DCI Andy Redwood of the Metropolitan Police saying he had a revelation moment and had discovered that this person was actually a  daddy taking his child home from the creche that evening - this  tells us that both the McCanns and DCI Redwood are playing silly buggers - how sickening!

The final curtain on this tragic case should have fallen whoosh, right on top of Kate McCanns head, 7 years ago, DCI Andy Redwood could have made this happen - 3 years ago!  

How many encores can the McCanns squeeze out of telling stories about their missing daughter, how much more money can they squeeze out of the public for that Fund, and how much more is the UK taxpayer willing or expected to pay for a case which on the surface at least, DCI Andy Redwood has approached from one aspect only, that of abduction, and failed miserably to come up with a single clue.

Yes there are countless headlines in UK press about smelly person, beer soaked person, black person, blonde person, scary person, spotty person, swarthy person, dead person, person with no fashion sense, and simply no common sense either (who breaks into apartments wearing t.shirt with a HUGE target painted on? - a garbage collector of course.   When did this guy ever find the time to do collections, according to Redwood he's been a busy boy during collection times - bins get emptied in PDL between hours of around 1 and 4/5 am - Madeleine disappeared according to her parents at around 9:15, and according to Andy Redwood, AFTER Oldfield's check- at 9.30 - So was the guy on overtime or just a conscientious employee?

When Redwood has  9 persons involved that night, the parents and their buddies, who  have not fully co-operated with police, when their police witness statements are not truthful, and not to mention the mountain of information which points to Madeleine having come to harm in the holiday apartment, why is Redwood chasing after the bin truck and not following the clues and the cash?

The McCanns can throw every penny they have collected. donated by the public to help Madeleine, at self protection, on paying for teams of legal experts to silence others, to paint a pretty picture of them - but it can never change the truth.

The McCanns and their buddies know what is the truth of that night, just as millions of others do - there was no stranger abduction - NEGLECT was the intruder which took young Madeleine's life! Her demise the result of nights on end being left alone in a dark, and what must have been, to this little girl, a very scary, very lonely place to be.

This little girl when she woke up, was not waking at home, in surroundings familiar to her far from it.  She was waking up in a dangerous place making her and her brother and sister so vulnerable.  And if we are to believe the tall tale of the McCanns and Oldfield (a man who said he had never before this holiday cast eyes on the twin McCann children, and only seen Madeleine once when a baby) then if this child had perhaps found him creeping about the apartment, she would have been terrified.

It makes no sense whatsoever that the parents would allow a man not known to their kids to enter their apartment to check on them.  If any of the McCann children had been awake when he appeared, they would have been so, so afraid, a man coming out of the darkness.

It just didn't happen.  Oldfield did not check on these children!

Before we are subjected to the annual rounds of asses on sofas - their poor Kate, poor Gerry, poor buddies, routine - stop and take a moment to think about it.

A little girl not quite 4 years old left alone, night after night to look after her twin two year old siblings, a little girl who her parents say told them she and her brother had been awake, crying afraid alone in the dark apartment on the night prior to Madeleine being whooshed from the apartment - and they the parents, paid this no heed, and left the kids alone again!

Before Kate McCanns tells the world any more 'whooshy tales' let's look at her first one.

Kate McCann claims, that whilst holding onto the door handle of the bedroom door where her children slept, and as she was about to close the door, there was a gust of wind, a gust so strong, that it forced the door (remember she is holding the handle of this door, and presumably quite firmly is she was in process of closing it) to SLAM closed.

this, she said she went off to her own bedroom, she then returned to the children's bedroom, and low and behold another gust of wind a second gust which WHOOSH blew the curtains open.

Why would that FIRST strong gust, the one which blew through that bedroom with such force that it caused the bedroom door to SLAM closed, not have blown the curtains open?

It took a SECOND gust of wind to make the curtains go WHOOSH?

And the second gust, didn't blow the door closed?  

  • Neither gust of cold air woke the twin children?

  • The door slamming didn't wake the twin children?

  • Kate banging around the apartment didn't wake the twin children?

Thinking Pistorius again.

He claims to have screamed (like a girl) when rushing around his bedroom calling out Reeva, Reeva (before he bashed toilet door with bat) then when he actually saw Miss Steenkamp the horrific and deadly injuries he had inflicted on her, he fell silent. The Prosecutor Gerrie Nel put it to him that this was bizarre,that he had not cried out at the sight of what he had done to Miss Steenkamp not quite believable.

Then we have Kate McCann - she sees that her daughter is not in her bed - where they had left her, as Gerry McCann said- she bashes around the apartment, not calling out Madeleine's name.  When outside the apartment she doesn't call out Madeleine's name - doesn't call  'where are you Madeleine?'  Doesn't scream or cry out in desperation, and at this point, as she said, she knew her little girl had 'been taken.'

If you suspected your child was not in that apartment, as the fear built, you would call her name if only softly at first, when you knew absolutely she was not there, you would scream her name, you would wake your other children to ask what had happened to their sister.  If your screams and bashing around had not already caused them to wake.

Kate McCann waited for her curtain call, made sure she had an audience before she let out a murmur.

Wonder what Gerrie Nel would make of Kate and Gerry McCann, a pair, the Prosecutor I am sure would love to cross examine!

Taking Kate McCann back to ZERO - whooshes her tall tale of abduction right out of the window, leaves it blowing in the wind.
1st May 2014
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